Transform your patio into an exotic casbah with these tips for bringing Moroccan style outdoors. A casbah patio evokes images of lush gardens, intricate tilework, and candlelit nights under the stars. With some key design elements, you can create a relaxing oasis with North African flair.

Choose Bold Colors and Patterns

The vivid colors and elaborate patterns of Moroccan decor are essential for an authentic casbah vibe. Use bold hues like jewel tones and earth tones in your patio furnishings. Look for outdoor rugs, pillows and curtains featuring traditional Moroccan motifs. Kilim, hamsa, and zellige patterns in rich reds, deep blues, and warm metallics will transport your patio to Marrakech.

Incorporate Arches and Alcoves

Arches and alcoves are architecturally symbolic of North African style. Delineate different functional areas of your patio with arched pergolas or trellises. Drape fabric over openings to define intimate spaces. For a cozy seating nook, add a Moroccan style canopy with swirling carved details. Paint a trompe l’oeil arch on a garden wall for visual interest.

Display Lanterns and Candles

Nothing is more quintessentially Moroccan than hundreds of candles and lanterns illuminating a space. Hang decorative lanterns around your patio for ambient lighting. Place candleholders and hurricanes in varied heights and groupings. Use candles and lanterns to wash walls in a warm glow. Try hammered metal, colored glass, and mosaic styles. Candlelight creates a romantic casbah vibe after dark.

Add Lush Plants and Trees

Lush gardens are part of the casbah experience. Use large leafy plants, palms, fruit trees, and fragrant herbs to evoke the oasis. Jasmine and gardenia offer sweet perfume, while citrus trees provide shade. Place flowering plants in Moorish style planters. Let vines tumble over the edges of pots and walls. A central fountain surrounded by greenery makes a soothing focal point.

Use Wood, Wrought Iron, and Tile

Authentic Moroccan style incorporates natural materials. Outdoor wood furniture with carved details adds warmth. Ironwork tables, chairs, and lanterns have an artisanal look. Use hand-painted tiles as accent pieces on steps, fountains and walls. Tile-topped tables bring color and artistry. Consider a tiled courtyard floor in a geometric pattern. These organic elements heighten the casbah vibe.

Add Comfy Seating and Lounging Areas

A casbah is meant for relaxing and conversing late into the evening. Include plenty of cozy seating options and lounging areas. Try sectional sofas, daybeds piled with pillows, hammocks, or floor cushions for reclining. Place seating areas around fire pits or heat lamps to take the chill off. Scatter ottomans and low tables for resting feet and drinks.

Install Decorative Wall Elements

Moroccan walls are famous for ornate tile, carvings and metalwork. Bring detail to your patio walls with decorative accents. Use wood panels or tile for wainscoting. Add iron wall sconces, mirrors or shelves. Paint a tile-effect border along the tops of walls. Hang a carved wood mandala, metal sunburst or perforated hanging lantern. Display colorful Moroccan inspired art and textiles.

Questions and Answers

What are some key elements of Moroccan style?

Some key elements of Moroccan style include bold colors like jewel tones, earthy neutrals, and vivid patterns, especially zigzags, tilework, and floral motifs. Arches, domes, and alcoves create intimate spaces. Lanterns, candles, and lush greenery evoke an exotic oasis vibe. Intricate wood, iron, and tilework add authenticity. Cozy seating areas allow for lounging and conversation.

How can I bring a Moroccan look to my patio on a budget?

On a budget, focus on small accents to give your patio Moroccan flair. Use patterned outdoor rugs and pillows in traditional prints. Add a few decorative lanterns. Paint or stencil a tile border. Display potted palms, vines and flowering plants. Incorporate Moroccan patterns and colors with inexpensive accessories like curtains, candles and tableware.

What types of plants help create a Moroccan patio?

Great plants for a Moroccan patio include palms, fruit trees like citrus, flowering vines such as bougainvillea, and herbs like mint, basil and oregano. Jasmine, gardenia and rose add fragrance. Ferns, elephant ears, and other large leafy greens evoke the lushness of an oasis. Place them in colorful glazed or mosaic planters for Moroccan flair.

How can I delineate different functional areas on my patio?

Use architectural elements to define separate spaces on your patio. Drape fabric over pergolas or trellises to create intimate seating areas. Position planters or screens to divide the patio into different zones. Paint trompe l’oeil arches on walls or hang beaded curtains in doorways between sections. Arrange furniture groupings around focal points like fountains.

What types of lighting help create a Moroccan casbah ambiance?

Candlelight, lanterns and sconces set the mood for a patio casbah. Use strings of hanging lanterns, wall sconces, pathway lighting and votives. Choose hammered metal, colorful glass, wood and mosaic styles. Position lighting to highlight key architectural and landscape elements. Candles and lanterns will make your patio magical after dark.


With vivid colors, intricate patterns, and exotic details, a Moroccan inspired patio brings warm, elegant flair to your outdoor space. Lush landscaping, comfortable seating, atmospheric lighting and authentic decorative touches transport your patio to a relaxing casbah oasis. Even on a budget, you can create a patio paradise with North African style. A casbah patio allows you to entertain, lounge and refresh in an exotic, welcoming setting.