Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl and add some country flair to your bathroom decor with these tips for achieving a Western-inspired look. From rugged materials to iconic imagery, a few simple changes can transform your bathroom into a downhome oasis.

Rustic Materials

Create a sense of the great outdoors by incorporating organic and rugged elements into your decor.

  • Wooden Accessories: Tree stump stools, plank shelves, and log containers bring natural warmth. Opt for weathered barn wood or distressed finishes.
  • Stone and Brick: Tile your walls or flooring with natural stone slate or faux brick. Add texture with a pebble shower floor.
  • Metal: Galvanized tin serving as organizers or wall art lends industrial edge. Wrought iron fixtures and accessories evoke an antiqued look.
  • Leather and Hide: Leather hampers, hide rugs, and cowhide seats provide organic contrast to sleek surfaces.
  • Burlap and Denim: Burlap shower curtains and denim pillow covers inject casual country comfort.

Rustic Color Palette

Invoke the colors of the landscape with rich, neutral hues accented by pops of red.

  • Browns: Walnut, chocolate, tan, beige, and sand shades bring in earthy elegance.
  • Greens: Moss, sage, olive, and forest green tones connect to nature.
  • Grays: Charcoal, stone, and silver act as sophisticated backdrops.
  • Reds: Crimson, brick, rust, and terracotta provide bold focal points.

Country Western Icons

Decorate with elements symbolic of the Western lifestyle and culture.

  • Horseshoes: Display both real and faux horseshoes for good fortune. Hang them on walls or stand them upright.
  • Cowhide: Drape cow printed throws and arrange cowhide rugs for a touch of the ranch.
  • Cacti: Artificial succulents in clay pots complement the desert vibe. Stencil cactus shapes onto walls.
  • Bandanas: Use rolled bandana towels and tie colorful kerchiefs onto mirrors or sconces.
  • Spurs: Mount decorative spurs or spur silhouettes to echo your inner buckaroo.
  • Tipis: Paint tipi shapes onto the walls or display tipi-shaped shelves and organizers.

Rustic Bathroom Fixtures

Select functional fixtures with a handcrafted, unfinished aesthetic.

  • Clawfoot Tub: Make a statement with a freestanding vintage-style clawfoot tub in the center of the room.
  • Galvanized Basins: Turn galvanized metal tubs, buckets, and pots into unique sinks.
  • Barn Door: Install a sliding barn door for the entrance to the bathroom or shower.
  • Hanging Lights: Suspend bare bulb pendants, wagon wheel lights, or horn-shaped sconces.
  • Faucets: Choose fixtures with a brushed bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, or rust finish.
  • Hardware: Swap out standard knobs and pulls for hammered metal or leather strap handles.

Cozy Country Accents

Infuse homey comfort with quilts, woven textures, and natural motifs.

  • Quilts: Display quilt patterns and patchwork on shower curtains, towels, rugs, and wall hangings.
  • Baskets: Woven baskets provide charming and functional bathroom storage.
  • Gingham and bandana prints: Use gingham shower curtains and bandana towels for retro charm.
  • Plaid: Incorporate buffalo plaid on shower mats, towels, or even wallpaper.
  • Botanical prints: Frame vintage botanical prints or stencil wildflowers for a homestead vibe.

FAQs About Country Western Bathroom Decor

What colors work well for a country western bathroom?

Earthy neutrals like brown, tan, sage green, and sand beige make up the core country color palette. Pops of red in accessories provide contrast. Crisp white helps lighten the look.

What kind of flooring suits a western bathroom decor?
Wood-look tile or plank floors and stone or brick tile lend an organic, rustic look.

What are good bathroom accessories for a western theme?
Woven baskets, galvanized metal organizers, leather straps, horseshoes, bandanas, and potted succulents make authentic country accents.

How do you decorate western-style bathroom walls?
Exposed brick, natural wood, tipi artwork, bandana prints, and stenciled wildflowers or cacti give walls a countryside feel.

What type of sink works with country decor?
Vintage-look clawfoot tubs and refurbished galvanized washtubs, buckets, and watering cans embody old-fashioned country charm.

What lighting suits a country western bathroom?
Wagon wheel pendants, horseshoe sconces, horn-shaped wall lamps, and Edison bulb fixtures provide on-theme lighting options.

What kind of bathroom hardware fits a western look?
Oil-rubbed bronze, distressed metal, leather strap handles, and hammered pulls give fixtures a hand-forged appearance.


Creating a country western bathroom is an inviting way to surround yourself with rustic and downhome charm. Focus on organic materials like wood, leather, and stone paired with iconic ranch imagery such as cowboy boots and horseshoes. Aim for fixtures and finishes with a handcrafted look and rich, neutral color palettes punctuated by homespun patterns and pops of red. With a few simple touches, you can turn your ordinary bathroom into a warm and welcoming country retreat.