Soft Neutrals

Creamy whites, light tans, warm grays, and other soft neutrals make excellent main wall colors in a country kitchen. They create a clean, airy backdrop that allows other decor elements like countertops, floors, and accent walls to shine. Some great neutral paint options include:

  • Benjamin Moore White Dove or Classic Gray
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
  • Behr Swiss Coffee

Painting the majority of your kitchen walls in a soft neutral allows you to easily switch up accent colors as trends and tastes change over time.

Earthy Hues

Rich earth tones like sage greens, slate blues, and terra cotta add a sense of nature and comfort to a country kitchen. They pair beautifully with natural materials like wood cabinetry and stone backsplashes. Some earthy paint color options to consider include:

  • Behr Roasted Chestnut
  • Valspar Rushing River
  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Use these warm hues on accent walls or smaller kitchen elements like window frames and the inside of open shelving.

Vintage Accents

The charm of country decor comes from a mix of old and new elements. Introduce some vintage character into your country kitchen paint colors by selecting deeper, more saturated shades of blue, red, green or yellow. Some options include:

  • Sherwin Williams Historical Blue
  • Benjamin Moore Lemon Meringue
  • Behr Carriage Door

Use these bolder tones on island bases, shelves, or other accent surfaces. Distressed paint techniques can reinforce the vintage country look.

Bright White Trim

For most country kitchen designs, bright white makes the perfect trim, cabinet, and ceiling paint color. It creates a clean contrast against walls and provides visual interest. Options like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Sherwin Williams’ Extra White are classic choices.

Crisp white trim frames wall colors beautifully. White also opens up smaller kitchen spaces and reflects light nicely. Use it on built-in bookshelves, window treatments, and molding for a fresh finish.

Inviting Accent Colors

Don’t be afraid to incorporate richer shades as accents in your country kitchen. Deep reds, blues, greens and yellows introduce character when used strategically. Try:

  • Sherwin Williams Kindle Flame
  • Behr Harbor Mist
  • Benjamin Moore Bud Green

Use accent colors on smaller elements like kitchen island bases, open shelving, or window frames. Colorful details give your country kitchen a collected, eclectic personality.

Questions About Country Kitchen Paint Colors

What are the most popular country kitchen paint colors?

Some of the most popular paint colors for country kitchens include soft neutrals like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, earthy hues like Behr Roasted Chestnut, and bright whites like Sherwin Williams Extra White. Vintage accents and rich accent colors are also common.

What paint colors make a kitchen look bigger?

Soft, light paint colors like pale grays, tans, and whites reflect the most light, making kitchens look open and airy. Darker colors tend to make kitchens feel smaller and more closed in.

Should ceilings be the same color as walls?

It’s common to use bright white paint on the ceilings and trim, which contrasts nicely against the wall color. However, you can also paint the ceiling and walls the same hue if you want a monochromatic look.

What is a good color for a country chic kitchen?

Earthy sage greens, warm taupes, slate blues and creamy whites are great paint color options for achieving a country chic kitchen aesthetic. Accent walls in deeper, vintage-inspired hues also work well.

Should you paint kitchen cabinets white?

White kitchen cabinets pair beautifully with almost any wall color and fit a classic country style. Wood stain is also an option if you prefer a warmer, more rustic look. Choosing white upper cabinets and wood base cabinets is another idea.


The right paint colors can make a major impact on the look and feel of your country kitchen. Stick with soft neutrals, earthy hues, bright white trim and strategic pops of richer accents. Consider the light and your existing elements like cabinetry and countertops when selecting shades that complement the room. With so many charming paint options for country decor, you’re sure to find a palette that brings out the warm, rustic charm you envision. Carefully planning your country kitchen paint colors creates a heartwarming space your family will enjoy for years to come.