Country kitchens evoke a feeling of warmth, comfort and nostalgia. With natural materials, rich textures and earthy colors, country kitchens bring the coziness of a farmhouse right into your home. When designed thoughtfully, a country kitchen can be both charming and highly functional. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect country kitchen design.

Choosing Colors and Materials

The hallmarks of a country kitchen are natural, rustic materials and a palette of warm, earthy colors. Some classic color choices include:

  • Whites and off-whites – A white or ivory palette makes the space feel airy and timeless. Softer whites like almond milk or swiss coffee add subtle dimension.
  • Blues – From powder blue to navy, pale blues complement country decor. Blue painted cabinets or kitchen islands anchor the space.
  • Greens – Moss green, sage and other nature-inspired hues bring the outdoors in. Green looks fantastic paired with wood cabinets.
  • Browns – From deep chocolate to light beige, earthy browns feel grounded. Terracotta floor tiles and brown grout suit the aesthetic.
  • Yellows – From mustard to buttercream, yellow evokes sunshine. Pale yellow walls make the room feel bright and cheery.
  • Reds – From rustic brick red to vibrant cherry, red tones add energy. Red cabinets or appliances make a statement.

For materials, look for:

  • Wood – Reclaimed barn wood, knotty pine, oak and other natural woods add warmth. Use it for cabinetry, shelving, flooring or ceiling beams.
  • Tile – Handmade subway tile, terracotta and stone tiles enhance the rustic vibe. Use for backsplashes or flooring.
  • Stone – Granite, marble or slate countertops and exposed stone walls create texture. Brick backsplashes with dark grout also suit the style.
  • Metals – Wrought iron fixtures, brass knobs and copper or bronze finishes add character. Opt for an apron-front sink for a country feel.

Country Kitchen Flooring Ideas

The flooring sets the tone for a country kitchen. Timeworn wood floors complement the rustic style beautifully. Here are some top options:

  • Distressed Wood Planks – Reclaimed wood floors with varying plank sizes, visible knots, cracks and imperfections enhance the farmhouse vibe. The imperfections add rustic character.
  • Painted Wood Floors – Soft white or grey washed wood floors keep the space feeling airy. The painted finish modernizes wide plank floors.
  • Flagstone – Irregular flagstone tiles in earthy hues like brown, red or slate grey add old-world charm. Great for heavy traffic areas.
  • Terracotta Tiles – Rustic terracotta tiles with visible variations create an authentically handcrafted look. Works well for Tuscan-inspired spaces.
  • Brick Flooring – Reclaimed brick flooring brings texture and a sense of history. The variegated colors add warmth and character. Seal properly.
  • Natural Stone – Honed limestone, bluestone or slate flooring offers an organic, seamless look. Opt for textural stone like travertine for more rustic appeal.

Country Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Cabinetry makes a strong style statement in country kitchens. Opt for painted or stained wood cabinets to complement the aesthetic.

  • Shaker Cabinets – Clean-lined Shaker cabinets with recessed panel doors and visible joint detailing suit the country style. Paint them or stain them.
  • Open Shelving – Mix in open shelving with cabinets to display heirlooms, pretty dishware or rustic pottery. Perfect for a cottage kitchen.
  • Salvaged Cabinets – One-of-a-kind cabinets crafted from reclaimed barn wood or salvaged from antique homes add quirky charm. Often cost-effective too.
  • Glass Front Cabinets – Glass front cabinets maintain the light, airy feeling. Use them to display beautiful china or glassware.
  • Two-Tone Cabinets – Pairing painted upper cabinets with rich wood stained lower cabinets adds visual interest. Black upper cabinets with oak base cabinets is striking.
  • Brick or Stone Backsplashes – Rustic brick or stacked stone backsplashes complement classic wood cabinets beautifully while adding texture.
  • Open Shelving – Instead of bulky upper cabinets, open shelves keep the space feeling light and casual. Perfect for smaller kitchens.

Creating Rustic Country Charm

Beyond the main elements like cabinetry and flooring, it’s important to incorporate characterful elements that give the space that rustic farmhouse charm. Some ideas:

  • Pendant lighting – Wrought iron or brass pendant lights with Edison bulbs enhance the vintage vibe. Use them over islands or sinks.
  • Textiles – Incorporate natural textiles like jute rugs, cotton curtains or linen towels for a cozy vibe. Burlap can be used to upholster stools.
  • Repurposed furniture – Turn an antique hutch or dresser into a kitchen island on wheels for rustic flair. Old farm tables also work beautifully.
  • Vintage hardware – Swap out generic kitchen hardware for vintage-inspired drawer pulls, iron handle pulls or ceramic knobs to add character.
  • Farmhouse sink – A deep, wide-set apron front sink evokes traditional farm utility. White heavy-duty porcelain works well. Add a sink skirt.
  • Plate racks – Open plate racks free up cabinet space while adding charm. Display beautiful vintage china for decor.
  • Tin tiles – Add a touch of retro flair with geometric tin tile backsplashes. Available in a variety of colors.
  • Rustic beams – Exposed wood beams on the ceiling enhance the pastoral charm. Faux wood beams can mimic the look too.

By carefully considering your color palette, materials, layout and decorative details, you can design a country kitchen that is equal parts charming and functional. Mix modern conveniences with rustic farmhouse elements to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Country Kitchen Island Ideas

A kitchen island is a great way to add extra prep space and storage to a country kitchen. Here are some stylish options:

Repurposed Furniture Island

Give new life to a vintage farm table, old chest of drawers or salvaged hutch by turning it into a charming kitchen island on casters. Choose a piece with character that suits the scale of the space. Customize with a butcher block top.

Rustic Wood Island

A handcrafted island made from reclaimed wood with visible nail heads, imperfections and a weathered finish brings rugged rustic style. Opt for an overhang or recessed panel detailing. Multi-level islands work well in larger kitchens.

Painted Kitchen Island

A painted island anchors the space while adding a pop of color. Soft blues, greens and grays complement the country look. Include design details like visible joint lines, tapered legs or paneled sides.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island

A butcher block wood counter on a painted island base pairs beautifully with white cabinetry in a cottage kitchen. Opt for wood with visible knots and imperfections or go bold with a brightly-colored butcher block.

Marble Top Kitchen Island

The natural veining and phenomenal durability of marble make it perfect for kitchen islands. Pair cool white or grey marble with light cabinetry for a classic combo. A dark marble top can contrast painted cabinets.

Farmhouse Sink Island

Incorporate a deep, wide apron front sink into your kitchen island for serious style and functionality. White fireclay or porcelain suits the farmhouse look. Add vintage faucets and a sink skirt.

Open Shelving Island

An island with open shelving instead of cupboards keeps everything in sight. Display pretty cookware, baskets of produce or rustic pottery. Works well in cottage style kitchens.

Best Country Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash is an opportunity to add rustic texture and charm to your country kitchen. Some top options include:

  • Brick backsplash – A brick backsplash adds delightful old-world character. The varied colors and imperfections create depth. Works beautifully behind a farmhouse sink.
  • Wooden backsplash – Reclaimed wood planks make a gorgeous textural statement. Varying stains and natural knots enhance the rustic look. Provides a great background for open shelving.
  • Tin backsplash – Geometric tin backsplash tiles lend retro flair. The reflective surface brightens up the space. Available in a myriad of colors to match your cabinets.
  • Subway tile backsplash – Classic white 3×6 subway tiles evoke vintage charm. Pair them with navy blue cabinetry and brass fixtures for a chic contrast.
  • Stone backsplash – Honed natural stone like marble, travertine or limestone makes a subtle yet sophisticated statement. The neutral hues work with any cabinetry.
  • Patterned ceramic tile – Handmade, artisanal ceramic tiles in natural tones bring warmth and texture. Moroccan-inspired tiles work beautifully.
  • Stenciled backsplash – Give tile or wood backsplash visual interest by stenciling on patterns like leaves, vines or flowers. Ties into pastoral charm.
  • Rustic beams – Faux rustic beams mounted horizontally on the backsplash resemble reclaimed barn wood. Add depth without the weight.

Small Country Kitchen Ideas

Even the tiniest kitchens can exude farmhouse flair. Here are some great small country kitchen ideas:

  • Open shelving – Eliminate bulky upper cabinets in favor of open shelves. Keep the space feeling airy while displaying pretty dishware.
  • Pale palette – Light colors like white, ivory or pale blue keep things feeling bright and spacious. Avoid dark cabinetry.
  • Reflective surfaces – Glass-front cabinet doors, mirrors and metallic backsplashes visually expand the space.
  • Multipurpose island – Include seating space and storage in a kitchen island to maximize functionality. Opt for a wheeled base.
  • Space-saving appliances – Use small-scale appliances like a slim dishwasher or compact refrigerator to save precious space.
  • Pendant lighting – Draw the eye upwards with hanging pendant lights. Position over islands, sinks or dining areas.
  • Window dressings – For cottage appeal, opt for breezy, lightweight treatments like cafe curtains rather than heavy drapes.
  • Built-in seating – Make use of every inch by incorporating bench seating into cabinetry or islands. Add comfy cushions.
  • Textural accents – Incorporate vintage rugs, reclaimed wood shelves, galvanized metal and other rustic elements without cluttering up the space.

Large Country Kitchen Ideas

A spacious country kitchen presents exciting possibilities for creating a functional, inviting space. Some ideas for larger country kitchens include:

  • Multiple islands – Incorporate multiple prep spaces or dining islands to delineate areas in an open concept great room. Add wheels for flexibility.
  • Spacious pantry – Take advantage of the square footage with an oversized walk-in pantry for storing small appliances, cookware and pantry essentials. Add adjustable shelving.
  • Breakfast nook – Include a cozy breakfast nook featuring a spacious built-in banquette and rustic wood table perfect for family meals. Add plentiful storage.
  • Statement lighting – Draw the eye up with handsome wrought iron chandeliers or rows of dramatic pendant lights over expansive islands.
  • Built-in hutch – Make use of vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry or hutches. Creates a stunning backdrop for open shelving to display tableware.
  • Fireplace – Incorporate a cozy fireplace into the design surrounded by comfortable seating for an inviting lounging spot. Perfect for chatting with guests.
  • Rustic beams – Exposed or faux wood beams on the ceiling enhance the rustic feel. Position beams to delineate separate spaces.
  • Dramatic range hood – Make a bold style statement by selecting an oversized distressed wood or antique metal range hood as a focal point.

Popular Country Kitchen Layouts

Country kitchen layouts make the most of natural light and create smart workflows. Here are some of the most popular configurations:

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens feature cabinets and counters lining two parallel walls. The straight workflow is highly efficient. Ideal for small spaces.

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped layout offers cabinets and counters along two adjoining walls. Provides two work zones and space for a kitchen table.

U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchens feature three counters adjoining in a U configuration for ample prep space. Allows multiple cooks to work simultaneously.

Island Kitchen

This efficient layout incorporates a central island for additional counter space and storage. Defines the kitchen zone in open floor plans.

Peninsula Kitchen

Similar to an island but connected to counters on one side. Provides seating and separates kitchen from dining areas.

G-Shaped Kitchen

Combines an L-shaped layout with an added peninsula leg. Creates multiple workstations and room for dining space.

Achieving an Organized Country Kitchen

A country kitchen should feel lived-in and efficient. These tips help keep your vintage-inspired kitchen tidy and organized:

  • Clearly designate work zones for food prep, cooking and cleaning to create an intuitive workflow.
  • Include islands and hutches to maximize surface area and storage space. Incorporate shelves or racks for often-used cooking items.
  • Store utensils, cookware and dishware near their point of use. Mount pot racks and utensil racks on walls.
  • Use glass-front cabinets to display pretty dishware while keeping dust at bay.
  • Designate a zone for “dumping” like a mudroom bench or cubbies to quickly stash bags, keys and papers when you first enter.
  • Immediately return frequently misplaced items like keys or glasses to their assigned homes.
  • Use decorative containers like wire baskets or ceramic canisters to corral loose items like tea towels or baking ingredients.
  • Include a command center for bills, mail and paperwork. A large chalkboard works to track grocery lists and family schedules.
  • Don’t overlook vertical storage space – use walls for hanging mugs, utensils and taller pantry items.

Embrace the charming disarray of an authentic country kitchen while keeping daily essentials neatly organized.

Incorporating Modern Conveniences

While inspired by pastoral charm, today’s country kitchens include modern amenities for safety, convenience and comfort. Some useful upgrades include:

  • Induction cooktop: Safer and more energy-efficient than a traditional gas range. Easy to clean smooth surface.
  • Pull-out faucet: Extendable faucet reaches entire sink for easier filling of pots. Helpful feature for deep farmhouse sinks.
  • Motion sensor lights: Hands-free under cabinet lighting illuminatesworkspace and turns on automatically when you enter.
  • Soft-close hinges: Prevent cabinet doors and drawers from slamming shut. Useful for heavy repurposed cabinetry.
  • Touch tap: Wave hands in front to activate the flow of water. More hygienic than handle faucets.
  • ** GE Profile appliances:** Sleek finishes like matte black or brushed stainless blend seemlessly into modern farmhouse style.
  • Warming drawer: Keep prepared foods at serving temperature or proof bread dough. Helpful for entertaining.
  • Garbage disposal: Grinds up sink scraps for easy disposal. Prevents clogged drains.
  • Pressure cooker: Quickly tenderize tough cuts of meat perfect for rustic stews and braises.

Blending vintage charm with smart modern features creates a country kitchen with timeless appeal and functionality.

Designing a Pet-Friendly Country Kitchen

For homes with furry companions, it’s important to design a pet-friendly country kitchen tailored to their needs. Some useful tips:

  • Select durable, scratch-resistant surfaces and materials like metal, stone, easy-to-clean laminate or vinyl flooring.
  • Choose cabinets with self-closing mechanisms to avoid doors and drawers being left ajar.
  • Incorporate deep, wall-mounted cabinets to store pet food and other supplies up and away from pets.
  • Include space for a feeding station with an elevated food bowl stand and water bowl.
  • Opt for washable rugs and slipcovers to handle muddy paws or pet accidents.
  • Skip delicate fabrics like linen curtains prone to snagging or tearing.
  • Select heavy, sturdy furniture like a farmhouse table that can withstand scratches.
  • Install baby gates to keep pets away from cooking surfaces when unattended.
  • Place recycling and trash cans in cabinets to discourage foraging.
  • Add a nook with pet beds so furry companions can hang out comfortably while you cook.

With some pet-proofing measures, you can design a charming country kitchen that is safe and functional for the entire family.

Achieving Cottage Style in the Kitchen

Charming cottage kitchens evoke cozy warmth with painted cabinets, vintage accents and bursts of cheery color. Some ideas for mastering cottage style include:

  • Painted cabinetry: Shaker-style cabinets treated to light blue, sage green or buttery yellow paint cultivate a cheerful cottage feel.
  • Open shelving: Breezy open shelves lined with mismatched dishware and rustic pottery enhance the casual vibe.
  • Vintage accents: Incorporate items like distressed wood cutting boards, enamelware bowls or glass knobs for old-fashioned character.
  • Lace curtains: Breezy lace or gauze curtains filtering sunlight complement cottage charm. Opt for natural linen or cotton.
  • Colorful tiles: Handpainted or Moroccan-inspired cement tiles in vibrant hues bring whimsical flair. Use sparingly on backsplashes.
  • Garden décor: W