Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in any home. They provide much-needed storage space, help keep the kitchen organized, and act as a stylish focal point in the room. For many homeowners, country-style cabinets are an appealing option that can add warmth and rustic charm to the kitchen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about country kitchen cabinets, from styles and materials to budget and design tips.

What are Country Kitchen Cabinets?

Country kitchen cabinets emulate a cozy, rural aesthetic. They typically have visible wood grains, distressed finishes, vintage hardware, and lighter whitewashed or natural stained colors. The goal is to evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia, as if the cabinets have been gently aged and worn-in over time.

Some hallmarks of popular country cabinet styles include:

  • Visible wood grain textures
  • Distressing details like nicks, dents or rub-throughs
  • Painted, glazed or whitewashed finishes
  • Unadorned panels and frames
  • Wrought iron or antique brass hardware
  • Open shelving or glass cabinet doors
  • Tongue and groove construction

The charm and simplicity of country cabinets works well in many kitchen settings from modern farmhouse to traditional cottage styles. They can help strike a balance between vintage and contemporary elements.

Benefits of Country Kitchen Cabinets

There are many reasons to consider country kitchen cabinets for your next remodel or new build.

Warm and Inviting Look

The softly distressed finishes and visible wood grains create a warm, welcoming look and feel. Country cabinets infuse the kitchen with cottage vibes to help it become a cozy gathering spot for family and friends.

Budget-Friendly Price Point

Basic country style cabinets tend to cost less than highly ornate or modern designs. Their simple detailing and factory-finished treatments make them affordable without sacrificing style.

Express Personality and Taste

From muted Scandinavian whites to bold robin’s egg hues, painted country cabinets allow you to add more personality to your kitchen. They provide a great backdrop for displaying cherished vintage finds.

Easy Match With Other Materials

The casual styling of country cabinets pairs effortlessly with other on-trend elements like subway tile, butcher block counters, apron-front sinks, and pendant lighting. The look is versatile enough for both new construction and remodels.

Choosing the Best Country Kitchen Cabinet Style

Country cabinet styles span a wide design spectrum from minimalist Shaker to elaborate French Provincial. Choosing cabinets involves personal taste, kitchen layout, and budget. Here are some of the most popular country styles to consider:

Shaker Cabinets

Clean, simple Shaker cabinets offer the most basic country style. Their flat recessed center panels and straight lines provide an unfussy look. When painted white or light gray, they take on a Scandinavian minimalist feel.

Cottage Cabinets

Offering more detailing, cottage cabinets feature extra trim, scalloped edges, delicate hardware and light colors. Their romantic vibe pairs perfectly with checked curtains, aprons and antique copper pots.

Farmhouse Cabinets

The ultimate rustic option, farmhouse cabinets bring more character with wider planked facades, deeper distressing and sometimes “repurposed” elements like recycled wood surfaces. Blackened wrought iron handles and open shelving complete the pastoral aesthetic.

French Country Cabinets

With ornately carved legs and frames, French country cabinets make a sophisticated statement. Light whitewashed finishes, brass hardware and curved legs lend continental charm. Glass fronts and cabinets with chicken wire add lovely display space.

Cabinet Materials for a Country Kitchen

Wood species, finish and door style impact the overall country kitchen aesthetic. Consider these material options:

Solid Hardwoods like oak and hickory have attractive visible grains that read “country.” Knots, pinholes and varying stains enhance the timeworn look. Durability and classic style are top advantages for cabinet boxes and doors.

Engineered Woods such as particleboard and MDF offer affordable construction for hidden cabinet components. Pair them with wood veneer facades to get an authentic country style on a budget.

Manufactured Board like plywood works for paint-grade cabinet boxes. Though less durable than solid wood, it takes painted finishes nicely.

Reclaimed Wood makes a gorgeous eco-friendly statement in country kitchens. Salvaged wood cabinets showcase natural knots, nail holes, stains and imperfections that align with the distressed look. Expect to pay a premium.

Laminates can mimic wood grains at lower price points. Go for a textured finish to better capture rustic character.

Thermofoil is a durable PVC film fused onto medium density fiberboard. It resists scratching, moisture and wear-and-tear. Great for high-traffic kitchens on a tight budget.

Design Tips for Country Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some key design strategies to maximize the cozy country style in your new kitchen:

  • Mix up door styles like solid wood doors up top and glass-front cabinets below to add architectural interest.
  • Try open shelving or plate racks to display treasured dishware instead of all enclosed cabinets.
  • Add subtle distressing like rub-throughs and nicks for character without going overboard into shabby territory.
  • Incorporate vintage elements like retro hardware, etched glass, or chippy milk paint for timeworn appeal.
  • Minimize upper cabinets for a more rustic, spartan look that highlights architectural details.
  • Whitewash naturally grained wood instead of opaque paints to let the material’s inherent beauty shine through.
  • Use wire mesh cabinet inserts for a French farmhouse vibe, especially with deeper distressed finishes.
  • Float cabinets for a furniture look and mix stained and painted finishes for contrast.

Budget Tips for Country Kitchen Cabinets

Country cabinet styles don’t have to demolish your kitchen remodeling budget. Consider these money-saving tips:

  • Scope out sales, closeouts and overstock deals for significant savings off retail prices.
  • Buy stock, in-stock or RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets to avoid long lead times and custom shop costs.
  • Opt for MDF or thermfoil over pricier solid woods to cut material costs without sacrificing style.
  • Get creative painting thrift store or salvaged cabinets for a DIY country charm.
  • Use open shelving sparingly to reduce the number of cabinet boxes needed.
  • Limit upper cabinetry and opt for fewer wider island cabinets to stretch your cabinet dollars.
  • Install cabinets yourself and build in some DIY distressing during the process.
  • Add your own hardware, glass doors and accessories to customize lower cost cabinet boxes.

FAQ About Country Kitchen Cabinets

What colors work best for country kitchen cabinets?

Focus on light, muted paint colors like cloud white, antiqued ivory, weathered gray, sage green, antique blue and pale robin’s egg blue. For stained wood, try a whitewashed or pickled finish.

What kind of countertops pair well with country cabinets?

Butcher block, reclaimed wood, concrete, limestone and granite all complement the textures of country cabinets nicely. Avoid sleek solid surface or stone slabs.

Should I choose open or closed cabinetry?

Open shelving works beautifully for dishes and glassware. Enclosed cabinets keep everything dust-free and hidden. Aim for a good mix of both. Glass cabinet doors also add nice display space.

What about the cabinet hardware?

Black wrought iron, rubbed bronze and unlacquered brass look best. Go for vintage cabin or farmhouse style pulls, knobs, and handles for authenticity.

Can I still get a country look in a modern kitchen?

Absolutely. Keep doors unadorned and mix some visible grains and light stains. Add rural charm with subway tile, farm sinks, pendant lights andcountry accent pieces.


With their nostalgic charm, warmth, and casual styling, Country Kitchen Cabinets can infuse any home with cozy cottage character. Their budget-friendly pricing and wide range of customizable looks makes them an attractive option for both modern and traditional kitchens. By selecting the right cabinet style, materials, and details for your space, you can create a completely unique country kitchen that perfectly reflects your personal taste. With proper planning and design, country cabinets can be an accessible and stylish choice that delivers welcoming farmhouse appeal.