Bathroom vanities are often the focal point of any bathroom. They take up a large portion of the space and make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic. Country style bathroom vanities are a popular choice for creating a cozy and inviting space. With the right combination of materials, colors, and accents you can create a bathroom vanity with rustic charm that still feels fresh and modern.

What Defines The Country Style?

The country style is characterized by a relaxed and informal aesthetic. There is an emphasis on natural materials and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Some elements that embody country style include:

  • Natural Wood: Oak, pine, cedar and other natural wood types with beautiful grains. Distressed stains or paints work well.
  • Warm Colors: Earthy tones like cream, brown, slate blue, sage green and terracotta. Avoid stark whites.
  • Textured Fabrics: Linen, burlap, muslin and cotton in woven or knit patterns.
  • Weathered Finishes: Paints and stains that have an aged, worn look. Whitewashing or distressing wood adds character.
  • Rustic Accents: Galvanized metal, wicker baskets, ceramic knobs and woven placemats.
  • Farmhouse Touches: Apron front sinks, wire basket storage, checkerboard backsplashes and vintage-inspired hardware.

Choosing The Vanity Style

Country bathroom vanities encompass a wide range of styles from the highly rustic to the more refined country look. Here are some of the most popular options:

Rustic Wood Vanities

Rustic wood vanities have an unfinished, natural look featuring imperfections in the wood. Knots, cracks, nail holes and uneven surfaces add to the charm. Oak, cedar and pine stained in deep espresso or grey washes work beautifully. Mixing unfinished and whitewashed woods adds contrast. Cast iron hardware and butcher block countertops enhance the rustic aesthetic.

Farmhouse Vanities

Farmhouse style vanities have a clean-lined, vintage feel. Shaker style cabinet doors with recessed rectangular wood paneling and crown molding accents are characteristic of this look. Crisp whites and light greys painted on pine or poplar keep the aesthetic light and airy. Marble, granite or quartz countertops complement the look.

Country Cottage Vanities

Country cottage vanities strike a balance between vintage charm and refined elegance. Painted finishes in antique white, sage, light blue and other muted colors are accented by exposed wood frames and legs. Curved cabriole style legs and vintage inspired hardware taps add playful detailing. Carrara marble and distressed concrete counters work well.

Reclaimed Wood Vanities

Using reclaimed wood salvaged from old barns, fences or factory floors takes the rustic aesthetic to the next level. The wood tells a story through its surface patina, nail holes and imperfections built up over decades of use. Mixing stained, grey washed and whitewashed reclaimed woods together keeps the look from feeling too weathered.

Countertop Materials For Country Vanities

Choosing the right countertop is crucial to tie together your country bathroom vanity style.

Butcher Block is a classic choice, providing a substantial wooden surface perfect for cottage, farmhouse or rustic vanities. Opt for unfinished wood or grey stained versions.

Marble like Carrara, Calacatta or Statuario carry vintage elegance. The natural grey and white veining works well for both farmhouse and vintage country styles.

Granite countertops come in many colors from warm tans to greys with black speckles. Matte finishes make granite feel less formal.

Concrete offers a unique hand-cast look, perfect for modern farmhouse. Grey concrete with natural aggregate appeals to rustic styles too.

Quartz can mimic marble or concrete while providing a highly durable surface. Matte textures make quartz feel organic.

Tile like subway, hexagon or handmade add cottage charm. Use natural colors and textures like a herringbone brick pattern.

Reclaimed Wood in oak or pine makes a bold countertop statement on rustic vanities. Mix with concrete or metal accents.

Hardware & Fixtures For Country Vanities

The hardware and fixtures you choose can take your country bathroom vanity from basic to bold. Here are some options that can help strike the right style note:

  • Vintage ceramic or porcelain knobs add cottage appeal through shapes like mushrooms, bees and flowers. Opt for aged crackled whites or soft pastel colors.
  • Galvanized metal buckets for holding bath accessories or plants generate farmhouse and rustic charm.
  • Wicker baskets provide a natural texture perfect for rolled towels or displayed toiletries.
  • Cast iron or rugged metal handles in black matte finishes speak to rugged rustic and industrial country styles.
  • Glass knobs with seeded or bubble patterns complement country cottage vanities.
  • Leather strap pulls on cabinets or drawers boost the rustic factor.
  • Exposed hinges tap into industrial and farmhouse styles. Try black iron or bronze.
  • Vessel sinks made of hammered copper, galvanized metal or stone appeal to rustic decors.
  • Apron front sinks are a signature farmhouse fixture made modern with sleek white porcelain.
  • Cross handle faucets with porcelain bases or clean-lined designs match vintage or contemporary spaces.
  • Wall mounted or floating faucets create minimalist style on modern country vanities. Try matte black.

Finishing Touches For Country Vanity Style

Once you’ve created the foundation of your country bathroom vanity with cabinet, countertop and fixtures, it’s time to accessorize. This is where you can really have fun and express your personal style.

  • Framed mirror with chippy white paint or natural wood frame conveys cottage charm
  • Pendant lights mounted on each side of the mirror add farmhouse vibe. Try bare bulbs.
  • Fresh flowers like peonies or hydrangeas in vintage milk jugs.
  • Ceramic accessory containers for organic texture. Opt for blues, greens or soft florals.
  • Woven placemats in neutral cotton or jute make a natural vanity mat.
  • Plate rack mounted on the wall provides handy towel storage with character.
  • Laundry basket for rolled towels keeps things tidy and fits the country look.
  • Floating wood shelves create a place for candles, greenery and decor.
  • Vintage signage with cheeky bath-related phrases adds personality.

Putting It All Together – A Country Bathroom Vanity Lookbook

Now that you’re familiar with the elements that make up the country bathroom vanity aesthetic, here are some complete looks to inspire your space:

Rustic Farmhouse Vanity

This rustic farmhouse vanity features a reclaimed oak wood cabinet stained in a grey oak wash topped with a hammered copper vessel sink. Black iron hardware and sconce lighting complete the look.

Modern Cottage Vanity

A clean-lined painted pine vanity gets cottage charm from the marble Carrara top, exposed legs and vintage knobs. Displayed rolled towels add style.

Industrial Farmhouse Vanity

The concrete countertop, galvanized bucket sink and matte black fixtures give this pine board vanity an on-trend industrial farmhouse vibe.

Weathered Wood Vanity

Using 100% reclaimed barn wood, this vanity makes a bold rustic statement. The whitewashed sink and modern cross handles keep it fresh.

Classic Country Vanity

A vintage style shaker cabinet with beadboard accents pairs beautifully with the Calacatta marble top and ceramic knobs for timeless style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Country Bathroom Vanities

What colors work well for a country bathroom vanity?

Whites, light greys, sage green and sky blue are great wall colors for a light and airy country feel. Vanities themselves look best in wood tones, white, black, or muted colors like slate blue-grey. Avoid bright primary colors.

What are the best wood types for a rustic country vanity?

Oak is a wonderful choice for a country rustic vanity because of its visible wood grain. Other great options include pine, cedar, maple and walnut. Opt for reclaimed woods if you want an ultra-rustic look.

What type of sink should I use with my country vanity?

Undermount sinks are most common for modern country vanities in white porcelain or fireclay. Farmhouse apron-front sinks are a popular choice. For rustic styles, consider a hammered copper, galvanized metal or stone vessel sink.

Should I choose stone or wood countertops?

Stone like marble or granite suits refined country styles, while wood countertops in oak or butcher block complement rustic farmhouse spaces. Concrete is on-trend for modern industrial farmhouse vanities.

How much should I budget for a country bathroom vanity?

You can find quality country-inspired vanities starting around $300, with premium handcrafted versions reaching $3,000 and above. Expect to invest $100-$300 for most stone or wood countertops.

What are easy ways to accessorize my country bathroom vanity?

Woven baskets for storage, fresh flowers, ceramic jars, framed mirrors, pendant lighting, reclaimed wood shelves, wall-mounted faucets and vintage hardware are great accessorizing touches.


Creating a country style bathroom vanity requires carefully blending elements like natural woods, vintage finishes, traditional styling and modern updates. Rustic, farmhouse, cottage and vintage country are just a few of the design directions you can take. Keep the look cohesive by choosing one style lane and sticking to colors and materials that enhance it. With an inspiring country vanity as your focal point, you’re sure to have a bathroom space that charms and delights.