A cottage kitchen is the heart of a cozy home. With charming architecture and homey vibes, cottage kitchens epitomize comfort and warmth. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen with a cottage style, these inspiring ideas will help you create a space that feels nostalgic and inviting. From cabinetry to countertops to decor, there are many ways to craft a kitchen that feels like a welcoming country cottage.

Rustic Elements

Incorporating rustic elements is key to designing a cottage kitchen. Natural materials like wood, stone, and metal add texture and earthiness.

Wood Cabinetry

Wood cabinetry instantly lends a homey, countryside feel. Opt for painted or stained oak, pine, maple or hickory cabinets. Distressed finishes and visible wood grains keep the look natural and casual. Open shelving offers handy display space for pretty dishware. For the island, try a butcher block or reclaimed wood countertop.

Stone and Brick

Stone or exposed brick walls and surfaces bring organic texture to a cottage kitchen. Stacked stone backsplashes and accent walls add visual interest and character. Brick flooring looks charming and is durable. Granite, limestone and marble countertops also fit the aesthetic.

Metal Accents

Antiqued copper pots, iron chandeliers and bronze hardware infuse old-world appeal. Display your grandma’s beaten metal bowls or opt for new copper mugs. Wrought iron lighting over the island or sink contributes romantic ambience.

Soft Colors

Cottage kitchens traditionally boast light, subdued color palettes. Soft hues create a soothing, welcoming mood.

Painted Cabinets

Paint your cabinets in serene shades like cloud white, linen, pale blue or very light gray. Add wood accents for contrast. The muted palette prevents your kitchen from feeling too busy.

Neutral Walls

Paint or whitewash the walls in neutral beige, taupe, light gray or antique white. Consider a light sage green or robin’s egg blue for a subtle pop of color. The natural look allows other elements to shine.

Pastel Accents

Incorporate paler versions of blue, green, yellow and pink through cottage accents. Try vintage-style ceramic tiles in buttery yellow, painted dishware or chalky brick flooring. The soft colors are cozy without being overwhelming.

Rustic Flooring

Rustic wood or stone flooring options help cultivate the charming cottage aesthetic.

Distressed Wood

Reclaimed barn wood flooring has that timeworn, welcoming look. The varying natural wood tones and visible knots add casual character. Try a whitewashed finish for a beachy vibe.


Flagstone flooring comes in natural shades of gray, brown and rust red. The irregular shapes and earthy texture help cottages feel grounded. Try a classic checkerboard pattern.

Brick Flooring

Red brick floors are a quintessential cottage kitchen element. They’re natural, durable and bring lovely texture. For a more modern feel, opt for thin, light-colored bricks instead.

Vintage Lighting

Cottage lighting should feel well-loved and a little imperfect.

Pendant Lights

Iron or brass pendant lights with an antique patina add old-fashioned charm. Go for classic dome shapes, cylindrical designs or exposed bulb fixtures. Hang them over islands or sinks for ambient lighting.

Rustic Chandeliers

Wrought iron chandeliers suit cottage aesthetics perfectly. Look for curving metalwork accented with candle covers or exposed bulbs. The lower lighting helps kitchens feel intimate.

Edison Bulbs

Vintage-style Edison bulbs in pendant lights or sconces emit a nostalgic glow. The visible filaments add charming texture to cottage spaces. Use them in addition to recessed lighting for ambiance.

Traditional Furnishings

Incorporate furnishings with traditional shapes, materials and details. These stand-out pieces will bring warmth and personality to your cottage kitchen.

Farmhouse Sink

An apron-front ceramic sink is a must for cottage charm. White, off-white or gray work well with light cabinetry. Go for a spacious single basin or dual-basin style. Add vintage-look faucets in bronze, nickel or black wrought iron.

Rustic Island

Include a kitchen island or freestanding work table in wood or butcher block. Choose vintage-style turned legs or a panel front for traditional appeal. The extra surface and seating creates a social space.

Hutch Cabinetry

Hutch cabinetry offers both storage and display capabilities. The glass door cabinets are ideal for showing off pretty china and collectibles. Try open shelving up top for added cottage personality.

Vintage Accessories

A few key vintage-inspired accessories go a long way in achieving a cottage feel. Source items like:

  • White or wood cutting boards
  • Ceramic canisters in muted colors
  • Wire fruit baskets and wall-mounted utensil racks
  • Floral tea towels and window valances
  • Wicker baskets for storing vegetables
  • Antique-looking clocks
  • Cast iron or enamel cookware

Mix modern items sparingly for an eclectic, collected look. The vintage accents evoke cozy nostalgia.

Cottage Window Treatments

Dress up your cottage kitchen windows with charming treatments like:

Cafe Curtains

Crisp white cafe curtains with pretty trims let in daylight while allowing privacy. Hang them high and wide or opt for tiered curtains. Valances add feminine charm.

Roman Shades

Roll-up roman blinds in natural linen or burlap help filter sunlight. Add fabric ties for extra cottage flair. Install them under curtains or alone.

Ruffled Swags

Soft ruffled swags make charming accents above windows. Choose lightweight, semi-sheer cotton or linen in white. The delicate gathered look complements the cozy vibe.

Fresh Floral Accents

What cottage kitchen would be complete without fresh flowers? Use blooms to infuse natural beauty and aroma into the space.

Window Boxes

Plant cheerful pansies, petunias or geraniums in window boxes. Position them under the sills or on the exterior ledge. Water regularly so they thrive.

Vintage Bottles

Collect an assortment of vintage glass bottles from flea markets or junk shops. Fill them with wildflowers, daisies, sunflowers or peonies for sweet, romantic accents.


Create a floral centerpiece to display on an island, table or countertop. Opt for a vintage tin, ceramic jug, pitcher or milk can. Change up blooms by the season for a fresh feel.

Open Shelving

Take advantage of open shelving to contribute a casual, collected look in your cottage kitchen. It also enables you to highlight charming display pieces.

Above Cabinets

Install rustic wooden shelves above wall cabinets to break up the space. Use the area to show off beautiful dishware, vases, cookbooks or potted plants. Built-in lighting illuminates your accents.

Microwave Nooks

Many cottage kitchens feature open nooks to house appliances like a microwave. Flank the spaces with shelving for cookbooks, canisters and ceramic pieces. Try glass-front cabinets too.

Pot Racks

Let cast iron cookware take center stage by hanging them from open pot racks. Position utilitarian racks over prep or stove areas. The visible pots lend handy access and enhances the rustic vibe.

Wall Ledges

Narrow ledges with wood or metal brackets provide space to line up collected vessels and vases. Stagger items for a casual cottage display. Paint ledges to match your cabinetry.

Cottage Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash makes a big visual impact in cottage kitchens. Consider these rustic, vintage-look options:

Subway Tile

A white subway tile backsplash is a popular choice for its clean, classic look. Rows of 3-by-6-inch tiles create rhythm and dimension. For a more vintage vibe, use aqua, black, mint or robin’s egg blue tiles.

Tin Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles as a backsplash insert Old World character into contemporary spaces. The embossed stamped metal tiles come in antiqued silver, copper and brass finishes. They can be easily cut to fit.


Beadboard offers texture similar to traditional shiplap or wainscoting. The recessed vertical boards suit farmhouse or coastal aesthetics. Paint it soft white or pale blue for serene cottage appeal.

Faux Brick

Faux brick panels make unique, eye-catching backsplashes. The molded designs mimic the look of aged brickwork. Red and off-white colors work best for achieving vintage character. Use large format tiles for easier installation.


Natural stone like travertine, marble or slate brings lovely depth and movement. Opt for smaller tiles or stacked ledgestone for rustic texture. Try light cream and beige stones to keep the look soft and neutral.

Cottage Kitchen Countertops

The countertop finish impacts your cottage kitchen’s overall vibe. Consider these pleasing options:

Butcher Block

Wood butcher block countertops are a popular choice for their natural, homey look. Opt for maple, oak, walnut or hickory in a light stain. Proper sealing is required to prevent moisture damage and warping.


Soapstone has an organic, Old World quality with its gently mottled veining. The soft gray material developing a lovely patina over time. Soapstone requires yearly sealing to prevent stains.

Carrara Marble

The white and gray marbling of Carrara marble creates elegance with a touch of tradition. Use it for countertops or backsplashes. Be aware that marble stains easily and needs resealing annually.


Poured or precast concrete makes a durable and affordable countertop option. The neutral material gets along with most palettes and gains character as it ages. Use butcher block for heavy prep areas.


Understated limestone adds subtle texture and movement to cottage kitchens. The natural material comes in shades of cream, beige and pale gray. Limestone requires yearly sealing for protection.

Cottage Kitchen Signage

Introduce homespun personality into your cottage kitchen using charming signs and art:

  • Framed botanical prints
  • Signs made from old windowpanes
  • Rustic “Coffee” and “Tea” signs
  • Watercolor paintings of pastoral scenes
  • Vintage advertisement posters
  • Gallery walls showing family photos
  • Mason jar labels for storage canisters
  • Handpainted plaques with sayings

Mix modern prints and photos in sparingly. The personalized touches make the room feel warm, collected and lived-in.

Cottage Kitchen Decorating Tips

Keep these tips in mind when decorating your charming cottage-style kitchen:

  • Choose a soft neutral color palette. Stick to light hues like cloud white, antique white, pale sage green, robin’s egg blue, and light taupe.
  • Incorporate wood elements wherever possible. Try wood open shelving, butcher block surfaces, hardwood floors, and natural wood dining tables and chairs.
  • Add pops of color and pattern through vintage-inspired ceramic tiles, accent walls, window treatments, and floral arrangements.
  • Opt for traditional stove and refrigerator styles rather than ultra-modern stainless steel. Retro styling fits better.
  • Include antique-style lighting fixtures like dome pendant lights, exposed bulb pendants, and wrought iron chandeliers for ambiance.
  • Display collections of white and vintage dishware for cottage charm. Hammered copper pots also make great accents.
  • Add visual texture and interest with elements like beadboard walls, brick backsplashes, and stacked stone.
  • Craft an intimate breakfast nook area with a Natural wood table and charming painted chairs. Include a window seat if possible.
  • Dress windows up with pretty curtains, valances, and cafe curtain styling. Add wooden blinds for light filtering.
  • Incorporate wrought iron, distressed wood, and vintage-style accessories for additional character.

The best cottage kitchen decor imparts a feeling of comfort, nostalgia, and homespun charm. Focus on natural elements, soft colors, and antique-style accents to create a space that feels happily lived-in. With a mix of modern convenience and old-fashioned warmth, your kitchen will become the cozy heart of your home.

Cottage Kitchen FAQs

What colors work best in a cottage kitchen?

Soft neutral colors like white, light gray, antique white, pale blue, and sage green work perfectly in cottage kitchens. Accent with pops of cheery color like sunny yellow, robin’s egg blue or daffodil through tiles, window treatments and decor items.

What type of flooring suits a cottage kitchen?

Rustic wood flooring, flagstone, brick flooring, and ceramic tiles work nicely. Materials like reclaimed wood, limestone, and terracotta tiles boost the cozy, welcoming vibe.

What island designs align with cottage kitchen style?

Opt for kitchen islands with wood, butcher block or reclaimed wood countertops and bases. Turned legs and panel front drawers will suit the aesthetic. Freestanding work tables also impart a cottage feel.

What are cottage-style kitchen backsplashes?

Popular backsplash choices include white subway tile, tin tiles, beadboard, faux brick panels, stacked stone, travertine and marble. Keep colors light and opt for vintage styling.

What are the best lighting options for cottage kitchens?

Pendant lights, wrought iron chandeliers, and exposed Edison bulbs impart charming ambiance. Look for antique-style fixtures with a rustic, vintage appearance to match the cozy vibe. Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting.

What type of sink complements a cottage kitchen?

A classic apron-front farmhouse sink suits cottage kitchens beautifully. Opt for a spacious single basin or smaller double basin in white ceramic. Include vintage-style bronze or nickel faucets. Add a window behind the sink if possible.

What open shelving works well in cottage kitchens?

Rustic open shelves made from reclaimed barnwood work perfectly. Other great spots for open shelving include above cabinets, alongside windows, above appliances and mounted on walls. Display pretty dishware, plants, cookbooks and ceramic canisters.

What are essential cottage kitchen features?

Aim for elements like painted or stained wood cabinetry, granite countertops, subway tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, vintage lighting pendants, and accessories like farmhouse sinks, wooden open shelving, and distressed wood islands.

Cottage Kitchen Style Inspiration

Whether designing a kitchen remodel or new construction, incorporating traditional cottage elements will help craft a space that feels happily lived-in. These gorgeous kitchens can provide inspiration:

Timeworn Farmhouse Kitchen

This light-filled kitchen features beadboard walls, open wood shelving, a brick floor, and an antique-style porcelain sink. An oak wood island with turned legs provides prep space. The space has ample charm.

Airy Cottage Kitchen

White shaker cabinets, a marble-top island, and brass accents give this kitchen a refined cottage look. Pale blue walls, a brick backsplash, and pendant lights maintain the vintage aesthetics.

Rustic Wood Kitchen

With wood cabinetry, an aged brick chimney, and reclaimed barnwood floors, this kitchen overflows with rustic charm. Brick and marble add natural texture. Iron accents and a farmhouse sink complete the vintage vibe.

Coastal Cottage Kitchen

Robin’s egg blue cabinetry and open whitewashed shelves lend this kitchen breezy appeal. The multi-colored tile backsplash coordinated with the painted wood ceiling for personality. A large farmhouse window boosts natural light.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Crisp white cabinetry, marble counters, and a subway tile backsplash put a fresh spin on traditional design. Wood open shelves, brass accents, and an oversized island provide ample work space.

Achieving Your Dream Cottage Kitchen

Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional cottage style, there are endless ways to impart cozy charm into your kitchen design. Incorporate elements that make you feel comforted and at home. Source timeworn items from auctions and flea markets to add history. Infuse personality into your color palette and decor accents. Most importantly, let your kitchen reflect your tastes and lifestyle. With thoughtful planning and care, you can craft your dream vintage-inspired cottage kitchen.