Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in any kitchen design. They provide essential storage space while also defining the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. For many homeowners, corner kitchen cabinets can be particularly challenging to optimize. Due to their angular placement, corner cabinets have unique spatial limitations. However, when designed thoughtfully, they can be invaluable storage solutions. There are many effective corner cabinet ideas that can maximize both form and function.

Size Considerations for Corner Cabinets

When selecting corner kitchen cabinets, one of the first considerations is the size and layout of the corner space. Here are some common corner cabinet sizes and configurations to consider:

  • Standard Corner Cabinet: Approximately 24-26 inches wide on each side. This is the most common corner cabinet size.
  • Super Corner Cabinet: Roughly 35-40 inches wide on each side. Allows for more specialized storage options.
  • Lazy Susan Cabinet: Features a rotating tray or shelves to maximize access and visibility. Great for blind corner spots.
  • Blind Corner Cabinet: Does not have access on one side due to a wall or appliance. Require specialized hardware.

Storage Solutions for Corner Cabinets

Taking full advantage of corner cabinet storage can require some clever solutions. Here are some of the most popular storage design ideas:

Lazy Susans

Lazy susan turntables are widely used in corner cabinets. They allow easy access to items at the back of the cabinet. Different shelf heights can accommodate a variety of items.

Pull-Out Shelves

Installing pull-out shelves, racks or drawers in a corner cabinet lets you see and reach everything. This works well for storing cookware.

Tiered Shelving

Having multiple shelves at different heights lets you utilize all vertical storage space in a corner cabinet. It also reduces wasted space.

Vertical Dividers

Thin vertical dividers let you store wider items on their sides. This helps make the most of narrow spaces.

Diagonal Shelving

Diagonal shelves can maximize awkward corner areas. Angled shelves also display items attractively.

Choosing the Right Corner Cabinet Storage

Deciding what to store in your corner cabinets will guide your choice of storage solutions:

  • Food storage containers: Lazy susans or pull-out shelves
  • Spices: Tiered angled shelves for easy visibility
  • Cookware: Vertical dividers to store on sides
  • Small appliances: Pull-out shelves and interior outlets
  • Dinnerware: Tiered shelving and edge protectors

Take measurements and consider your unique storage needs. This will help you select the right corner cabinet optimizations.

Functional Design Options

Beyond just storage, there are many design elements that can make your corner kitchen cabinets even more functional:

Interior Organizers and Dividers

Pull-out interior organizers, adjustable shelves, and dividers allow ultra-customizable storage.

Wastebin Garbage Storage

An inner garbage bin that pulls out from a cabinet keeps trash neatly hidden but easily accessible.

Appliance Garages

An appliance garage has a door front to conceal small appliances. This keeps the countertop free of clutter.

Recycling and Compost Bins

Designate part of a corner cabinet for separated recycling and compost bins to encourage green kitchen habits.

Inner Drawers and Trays

Cabinets outfitted with interior drawers provide space for utensils and other small goods.

Corner Cabinet Design Styles

Corner cabinets come in a wide array of materials, finishes, and design styles. Consider the overall look you want for your kitchen when selecting corner cabinetry:


Sleek frames with handle-less fronts create a minimalist look. Glass doors also enhance openness.

Rustic Farmhouse

Wire mesh doors, visible hinges, and weathered finishes give a homey cottage feel.


Ornamental carved doors and crown molding trims have an elegant, classical sensibility.


A mix of elements from traditional and contemporary styles offers broad aesthetic appeal.

Enhancing Kitchen Workflow

Strategically place corner cabinets to support an efficient kitchen workflow:

  • Keep dishes and glassware near the sink and dishwasher.
  • Store cooking equipment close to the oven or stovetop.
  • Position a recycling station right where you prep and cook.
  • Use a corner cabinet kitty-corner from the fridge for often-used items.

Optimizing corner storage enhances any kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. With smart interior designs and attractive cabinet styling, they can be a striking focal point. Make the most of awkward corner spaces with these clever ideas. With thoughtful planning, corner cabinets can become prized storage solutions and beautiful design elements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Kitchen Cabinets

What are some tips to make the most of corner cabinet storage?

Some tips include using lazy susans or pull-out shelves to improve access, installing vertical dividers to store wider items on their sides, using diagonal shelves, and putting frequently used items on the most accessible shelves.

How do you determine what size corner cabinet to get?

Measure the existing corner space and factor in any limitations like walls, appliances or windows. Standard widths are usually 24-26 inches but larger super corner cabinets around 36 inches wide can allow more storage options.

What kind of hardware is best for a blind corner cabinet?

Blind corner organizers, vertical storage units and pull-out shelving units are designed to take advantage of unusable space in blind corner cabinets. Consider the items you’ll store when choosing blind corner storage accessories.

What are some ways to make a corner cabinet more aesthetically pleasing?

Opt for glass doors, open shelving with accent lighting, staggered shelving, crown molding, and other decorative trim. Having the cabinet be a different color than upper cabinets can also make it a focal point.

How can you use a corner cabinet for waste storage?

Installing a built-in pull-out waste bin provides hidden trash storage. For safety, choose a metal cabinet with full-extension slides. A swing open door also lets you add recycled goods easily.


Optimizing kitchen corner cabinets requires careful planning but can greatly improve your storage capacity and efficiency. Take measurements, assess your needs, and select specialized storage accessories to transform that underutilized corner space. The right organizational systems, attractive designs, and strategic placement will make your corner cabinets more functional and visually appealing. With creative customization, even the most awkward corner area can provide exceptional storage.