Locker storage can be a cool combination for any home. With so many locker storage options available, you can find the perfect solution to organize your home and maximize your space. From standalone lockers to full-on locker wall systems, locker storage offers a stylish way to neatly tuck away clutter while adding character to your interior design.

Benefits of Locker Storage at Home

Installing locker storage in your home comes with many great benefits:


Lockers allow for easy grab-and-go access to frequently used items. Keep sports equipment, tools, art supplies, or anything else you need regular access to right at your fingertips. No more rummaging through closets or the garage to find what you need.


The compartmentalized design of lockers helps you organize your home and eliminate clutter. Assign a locker to each family member or designate lockers for specific uses like hobbies, cleaning supplies, or winter gear storage. Knowing exactly where to find things helps maintain order.


With the wide variety of locker sizes and configurations available, you can fully customize your storage solution. Choose different locker depths, a mix of open and closed lockers, and fun colors to suit your exact needs and style. Add locking mechanisms if desired.

Space Savings

Locker storage is much more space efficient than free standing cabinets or shelving units. You can store more in a compact footprint, while maintaining access to all your belongings. Great for small homes and apartments where space is limited.

Aesthetic Appeal

Far from looking institutional, modern locker cabinets and walls have a clean, stylish look. The orderly rows of lockers add visual interest to any room. Choose from bold colors or metal finishes to enhance your décor.


Quality locker cabinets and full locker wall systems are built from strong, durable materials like powder coated steel. Lockers properly installed into studs can withstand years of regular use and abuse from kids or pets. A wise long-term investment.

With so many perks, it’s easy to see why integrating some form of locker storage into your home can be a cool and clever idea. Keep reading to explore popular locker storage options to find your perfect fit.

Standalone Locker Cabinets

Freestanding locker cabinets provide compartmentalized storage in a furniture-like piece suitable for any room of the home. These locker cabinets come in various configurations:

Two-Tier Locker Cabinets

Two rows of lockers stacked on top of each other give you ample organized storage in a compact footprint. Available in heights up to 90”, a two-tier locker cabinet can house everything from sports equipment and hobby supplies to out-of-season clothes, shoes, towels, and more. Place in a mudroom, laundry room, garage, basement, or even your bedroom.

Three-Tier Locker Cabinets

Want to maximize vertical storage? A three-tier locker cabinet provides three rows of neatly stacked lockers while taking up minimal floor space. Different locker depths allow you to store larger or smaller items. Three-tier cabinets up to 90” high can hold all kinds of bulkier gear, seasonal items, linens, cleaning products, and hobby supplies conveniently together.

Tower Locker Cabinets

Tower cabinets feature a single column of lockers, providing storage that extends from floor to ceiling. Opt for a narrow 18” depth or wider 24” depth cabinet to fit your space. Tower cabinets take advantage of vertical room in a smaller footprint. Useful in tight spaces like galley kitchens, entryways, or beside closets.

Mini Locker Cabinets

For a bit of locker storage in a small space, mini locker cabinets are the perfect choice. Ranging from 30-60” high with a trim 17” depth, mini cabinets pack lots of organization into a petite package. Use in a bathroom to neatly store towels and toiletries, a kitchen for aprons and baking sheets, or a nursery for baby supplies.

With lots of widths, depths, heights and locker configurations available, you can select a standalone locker cabinet tailored to your space and storage needs. Locker cabinets lend convenience right where you need it most.

Built-In Locker Wall Systems

For the ultimate organized storage solution, consider installing built-in wall-to-wall locker systems throughout your home. With custom locker walls, you can completely transform wasted space into hyper-functional storage. Here are some of the most popular places for built-in locker walls:

Garage Locker Walls

Outfit your garage with a wall of durable steel lockers to neatly organize all your sports equipment, tools, hardware, automotive accessories, and more. Say goodbye to messy clutter and keep everything personalized, accessible, and protected from dirt.

Mudroom Locker Walls

In a busy home’s transitional space, a mudroom locker wall is ideal for family organization. Designate a row of lockers for each person to store their coats, shoes, backpacks, and personal items. Keep the chaos contained in one place!

Laundry Room Locker Walls

Laundry rooms tend to accumulate linens, cleaning supplies, seasonal items and clutter. Install locker wall cabinets to neatly stow it all. Enjoy laundry days more with an orderly, open room.

Pantry Locker Walls

Maximize kitchen storage and organization with built-in pantry locker walls. Store dry goods, small appliances, and dinnerware all in one place. Add specialty locks to keep certain lockers off limits to kids.

Craft Room Locker Walls

For avid hobbyists, install lockers in your craft space for the ultimate hobby storage solution. Keep all your art, sewing, scrapbook, or workshop supplies organized to preserve your creative flow in a tidy room.

Bathroom Locker Walls

Bathroom locker walls transform wasted wall space into storage for towels, toiletries, hair tools, first aid supplies, and more. His and hers lockers keep shared bathrooms decluttered.

Bedroom Locker Walls

Optimize bedroom closet space and/or wall space with built-in locker storage. Use for clothing, linens, accessories, gym clothes, school supplies, or seasonal wardrobe change outs.

With some creative planning, you can install customized locker wall systems throughout your entire home! Say goodbye to closet and cabinet chaos.

Best Practices for Installing Locker Storage

If you’re sold on incorporating locker storage into your home, here are some top tips for proper planning and installation:

  • Carefully measure the space where you want lockers to ensure you select the optimal size locker cabinet or wall system. Account for trim and moldings.
  • Have a pro do the installation, especially for built-in walls. Proper anchoring into studs is crucial for safety and durability.
  • Pick powder coated steel lockers rather than painted wood. Steel withstands moisture and rough use better over time.
  • Include some adjustable shelving, hooks, bins and other locker accessories to maximize storage versatility.
  • Make sure lockers are easily accessible – not blocked by furniture or in the way of walkways.
  • Choose lockers in colors that coordinate with your décor. Vibrant colors make lockers a fun focal point.
  • For kids’ rooms, position shorter lockers within easy reach. Add safety latches instead of locks.
  • Label lockers clearly so everyone knows which is theirs. Stencils, name plates, chalkboard paint, and decals work well.

Installing quality locker storage properly will ensure it serves your family well for many years. With the right prep, you’ll enjoy a cool locker look that also provides everyday function.

Style Inspiration: Creative Ways to Use Lockers at Home

Need a little style inspiration for how to work locker storage seamlessly into your home’s décor? Here are some creative locker ideas to spark your imagination:

Vintage Chic Lockers

Give your kitchen or mudroom a blast of retro charm by opting for old school gym locker styling. Metal lockers with contrasting trim and classic ventilation slots have a nostalgic, industrial vibe. Play up the vintage feel with pastel colors.

Modern Lockers

Streamlined modern lockers in crisp white or bold solid colors blend seamlessly into contemporary décors. The minimalist look pairs nicely with other modern storage pieces like open shelving units and stainless steel cabinets.

Industrial Lockers

Industrial style décors welcome the utilitarian look of metal lockers. For extra flair, hunt for recycled vintage factory lockers with plenty of character and patina. Metallic finishes like black, bronze, or gunmetal grey complement this rugged aesthetic nicely.

Rustic Wood Lockers

Wooden lockers stained in handsome grain-revealing tones like walnut, ebony, or driftwood can provide natural warmth even in very rustic rooms. Opt for an all-wood wall system or combine wood and metal lockers for contrast.

Eclectic Locker Mix

Why choose one locker color when you can choose them all? Create an eclectic storage installation by combining old colorful repurposed gym lockers with new metallic lockers for a totally one-of-a-kind look.

Locker Benches

Station a locker bench in front of your new locker wall to create a handy spot to sit and put shoes on. The bench can provide extra storage too. Try cubby bench lockers or a lift-top locker bench.

With limitless possibilities, you can get as creative as you like designing the perfect locker storage solution for your lifestyle and décor style. Let your lockers reflect your unique personality!

Answers to Common Locker Questions

Still have some questions about how to integrate locker storage in your home? Here are direct answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Are lockers expensive?

Lockers are actually very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the cost per square foot of storage space provided. High-quality steel lockers start around $100-$200 each. Full wall locker systems vary based on dimensions and options. Expect comparable cost to stock cabinets.

Can I install lockers myself?

While free standing locker cabinets just need basic assembly, installing a full wall of built-in lockers is best left to professionals. You need to properly anchor lockers into wall studs which requires expertise.

Where can I buy lockers?

Quality lockers are available online through retailer sites like Amazon and Wayfair, or directly through storage specialty sites like Lockers can also be sourced through local hardware stores, office supply companies, and storage dealers.

How deep are most lockers?

Locker depths typically range from 12-24 inches. 12 and 18 inches are common depths for home use. Choose 24 inch deep lockers if you need to accommodate bulkier items.

What are locker cabinets made of?

Locker cabinets and wall systems are commonly made from powder coated steel for durability. Aircraft grade aluminum is sometimes used for a lightweight option. Wood lockers are available but less resistant to moisture.

Can I put locks on lockers?

Absolutely! Combination padlocks, key locks, or digital locks can be installed on most lockers. Built-in combination or RFID locks are also options. Locks allow you to secure valuables or keep certain lockers private.

Are locker cabinets hard to assemble?

Locker cabinets are designed for easy assembly. Most include all necessary hardware and instructions. All you need is a screwdriver and a helper or two to attach the pieces. Built-in walls require professional install.

Can kids reach top lockers?

Consider locker heights when designing kids’ storage. Place shorter lockers at reachable levels and increase height gradually up the wall. providing a step stool can help kids access top lockers independently.

We hope these locker storage answers have helped eliminate any uncertainties you may have! Still have questions? Reach out to a locker storage specialist for personalized guidance.


With so many impressive benefits, from added convenience and organization to space savings and style, locker storage can make an exceptionally cool addition to any home.

The wide range of locker cabinet and wall system styles on the market means you can certainly find options perfect for your family’s needs and interior décor.

Aim for high-quality steel locker construction, proper installation, and tailored locker sizes and configuration. With some strategic planning upfront, you can enjoy handsome, high-functioning locker storage for years to come.

Give your home a storage makeover by taking advantage of this winning and surprisingly versatile locker storage solution. Your organized and decluttered home will thank you!