When designing a kitchen, the color palette you choose can have a huge impact on the overall feel and functionality of the space. In this Toronto kitchen makeover, the owners wanted to create a bright, airy space that was both stylish and highly functional for cooking and entertaining. A cool color palette of blues, greens, and grays enhanced the natural light coming in through the windows and kept the space feeling open and inviting.

Selecting a Soothing Cool Color Palette

Choosing the right cool color scheme was an essential first step in creating the refreshed look the owners wanted for their Toronto kitchen. Here are some of the considerations that went into selecting the perfect palette:

  • Bringing in Natural Light – With windows on two sides, the kitchen received lots of natural sunlight. Cool hues were chosen to complement the light while providing visual interest. Warm colors would have clashed with the natural tones coming in.
  • Offering a Calming Vibe – Pastel shades of blue and green were selected for a peaceful, relaxed ambiance. This provided an escape from the busyness of city living right inside the owners’ home.
  • Providing Contrast – Lighter wall colors allowed the navy blue kitchen island to really pop. The island became the focal point while also anchoring the cooler scheme.
  • Complementing Existing Elements – Existing materials like the hardwood flooring and granite countertops contained warm undertones. Cooler blue and green shades balanced out those features beautifully.

Thoughtful selection of the color palette lay the foundation for the new, uplifting feel of the Toronto kitchen.

Painting Walls in Soothing Shades of Blue & Green

With the palette selected, it was time to get down to the painting itself. The owners decided on Benjamin Moore paints in several pale blue and green shades. Here is a look at how the cool wall colors enhance the space:

Soft Sky Blue Ceiling

Painting the ceiling a very light blue tone gives the illusion of extra height in the kitchen. It also contributes to the airy, open vibe. Benjamin Moore Crystalline provides that soft sky blue shade that feels almost ethereal.

Misty Teal Green Backsplash

The existing white tile backsplash receded into the background. A fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Water Lily, with its misty, sea glass quality, makes this feature pop. Contrasting with the warm wood counter and island, it provides a lovely visual anchor.

Pale Blue-Green on Main Walls

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray Blue was chosen for the main kitchen walls. This chameleon-like paint shifts between pale blue and green depending on the light. Depending on the time of day, the kitchen walls reflect different cool shades.

Vivid Robin’s Egg Blue Island

While the other wall colors are soft and muted, the island makes a statement with Benjamin Moore Hawaiian Ocean. This vivid robin’s egg blue serves as an energizing contrast to the more neutral wall shades.

With light colors used strategically throughout, the Toronto kitchen achieves a look that is both stylish and serene. The cool color palette keeps the space feeling open and airy.

Incorporating Natural Materials & Textures

In addition to cool paint shades, certain material choices also enhanced the zen, spa-like vibe the owners were seeking. Natural textures and surfaces incorporated throughout the space keep it feeling grounded and welcoming.

Warm Wood Flooring

The existing hardwood flooring has lovely rich tones and visible grain patterns that provide natural visual interest. This warm element balances nicely against the cooler wall colors.

Granite Countertops

Going with dark granite counters serves multiple purposes. Granite’s natural patterning has movement and depth that pops against the soft wall shades. A dark counter surface also disguises cooking messes well.

Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Ceramic tile offers durability and an easy-to-clean surface above the cooking area. The misty teal tiles tie in with the cool color scheme. Their smooth texture contrasts nicely with the more matte walls.

Metal & Marble Accents

Pops of brushed metal and marble surfaces pair well with the colors used in the space. These natural materials bring their own inherent beauty to the decor.

By thoughtfully mixing paint colors with various organic textures and surfaces, this Toronto kitchen achieves stylishness along with warmth and comfort. The cool color palette enhances the welcoming vibe.

Incorporating Pops of Warm Color

Although cool tones define the overall look, certain warm elements were also incorporated to provide visual interest and balance. Pops of earthy color and texture keep the space from feeling too icy or stark.

Wood Bar Stools

Warm wooden barstools with visible wood grain provide a nice contrast to the blue island. The rich oak finish and natural surface texture balance the sleeker surfaces in the rest of the kitchen.

Copper & Brass Hardware

Metallic accents in copper and brass finishes help break up all the cool tones used in the Toronto kitchen. The visible patina and rich shine of these metals add eye-catching warmth.

Cream Ceramic Accessories

Cream-colored ceramic vases, planters and kitchen accessories bring in subtle warmth while also complementing the light wall shades. Their matte, earthy look contrasts with the more polished surfaces.

Indoor Plants & Greenery

Lush potted plants and fresh floral arrangements in abundant shades of green help breathe more life into the kitchen. Their organic shapes and earthy hues provide the perfect accent to all the cool tones.

While cool colors define the overall aesthetic, these strategic pops of warm elements keep the look grounded. The color palette achieves visual balance.

LED Lighting Brightens the Entire Space

In addition to the cool color palette enhancing the natural light, the strategic use of LED lighting also helped brighten up the Toronto kitchen:

  • Recessed ceiling lights provide even overhead illumination without dark shadowy spots. Their uniform cool white light balances nicely against the pale wall colors.
  • Under-cabinet lighting eliminates shadows along the counter area. The focused LED lights are ideal for food prep and cooking tasks.
  • Stylish pendant lights over the bar island contribute both task lighting and visual appeal. Their industrial metal finish contrasts beautifully with the robin’s egg blue paint.
  • Sleek track lighting gives the option to highlight artwork or other areas as desired. The adjustable lights can shift around for perfect placement.
  • Vibrant recessed lighting under the upper cabinets casts a clean, uniform glow. Illuminated from below, the misty teal tiles really stand out.

LED bulbs in all fixtures deliver bright, natural illumination without the yellow cast of older bulbs. Their energy efficiency is an added bonus. The thoughtful lighting plan works seamlessly with the cool color palette to create an airy, welcoming kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Cool Color Palette in Kitchen Design

What are the benefits of a cool color palette in a kitchen?

Some benefits of using cool shades like blues, greens, grays, and violets in kitchen design include:

  • Provides an airy, open feel
  • Enhances natural light
  • Creates a relaxing, tranquil vibe
  • Offers a palette cleanser from warm colors used elsewhere
  • Feels clean, crisp, and modern

Cool shades are especially nice for small kitchens since they give the illusion of more space.

How do you select cool paint colors for a kitchen?

Consider the existing elements like counter surfaces, flooring, and backsplash materials. Look for cool paint colors that complement the tones already there. Factor in the light as well – soft or saturated, warm or cool. Paint undertones should work with the lighting not fight against it.

Should all the colors in a kitchen be cool tones?

While cool colors can define the overall aesthetic, it helps to incorporate some warm metallic, wood, or earth tone accents as well. Pops of warmth help balance out all the cooler shades and add visual interest through contrast.

What are some examples of cool paint colors for kitchens?

Some examples of popular cool paint shades for kitchens include:

  • Light blue gray
  • Soft sea foam green
  • Pale blue
  • Misty sage green
  • Taupe
  • Heathered navy
  • Light dove gray

Many major paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer great cool paint color selections perfect for kitchen spaces.

How do cool kitchen colors affect mood?

Cool color palettes like blue-green, gray, and pale violet can have a very relaxing effect in a kitchen. The tranquil mood comes from associations with soothing natural elements like water, sky, and minerals. Cool colors relax the eyes and mind. They create a refreshing escape right within one’s home.


The thoughtful cool color palette used in this Toronto kitchen makeover demonstrates the effect hues can have on the functionality and feel of a space. Soft blues, greens and grays enhanced the natural light coming in through the windows to create an airy, sun-filled kitchen. At the same time, the colors provide a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. Pops of warm materials like wood, granite, and brass help balance out the cooler tones. This kitchen offers the perfect recipe of stylish visual appeal and welcoming comfort. The cool color scheme truly revitalizes the entire look and feel of the space.