As the cold weather sets in, so does the desire to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. This has led to an increasing trend of bringing those cold-weather sports inside – and letting their style influence home decor. From snowboards to skis, winter sports equipment is making its way indoors and being repurposed in creative ways.

Display Your Skis or Snowboard

Turn your skis or snowboard into art by mounting them on the wall. This adds great visual interest to any space, while paying homage to your favorite winter sport.

Here are some tips for properly displaying skis or a snowboard:

  • Clean the gear thoroughly before bringing it inside. Remove any dirt, mud or residue from the snow.
  • Purchase specialty mounts and brackets designed to securely hold skis or a snowboard on the wall without damaging them.
  • Mount them crisscrossed for a visually appealing display.
  • Hang them above the couch, over the bed, or on a blank wall to make the largest impact.
  • Decorate the surrounding space with wintry accessories like snow shoes, leather boots, stacked wood, plaid blankets, and pinecones.

Displaying your well-loved gear brings the outdoors in, while creating an opportunity to reminisce about days spent carving powder.

Use Ski Poles and Snow Shoes as Decor

Once retired from the slopes, ski poles and snow shoes can be given new life around the house. Repurpose them into decorative elements that inject alpine flair into any room.

  • Tie a pair of skinny skis or poles together with twine or ribbon to create an impromptu wall sculpture. Hang above a console or sofa.
  • Prop snow shoes up in the corner of the mudroom or entryway to bring an outdoorsy feel.
  • Mount vintage wooden skis in parallel rows to build a textured accent wall near a seating nook.
  • Interlace a pair of scuffed snow shoes and hang them on the wall over a cluster of outerwear hooks and winter accessories.

With their weathered and aged look, retired snow gear carries a rustic vibe perfect for mountain or cabin-inspired decor. Display them proudly rather than hiding them away in storage.

Upcycle Old Equipment into Furniture

That stored ski equipment collecting dust in the garage? Bring it inside and turn it into creative furniture or storage! Old skis and poles can be upcycled into benches, shelves, racks, and more with minimal DIY skills.

  • Construct an easy X-shaped bench by screwing four ski poles together at the center. Add a wooden seat on top for a Scandinavian-style accent in the mudroom.
  • Affix several pairs of mismatched skis horizontally along the wall with equal spacing to make floating shelves. They provide perfect display space for mugs, plants, photos, and snow globes.
  • Build an umbrella stand by placing aged wooden skis upright in a bucket filled with rocks or sand. Store wet umbrellas between them near the front door.
  • Save floor space with a vertical pole ski rack for storing additional sets along the wall in the garage or sports equipment room.

Breathing new life into old skis and poles through DIY furniture projects gives them a stylish second act while reducing waste.

Incorporate Ski Lodge Style

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in a ski town, you can infuse elements of a cozy mountain lodge into home decor. Incorporate ski lodge style through plaid patterns, warm wood tones, and natural textures.

Warm Up a Room with Plaid:

  • Choose wool or faux fur throw blankets in classic red and black buffalo plaid. Drape them over chairs and couches for an instant winter cabin update.
  • Search for plaid pillow covers to mix and match with your existing solid pillows. Layer different colors and scales of plaid for visual interest.
  • If you’re feeling bold, use plaid fabric to make curtain panels or even upholster furniture like a chair or ottoman. This instantly livens up any stale decor.

Add Natural Wood Tones:

  • Incorporate light pine wood finishes whenever possible. Paint a pine bookcase a stark white and style with pinecone accents for a modern twist.
  • Search for pinecone-shaped wall sconces or table lamps. Pair with a real pinecone garland over the mantle for a nature-inspired look.
  • Use rustic wood slices to decorate tabletops and shelves. Birch logs also make great homemade candle holders.

Layer on Textures:

  • Incorporate cozy textures like wool, velvet, leather and faux fur on upholstered furniture and throw blankets.
  • Display vintage equipment like snow shoes, leather hockey skates, and wooden tennis racquets. Let their aged and weathered texture shine.
  • Add natural elements like pinecones, sprigs of cedar, stacked birch logs, and pine branches in vases.

Warm up Any Room:

Creating an alpine-inspired oasis is easy with the creative use of plaid, wood tones, and natural textures. Display your passion for winter sports by bringing the outdoors in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you securely mount skis or a snowboard on the wall?

Use specialty hardware designed for safely mounting snow sports equipment. Look for brackets or mounts made of strong metal that stabilize the gear and prevent it from slipping off or falling. Properly install into wall studs using screw anchors for the most security.

What are some creative ways to repurpose old ski equipment?

Old skis and poles can be upcycled into wall shelves, custom racks, umbrella stands, benches, tables, and more. With a little imagination and DIY skills, you can give retired gear new life as functional furniture or storage solutions.

How do you bring ski lodge style into home decor?

Incorporate plaid patterns on blankets, pillows, and upholstered furniture. Add natural wood finishes and items like pinecones, branches, and birch logs. Layer on textures like leather, wool, velvet, and weathered vintage gear for a cozy alpine aesthetic.

Are there specific places where it works best to display snow gear as decor?

Foyers, entryways, and mudrooms are great spaces to show off snow gear since that’s where it naturally gets stored when coming inside. You can also make a big impact displaying on blank walls and above seating in living rooms.

What are good ways to decorate with vintage snowshoes?

Vintage snowshoes look great when mounted crisscrossed on a wall. You can also prop them in entryway corners or hang them above outerwear hooks and accessories. Turn them into holders by mounting in a bucket filled with sand or rocks.


Displaying your passion for cold-weather sports through home decor is a fun and stylish way to bring those beloved activities inside. Whether you mount your well-used gear as art, upcycle old equipment, or incorporate plaid and pine into your decor, your alpine enthusiasm will shine through. So embrace the apres and let your sporty style heat up those cold winter interiors all season long.