Personalizing your bathroom is a great way to create a space that truly feels like your own. With so many design options to choose from, it can be a fun project that allows you to express your style. Whether you prefer a bright and cheery bathroom, a sleek and modern design, or something a bit more elegant, there are many ways to customize your bath to match your taste. Let’s explore some tips and ideas for personalizing your bathroom.

Select the Right Color Scheme

One of the easiest ways to personalize a bathroom is through color. The colors you choose for the walls, accents, and decor have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Here are some tips for selecting a color scheme:

  • Consider the amount of natural light – if the room doesn’t get much sunlight, opt for lighter hues to brighten up the space. Darker colors can make a low-light bathroom feel cave-like.
  • Complement your fixtures and features – match cool-toned grays and blues with silver hardware or warm peaches and yellows with bronze and gold accents.
  • Create a focal point – use a deeper, dramatic hue on one wall to add visual interest. This is often done behind a tub or vanity space.
  • Stick to a cohesive palette – for a soothing, spa-like environment, limit your color scheme to 2-3 complementary hues. Too many competing colors can feel noisy.
  • Express your style – like bold, vibrant colors? Opt for a bathroom featuring gem tones. Prefer a relaxed, organic look? Try a neutral palette with greens, sand, and ivory.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage plays a big role in functionality and overall aesthetic. Take storage solutions from basic to beautiful with these tips:

  • Built-in cabinetry – maximize unused nooks and crannies by having cabinets and shelving built right into the framing around the sink, tub, and toilet. Great for large and small bathrooms alike.
  • Freestanding furniture – consider a vanity, cabinet, or storage bench that acts as both storage and decor. Look for water-resistant woods like teak.
  • Pretty baskets – woven baskets add warmth and texture. Use them to store rolled towels, bath toys, and toiletries. Look for ones that complement your color scheme.
  • Coordinating containers – clear canisters, pretty jars, and matching dispensers keep necessities neat while contributing to your style. Label them for easy organization.
  • Hanging shelves – make use of wall space above the toilet and elsewhere by installing floating shelves. These can display decor as well as neatly stow extra toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies.

Choose Impactful Bathroom Accessories

It’s amazing how small touches like bathroom accessories can personalize the space. Use these ideas to accessorize with style:

  • Soap dispensers – metal, glass, and ceramic soap dispensers elevate a basic bathroom necessity into a decorative element.
  • Mirror trays – keep jewelry, perfumes, and other small items organized on a decorative mirror tray. Look for one that complements your color scheme.
  • Pretty wastebaskets – wastebaskets don’t have to be an eyesore. Find one that aligns with your style, whether it’s retro-inspired, minimalist, or ultra-glam.
  • High-quality towels – treat yourself to luxuriously soft, ultra-absorbent towels in colors and patterns you love. Roll or fold them to display.
  • Artful prints – hang framed artwork or prints above furniture to lend personality. Black and white botanical prints offer a classic look.
  • Fresh greenery – a vase of fresh flowers or potted plant brings life and brightens the room. Opt for faux plants if you don’t have a green thumb!

DIY Bathroom Updates

With a little DIY know-how, you can personalize your bathroom without a full reno. Consider taking on these projects:

Update Hardware

Replacing dated hardware like faucet handles and drawer pulls is an easy update. Opt for brushed metals like bronze, nickel, or stainless steel for a sleek modern look.

Paint the Vanity

Give your existing vanity a fresh coat of paint for a stylish facelift. Use a high-gloss paint to mimic the look of a pricier lacquered vanity.

Install New Lighting

Swap out an old fluorescent fixture for an elegant pendant light or sconces. This simple change can drastically elevate the look.

Apply Stenciled Patterns

Use stencils and paint to add personalized patterns and designs. Geometric shapes, foliage, and medallions make great bathroom accents.

Display Collections

Turn a wall into an art installation by creatively displaying collections of objects like sea shells, colored glass bottles, or vintage soaps.

Creative Touches for a Personalized Bath

Looking to add character and personal flair to your bath? Get creative with these unique details.

  • Frame the mirror or wall-mount it on a piece of wood to mimic a window
  • Use rope caulkings to add nautical flair
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood pieces into open shelving
  • Have favorite lyrics or mantras custom stenciled onto the wall
  • Display floating shelves in unexpected shapes like triangles or clouds
  • Add whimsy with a glass pendant light that resembles raindrops
  • Incorporate plants by hanging air planters near windows

The options are truly endless when personalizing a bathroom. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add details that reflect your personality style and interests!

FAQs about Personalizing Your Bathroom

What are some quick ways to personalize a rental bathroom?

For renters with limited ability to make permanent changes, try removable touches like shower curtains, art prints, woven baskets, and luxurious bath mats. Also consider upgrades like new shower heads and fun bath accessories.

How do I choose bathroom colors?

Consider the size of the space and amount of natural light. Small low-light baths feel brighter with lighter hues like whites and grays. Bold colors make more of an impact in spacious bathrooms. Also choose colors that complement your style.

How do I add storage to my bathroom without remodeling?

Freestanding cabinets, floating shelves, over-the-toilet shelves, and creative storage baskets are great options that don’t require remodeling. Also look for unused space you can turn into built-ins.

What are budget-friendly ways to update a bathroom?

New paint, storage baskets, shower curtains, towels, and accessories offer affordable ways to refresh your bath. Also consider DIY upgrades like paint, stenciling, hardware, and lighting. Take your time finding deals and steals.

How do I decorate my bathroom walls?

Hang art, floating shelves, or framed photos. Apply removable wallpaper or paint designs. Install sconces or pendants alongside a mirror. Plant succulents or herbs in floating planters. Get creative with collections and vignettes.


Personalizing your bathroom is one of the most rewarding ways to create a relaxing and enjoyable space suited to your own taste and lifestyle. By selecting appealing colors and materials, upgrading storage, choosing inspiring accents and accessories, and adding creative DIY touches, you can craft a bathroom retreat that reflects who you are. The best part is you don’t have to do everything at once. Make small updates over time until you achieve a completely personalized bath. With the above tips and ideas, you are sure to create a bathroom space you absolutely love.