Decorating your home with wall art can seem daunting. With so many options, styles, and arrangements to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, casual wall art arrangements can add personality and visual interest to your space while still appearing intentionally styled. Here are some tips for pulling off a casual, yet deliberate wall art look in your home.

Embrace Asymmetry

Symmetrical arrangements can feel formal. Instead, embrace asymmetry and create casual groupings of art. Hang pieces of varying sizes at differing heights and spaces. Overlap frames for a dynamic look. Including artworks that are similar in color scheme or theme will make the arrangement look cohesive. Feel free to mix different frame styles and materials as well. The imperfect styling will give your wall art arrangement a laidback vibe.

Add Personality

Select pieces that showcase your personality and interests. Mix family photos with found objects, prints with original artwork. Don’t be afraid to include sculptural pieces or three-dimensional elements as well. This eclectic blending adds a casual flair. Arrange the pieces in a way that tells a visual story. Allow the art to speak to who you are.

Feature Meaningful Moments

Incorporate travel mementos, tickets from a favorite concert, or photos from a memorable occasion. These sentimental pieces add heart to your art arrangement. Mixing a few personalized elements into the gallery wall makes it feel special and lived-in. Display them creatively – pin tickets to a bulletin board, highlight photos in unexpected frames. Let them inspire reminiscence.

Prioritize Presentation

A casual look still requires attention to presentation. Use museum putty or removable adhesive to mount pieces so you can move them around until you find an arrangement you love. Ensure frames and mats are clean and undamaged. Hang pieces at eye level so they can be appreciated. Add label plaques to identify lesser known artists or explain the significance of a piece. Well-presented art has a polished look even when styled casually.

Consider Cohesion

The overall arrangement should feel cohesive, not haphazard. Repeating colors, textures, or themes helps create unity. Black and white graphic prints mixed with colorful impressionist paintings could clash. But different black frame styles could complement each other nicely. If you want to combine many styles, limit the number of pieces to avoid visual overload.

Start with a Feature Piece

Build your arrangement around one larger statement piece. This artwork will draw the eye and set the tone for the rest of the wall. A bold abstract painting could establish an energetic mood. An oversized scenic photograph brings a serene ambiance. The remaining pieces should support the style and colors of your feature art.

Add Creative Displays

Utilize your entire wall space. Install shelving to highlight 3D objects. Mount a pegboard for hanging uncommon pieces. Lean large canvases against the wall. Float frames over wallpaper or paint. Get creative with display methods – this keeps the arrangement from feeling overly structured. Let your art and wall space inspire you.

Change It Up

Don’t be afraid to change your art arrangement as new pieces inspire you. Rotate seasonal or holiday-themed pieces as needed. Rehang items in new spots. Let your growing interests and changing style guide updates. Edit pieces that no longer fit. The flexibility of casual arrangements makes it easy to incorporate new favorites.

Casual art displays require less precision than formal galleries. Don’t stress over perfection. Allow your pieces to interact in interesting ways and tell a story. Embrace your personal style. Combine meaningful keepsakes with striking artwork. Present and arrange them thoughtfully. Then relax and enjoy your one-of-a-kind casual art gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casual Wall Art Arrangements

What are some tips for hanging casual wall art arrangements?

Some tips include:

  • Hang pieces at varying heights and spaces for an asymmetrical look.
  • Overlap frames and canvases for a dynamic appearance.
  • Mix artwork of different sizes, colors, and frame styles.
  • Add personalized elements like photos, mementos, and 3D pieces.
  • Mount pieces securely but removable so arrangements can be changed.

How is a casual arrangement different than a formal one?

Casual arrangements prioritize asymmetry, eclecticism, and personality over symmetry. They contain a mix of professional and personal pieces displayed creatively. Formal arrangements feature aligned professional pieces and frames in a symmetrical polished style.

How do I make a casual arrangement look deliberate?

A deliberate look comes from cohesion and attention to detail. Repeat colors, textures or themes. Start with a striking focal piece. Ensure all pieces are clean and thoughtfully presented. Limit the number of pieces to avoid clutter.

Should I hang art at eye level?

Yes, hanging art at eye level allows it to be best appreciated. But feel free to break this rule if creatively displaying a very small or large piece. Just ensure your arrangement’s main pieces are around eye level.

How often should I change up my casual art arrangement?

Change your arrangement anytime new pieces inspire you! Rotation helps highlight new favorites. Rehang items seasonally or as interests change. Avoid change just for change’s sake. Let your evolving style guide natural updates.

What types of wall art work in a casual arrangement?

All kinds! Paintings, prints, photos, mirrors, sculpture, wall hangings, memorabilia, found objects. Don’t limit yourself. Embrace variety! Mix fine art with personal mementos. Just ensure all pieces coordinate through color scheme, theme or presentation.


Casual art arrangements allow self-expression while still looking styled and purposeful. Start by choosing personally meaningful pieces displayed in an asymmetric, eclectic manner. Overlap frames, vary sizes and heights, and get creative with presentation. Ensure your art has visual cohesion through repeated colors, textures, or themes. Change up your arrangement as your style evolves. The beauty of casual art displays is their ability to showcase your unique personality while enhancing your living space. So embrace your diverse interests and commemorate special moments. Then get ready to enjoy your personalized art collection displayed with delightful creative abandon!