When choosing cabinet colors for a kitchen with dark appliances, it’s important to create a cohesive and stylish look. The cabinet color should complement the dark finishes of the appliances without creating too much visual contrast. With thoughtful color pairing, dark appliances like stainless steel, matte black or slate can look sleek and sophisticated against cabinetry. There are several effective ways to coordinate cabinet and appliance colors.

Balancing Dark Cabinets with Dark Appliances

Opting for dark colored cabinets is a foolproof approach to match dark appliances beautifully. Shades like espresso, charcoal gray and black pair seamlessly with stainless, black or slate appliances. This monochromatic scheme creates a moody but elegant kitchen aesthetic.

Espresso Cabinets with Stainless Steel Appliances

The rich, warm brown tone of espresso cabinets flatters the brushed metal look of stainless appliances flawlessly. Together they exude an upscale, integrated appearance. Espresso cabinets also bring out the gray undertones in stainless for more cohesion. Add antique bronze or oil-rubbed bronze pulls to tie the look together.

Charcoal Gray Cabinets with Matte Black Appliances

Charcoal gray cabinets strikingly complement matte black appliances for a chic, contemporary ensemble. The similar dark shades flow smoothly from the refrigerators and ovens to the cabinetry. Matte black hardware and fixtures enhance the sophisticated vibe. Consider glossy uppers with lowers in a contrasting wood grain for added dimension.

Black Cabinets with Slate Appliances

Few colors look as sharp together as pure black cabinets and slate appliances. The dynamic mix of simple black cabinetry with the grayish hue of slate appliances lends a bold, fashion-forward look. For a play on textures, pair flat front black cabinets with slate appliances that have brushed stainless handles and trim.

Lighter Neutral Cabinets

Bringing in lighter cabinet colors can keep a kitchen from feeling too dark and overwhelming when paired with dark finishes. Soft neutral hues like white, ivory and light gray create the pleasing effect of appliances “floating” in the space.

Creamy White Cabinets with Stainless Steel

Creamy white cabinets harmonize beautifully with stainless steel’s inherent gray tones. The crisp, bright white provides the perfect backdrop for appliances to take center stage. For extra definition, add cabinet trim in a darker complementary color like navy. Nickel or chrome pulls also pop against the white.

Warm Ivory Cabinets with Matte Black

Warm ivory cabinets keep matte black appliances from looking too harsh or cold. The gentle ivory hue softens the strong black but maintains an elegant ambiance. Use nickel or antique brass knobs and handles to bridge the two colors. Open shelving offers a nice contrast to the cabinetry.

Dove Gray Cabinets with Slate Appliances

Soft, subtle dove gray cabinets complement the blue-gray slate finish gracefully. Visually the contrast is minimal, almost monochromatic, for a soothing vibe. Incorporate reclaimed wood accents and antique bronze hardware for some depth. Herringbone backsplashes also pair well with the gray and slate scheme.

Bolder Contrasting Cabinets

Some homeowners opt for bolder cabinet colors that intentionally contrast with their dark appliances. Vibrant hues pop against the appliances for dramatic effect. Just take care that the colors are complementary and don’t clash.

Sapphire Blue Cabinets with Stainless Steel

Sapphire blue lower cabinets make stainless steel appliances gleam. The mix of rich blue and silvery metal creates old Hollywood glam. Use glossy cabinet finishes to reflect light. Matte uppers in navy blue work nicely with the high-gloss island. Chrome hardware matches the stainless beautifully.

Fire Engine Red Cabinets with Matte Black Appliances

Make a design statement by pairing vibrant fire engine red cabinets with matte black appliances. The dynamic combo is bold yet balanced. Use high-gloss red on both base and upper cabinets for maximum drama. Black quartz countertops ground the look. Stainless steel hardware matches the appliances.

Emerald Green Cabinets with Slate Appliances

Deep emerald green cabinets bring out the subtle blue undertones of slate, creating a sophisticated jewel-toned look. Mixing matte and high-gloss green finishes adds nice dimension. Nickel or chrome knobs pop nicely on the green background. Marble, quartz or granite countertops work well.

Standout Countertops and Backsplashes

Strategic use of countertops and backsplashes can also help marry darker cabinet and appliance colors. Contrasting surfaces and materials establish balance between the cabinetry and appliances.

White Quartz Countertops with Charcoal Cabinets and Black Appliances

Brilliant white quartz countertops keep charcoal gray cabinets and black appliances from feeling too somber. The light countertops also impart a sense of openness. Use large-scale neutral backsplash tiles like marble or travertine. Chrome fixtures pop against the dramatic colors.

butcher block Countertops with Espresso Cabinets and Slate Appliances

Rich espresso brown cabinets and slate-gray appliances call for the warm, organic look of butcher block countertops. The wood texture and color provide harmony. Add a Moroccan tile backsplash in complementary earth tones like terracotta. Dark bronze hardware suits the natural scheme.

Gray Glass Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances

Installing a gray glass subway tile backsplash between black cabinets and stainless appliances helps marry the colors. The smoky glass softens the dark cabinetry but reflects the shine of the appliances. Use chrome or stainless steel trim and fixtures to complete the modern vibe.

Fabulous Paint Colors

Painting walls in harmonizing colors is another excellent way to thoughtfully unite darker cabinetry with appliances. Consider undertones, saturation and sheen when selecting paints. Here are recommended pairings:

  • Espresso cabinets with black appliances – Deep navy or brownish-gray paints
  • Charcoal cabinets with matte black appliances – Soft gray blue paints
  • Black cabinets with stainless appliances – Creamy off-whites or beiges
  • Mahogany cabinets with slate appliances – Sage green or taupes
  • Gray cabinets with black appliances – Muted teal or light umber
  • White cabinets with stainless appliances – Ocean blue or warm grays

Paint a couple accent walls in bolder complementary hues to balance the darker colors. For instance try emerald green with espresso and black or mustard yellow with white and stainless.

Cabinet Colors for Dark Appliances: In Summary

  • Match tones. Dark brown, charcoal, black and even navy blue cabinetry blends seamlessly with stainless steel, matte black or slate.
  • Contrast finishes. Try glossy cabinets with matte appliances or vice versa. Mix high-gloss island with matte base cabinets.
  • Incorporate lighter neutrals. Soft whites, warm ivory and dove grays create an airy counterpoint to dark finishes.
  • Make a bold color statement. Vibrant blue, green and red make appliances pop when thoughtfully coordinated.
  • Add contrasting countertops. White quartz, butcher block and dramatic backsplashes bridge cabinetry with appliances.
  • Harmonize with wall color. Navy, beige and sage green paints convey cohesion. Accent walls in emerald and yellow provide flair.

With so many options, it’s easy to create a stylish, cohesive look that matches your personal taste. Dark appliances offer opportunities to design a truly unique, sophisticated kitchen. Just remember to thoughtfully balance colors and textures. The result will be a visually stunning and functional space you’ll adore.

What Cabinet Color Goes With Stainless Steel Appliances?

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have a versatile, modern look that pairs beautifully with a wide range of cabinet colors. When selecting a cabinet color to complement stainless steel appliances, consider hues that share gray undertones. Cooler neutrals help stainless steel stand out and appear brighter and shinier against the subtle background colors. Here are some recommended cabinet color options for stainless steel appliances:

Crisp White

A classic combination, crisp clean white cabinets allow stainless steel appliances to take center stage. The bright white provides contrast that makes appliances gleam. This fresh, light pairing exudes a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. For variation, try mixing glossy white and matte white cabinet finishes.

Dove Gray

Subtle and sophisticated, the gentle hue of dove gray paint or stained cabinets blends nicely with stainless steel’s inherent gray tones. Visually the contrast is quite minimal, creating a cohesive monochromatic look. Natural wood accents also pair well with the combination.

Navy Blue

From deep royal navy to soft powder blue, varying shades of blue cabinetry complement stainless beautifully. Blue’s cool undertones highlight stainless steel’s silver notes. For dramatic contrast, opt for high-gloss navy cabinets. The vibrant color also harmonizes with stainless trim and hardware.


Charcoal cabinets or gray stained wood share the grayish tone of brushed stainless steel for seamless coordination. Charcoal adds depth while allowing the modern shine of stainless to take center stage. Try pairing rich charcoal lower cabinets with glossy white or light gray uppers.


Clean bright yellow cabinets provide an energetic pop of contrasting color that makes stainless steel finishes shine. Sunny lemon and mustard yellow hues keep the look fresh and cheerful. Use glossy yellow finishes and stainless steel hardware for extra polish.


Deep jewel tones like emerald green work wonders with stainless steel appliances, as do lighter shades like sage green. Green’s natural color harmony with gray creates balance. Use green on the island for a bold accent.

Wood Tones

Natural wood cabinetry in chestnut, cherry and walnut stains coordinate effortlessly with stainless appliances. Brushed metal and wood textures have natural affinity. The inherent gray tones of weathered wood also complement stainless finishes.

What is the Most Popular Color for Kitchen Cabinets?

In recent years, white kitchen cabinets have dominated as the most popular color choice for modern kitchen designs. Crisp, clean white cabinetry creates a light and airy aesthetic that suits both contemporary and classic kitchen styles.

There are several reasons for white cabinets’ primacy in kitchen design:

  • Brightness – White reflects light for an open, expansive look and feel. The light color palette makes smaller kitchens appear larger.
  • Versatility – White cabinets suit an array of kitchen aesthetics from modern to traditional to cottage. They pair equally well with stainless steel, black or chrome appliances.
  • On-trend – Glossy white cabinets connect to the contemporary trends of sleek minimalism and high-contrast. They provide the perfect backdrop for mixing metals and finishes.
  • Timelessness – While trendy, white has a classic, enduring look. The color works seamlessly from historic homes to new construction.
  • Resale value – White kitchens appeal to a broad range of buyers. It’s a safe, neutral color palette that adds value for resale.

Beyond white kitchen cabinets, lighter grays like dove, silver and ash have gained popularity. These soft, neutral shades offer subtle contrast with stainless steel appliances for a more low-key look.

While white and light gray dominate kitchen cabinet trends, colored and dark-stained cabinets make a statement. Navy blue, emerald green and even black have design appeal. Ultimately the “most popular color” comes down to personal style.

What Color Cabinets Go With Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

Black stainless steel appliances offer a modern, sleek look. When paired thoughtfully, they can anchor a striking kitchen design. For cohesive style, opt for cabinet colors that complement the dramatic dark finish. Colors that share gray, brown or blue undertones are ideal partners for black stainless steel appliances.

Black Cabinets

A classic take on the monochromatic look, matte black cabinets seamlessly match black stainless steel appliances. The uniform palette creates a chic, integrated aesthetic. Consider combining black lower cabinets with contrasting white or gray uppers. Black countertops like quartz, soapstone or laminate also coordinate flawlessly.

Charcoal Gray Cabinets

Charcoal stained wood or matte gray painted cabinets harmonize elegantly with black stainless steel. The cool undertones in charcoal gray offset the appliances nicely. Use black metal fixtures and hardware to tie together the look. Bold gray floor tiles complement the color scheme.

Navy Blue Cabinets

From light powder blue to dramatic navy, varying shades of blue cabinetry complement black stainless appliances. The colors share similar gray-blue dark undertones. Navy blue lower cabinets with white uppers keep the look from going too dark.

Espresso Cabinets

With their subtle brown-gray hue, espresso cabinets pair seamlessly with black stainless steel. Together they create a rich, integrated look. Consider glossy espresso cabinets to contrast with the brushed metal appliances. Granite or butcher block countertops work well.

Green Cabinets

Deep green hues like emerald and sage complement black stainless appliances for a luxurious look. Green’s natural harmony with black provides the perfect accent color. Use green on an island paired with neutral cabinetry or paint a color-blocked design.

White Cabinets

While very light cabinets can look jarring against black stainless appliances, porcelain or warmer white paints work beautifully. The solid white backdrop really accentuates the appliances’ dark finish. Use black metal fixtures for added contrast.

What Color Backsplash Goes With Black Appliances?

A stylish backsplash can help tie together black kitchen appliances with cabinetry and countertops. Colorful, patterned backsplashes prevent black appliances from appearing too imposing or harsh. Cool-toned materials that share gray undertones work especially well. Here are some striking options:

Gray Glass Tile – Matte, smoky gray glass tile in subway layout complements black appliances elegantly. The cool tone contrasts appliances subtly while the glass reflects light. Pair with white cabinets and quartzite counters.

Carrara Marble – White marble with soft gray veining has a classic, harmonious look with black appliances. Install in a herringbone pattern as a backsplash with white or light gray cabinets for contrast.

Mother of Pearl Tile – Shimmering mother of pearl mosaic tile in blue and gray tones shines against dark appliances. The iridescent, ocean-inspired tiles read both contemporary and beachy. Use with navy cabinets.

Slate Tile – Real slate tile comes in blue-gray natural hues that blend seamlessly with black. Subway slate backsplash tiles allow black finishes to stand out while providing subtle contrast.

Moroccan Fish Scale – Bold black and gray Moroccan fish scale tiles instantly create drama and complement black appliances. Pair with crisp white cabinets and countertops to offset the striking mosaic patterns.

White Penny Tiles – Classic white penny round tiles refreshed with black grout lines tie in smartly with black finishes. The inherent silver veining in white marble penny tiles plays off dark appliances too.

Black and White Pattern – Geometric patterns like harlequin diamonds, herringbones and chevrons provide the perfect graphic pop against black. Try bold black and white designs as a focal backsplash.

What Color Floors Go With Black Appliances?

The flooring is an important element to consider when designing a kitchen with black appliances. Floor color and material should complement the look without being too matchy. Cool-toned wood floors or tiles that incorporate black work especially well. Consider these stylish flooring options:

Gray Wood Flooring – From weathered gray oak to whitewashed pine, gray-toned hardwood floors support black appliances without going too dark. The natural gray-brown colors are a versatile neutral option.

Black and White Patterned Tile – Black and white geometric floor tiles, like harlequin, zigzag or checkered patterns, provide eye-catching contrast. Allow the tile design to boldly complement black finishes.

Slate Tile Flooring – Whether real slate or slate-look porcelain, slate tile flooring shares the cool gray-blue tones of black appliances. Use a modern large-scale slate tile layout for seamless coordination.

Black Stained Concrete – For an industrial look, glossy black stained concrete floors pair strikingly with black appliances. The bold black floor acts as an extension of the appliances.

Dark Brown Plank Flooring – Rich chocolate brown engineered wood planks complement black with shared warm, dark brown undertones. The long planks layout contrasts with appliance geometry.

Gray Stone Tile – Honed travertine, limestone or marble tiles in soft, muted gray hues harmonize elegantly with black. Use large tiles and minimal grout lines for a seamless effect.

Black and White Checkerboard – For retro appeal, bold black and white checkerboard tile ties in playfully with black appliances. Use checkerboard floor tile to establish a strong graphic theme.

What Kitchen Colors Go With Stainless Steel Appliances?

Stainless steel appliances are a popular modern choice that pairs beautifully with a variety of kitchen designs and color palettes. The key to choosing coordinating colors is looking for hues that share subtle gray undertones that reflect the stainless steel finishes.


  • White
  • Gray
  • Navy blue
  • Wood tones like oak, cherry and walnut


  • White quartz
  • White marble
  • Gray soapstone
  • Butcher block


  • White subway tile
  • Gray glass mosaic tile
  • Marble herringbone
  • Stainless steel tile

Paint Colors

  • Light gray
  • Seafoam green
  • Robin’s egg blue
  • Sage green
  • Cream
  • Beige


  • Gray wood
  • White washed wood
  • Gray stone tile
  • Black and white tile

Overall, crisp light neutrals and natural wood tones allow stainless steel to shine. Cool-toned colors like blue, green, and gray also complement stainless beautifully. Use subway tile, marble, quartz and hardware to tie everything together elegantly.

What Color Cabinets Look Best With Stainless Steel Appliances?

Stainless steel appliances pair best with cabinet colors that share a similar neutral, gray-tone. This creates a cohesive