Brass has made a major comeback in home decor and design trends. This classic metal is being embraced in modern bathrooms for its vintage appeal and ability to add warmth and elegance. From brass fixtures and hardware to accent details, there are numerous ways to incorporate brass into your bathroom remodeling or redecorating project. Implementing brass elements can provide a high-end look while also nodding to beloved design eras past. Read on to learn why you should brace for brass in your bathroom along with tips for complementing and caring for this dynamic metal material.

The Allure of Brass in Bathroom Design

Brass offers a radiance, richness, and versatility that make it an excellent choice for bathrooms. Here are some of the top reasons brass has become a go-to material for contemporary lavatory spaces:

Timeless Appeal

Brass has been used in bathrooms for over a century, making it a fixture (pun intended) in vintage and traditional design. Many homeowners are drawn to brass bathroom elements because they evoke a keen sense of nostalgia. Brass also offers a classic, luxurious look that suits styles from industrial to Mediterranean. This versatility ensures your brass accents will retain their timeless beauty and always feel fresh.

Warm, Inviting Radiance

Brass has a distinctly warm, golden-orange undertone that feels inviting and uplifting. The soft, radiant sheen of brass can make a bathroom feel more cozy and bright. This warmth provides beautiful contrast against cool tile, stone, and glass often found in baths. For a spa-like environment, brass’s glow is perfect.

High-End Touch

Polished brass or unlacquered brass in particular have an upscale, exclusive look. Brass makes a serious style statement and instantly ups the elegance factor in any bathroom. Using brass hardware, fixtures, mirrors, sconces, or accessories is an easy way to make a high-end design impact.

On Trend

After falling out of favor for decades, brass has been steadily returning to bathroom design. Brass feels fresh, current and on-trend thanks to renewed interest in the material within the design community. Using brass allows homeowners to follow the latest style trajectories in an enduring, inspired way.

Design Versatility

From traditional to modern and everywhere between, brass suits a range of design aesthetics. Contemporary pairings like brass with gray-veined white marble or against matte black are stunning. Or go for a more vintage vibe pairing brass with subway tile, hex tile, or classic penny rounds. Brass is highly versatile.

Best Uses for Brass in Bathrooms

Fortunately, there are ample ways to incorporate this dynamic metal material into your bathroom design. Here are some of the top uses for brass in contemporary lavatory spaces:


Swapping out basic chrome, nickel, or stainless steel faucets, shower heads, and other fixtures for brass options adds a serious style punch. Polished brass and unlacquered brass fixtures pair beautifully with both traditional and modern bathrooms. Matte brass finishes work well for more subtle vintage flair.


Brass is ideal for vanity lighting, pendant lights, wall sconces, and accent lighting. Brass lighting choices include classic sconces, drum pendants, marquee lights, and vintage-inspired fixtures. Lighting makes a design statement and brings warmth and atmosphere.

Mirror Frames

One easy way to join brass into a bathroom design is opting for a brass framed mirror. Thin brass frames work well for a polished, geometric appearance while thick, ornate brass frames suit more traditional lavatory aesthetics.


Swapping out basic hardware for cabinet knobs, pulls, hooks, towel bars and other accessories in brass conveys instant style. Go for patinated brass hardware for a subtle vintage mood or opt for shiny polished brass hardware for dramatic contrast.


Wood bathroom shelving and open storage units can be dressed up with brass edging or brackets for an elevated look. Floating brass shelves make a bold statement for displaying towels, toiletries and decor.

Tile Inlays

For an eye-catching detail, add brass metal tile inlays as an accent. Geometric brass tile designs offer visual punch, especially against marble or glass tile.

High-Style Bathtubs

Ornate brass clawfoot tubs may be the ultimate brass showstopper. But clean-lined contemporary tubs also gain elegance from brass trim details and feet.

Design Styles for a Brass Bathroom

Brass suits an array of design moods from vintage to modern. Here are some of the most popular style avenues for achieving a beautiful brass bathroom:

Industrial Chic

The juxtaposition of burnished brass against matte black, raw woods, concrete, and exposed pipes or vents defines this edgy look. Streamlined brass shelving, geometric pendant lighting, and unlacquered brass fixtures keep the mood ultra-contemporary.

Vintage Retro

For a nostalgic, artistic flair, pair brass with classic black-and-white checkerboard tile, framed botanical prints, cabinets with glass fronts, and porcelain or enamel sinks and tubs. Florals and curvy forms enhance the retro vibe.

Glam Contemporary

The warmth of brass illuminates cool, sleek surfaces like glass tile, polished stone, and lacquered woods in this polished modern look. Gold accents and luxe materials take this stylish aesthetic over the top.

Traditional Elegance

The combination of brass and marble defines timeless elegance. Ornate brass mirrors, sconces, feet, and trim paired with marble counters, floors, walls, and statuary makes a refined statement. Mosaic floor tile boosts classic allure.

Mediterranean Romance

A brass bathroom evoking the warmth of the Mediterranean may include painted arches, patterned tile risers, stained or painted wood cabinetry, and ornate brass mirrors. Vintage brass lighting and hardware provide a romantic mood.

Tips for Complementing and Caring for Brass

To keep your brass bathroom fixtures, accents, and hardware looking their best while creating a cohesive space, keep these tips in mind:

  • Mix metal finishes with care – Pairing brass with chrome, nickel, or stainless steel can look disjointed. Opt for matching brass finishes or just a touch of contrasting metal.
  • Consider brass mirrors and lighting – This is an easy way to tie the brass details together. Match brass fixture finishes.
  • Incorporate wood tones – Brass has an affinity for rich wood tones. Floating wood shelving, cabinetry and wood flooring enhance brass’s warmth.
  • Use metallics sparingly – Gold, silver, and bronze accents complement brass. But limit competing metallics so brass can take center stage.
  • Clean routinely – Brass needs regular cleaning to retain its luster and prevent buildup. Use a dedicated brass cleaner and soft cloth. Avoid abrasives.
  • Lacquer or seal – Unlacquered brass will develop a patina. To maintain shine, opt for lacquered brass or seal unlacquered fixtures.
  • Prevent water spots – After cleaning and drying, buff fixtures with a microfiber cloth. Hard water can etch brass finishes.

By thoughtfully incorporating brass fixtures and accents into your bathroom along with proper care, you can realize a space that feels elevated, current, and uniquely personal. Brass offers time-honored warmth and sophistication that suits a wide range of bathroom projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Brass in Bathrooms

Here are answers to some common questions surrounding the use of brass for contemporary bathroom designs:

How do you clean and care for brass bathroom hardware and fixtures?

Use a dedicated brass cleaner and soft cloth to gently clean. Avoid abrasive cloths or cleaners that can scratch the surface. For best results, clean routinely to prevent buildup and buff dry with a microfiber cloth to retain shine and prevent spotting. Consider applying a brass lacquer or sealant to fixtures to limit patina development on unlacquered brass.

What brass finishes work best for bathrooms?

Polished brass provides timeless shine and luxury for traditional to modern bathrooms. An unlacquered brass finish will develop a handsome darkened patina. For a softer vintage flair, try an oil-rubbed or brushed matte brass finish. Distressed antique brass also imparts an aged, genteel look.

What colors complement brass bathroom fixtures and accents?

Brass’s warm, orangey-golden tones look beautiful paired with cool hues like gray, black, blue, and green. Crisp white, creams, and marble also make brass radiate. Wood tones enhance brass’s warmth. Avoid pairing brass with competing warm metallics.

How do you mix metals in a bathroom with brass fixtures?

Limit mixed metals to ensure brass stands out. Just a touch of contrasting metal like nickel or chrome can work well. Pair brass fixtures and accents with each other for cohesion. Warm metal tones like gold and bronze make good secondary accents.

What are less expensive alternatives to solid brass bathroom fixtures?

Brass-plated fixtures offer the look of solid brass at a lower price point. Opt for plated brass for smaller accents and accessories versus major fixtures. Some companies offer brass overlays or thin brass sleeves for dressed up fixtures.

Can you put brass fixtures in a shower or wet area?

Yes, brass is durable enough for wet areas if properly lacquered and cared for. Be sure to buff fixtures dry after cleaning to help prevent spotting and mineral deposits that can etch finishes in hard water areas. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

What are some bathroom design styles that pair well with brass accents?

Vintage, industrial, traditional, glam, Mediterranean, Art Deco, mid-century and Hollywood regency styles capitalize on brass’s charismatic flair. Brass also imparts an upscale note to otherwise simple, contemporary spaces.

How do you clean brass fixtures that are showing age or patina?

For solid unlacquered brass showing natural aging and patina, use a polishing compound designed for brass along with a soft cloth to gently buff away darker areas and restore shine. Avoid using this approach on plated or lacquered brass finishes.

What brass bathroom ideas are trending?

Look for unlacquered brass paired with wood tones and marble/stone. Geometric brass tile inlays and trim offer contemporary pop. Vintage lighting, cabriole-style legs, and ornamental brushed brass make a retro statement.

Can you mix brass and gold metal finishes in a bathroom?

In small doses, yes. Warm gold accents like hardware, sconces or decor complement brass nicely. Just don’t overdo the mixed metals. Make brass the star and use gold minimally for secondary accents and accessories only.


Brass offers timeless beauty and contemporary appeal for today’s bathrooms. From fixtures and faucets to lighting, hardware, and accent details, brass imparts a touch of luxury, vintage charm, and warmth. Polished, unlacquered, and patinated matte finishes make brass an incredibly versatile design choice. For an inviting, stylish bathroom, brace yourself for brass. Implemented thoughtfully, brass can provide the perfect nostalgic yet current feel. Allow this radiant metal material to boost your next bathroom project for a space that feels fresh, elegant, and unmistakably yours.