Decorating a bathroom for a young boy can be lots of fun. You get to infuse their personality into the space with colors, patterns and themes they love. When decorating a boy’s bathroom, it’s important to choose finishes and materials that are durable and easy to clean. Here are some top tips for creating a functional, yet stylish bathroom for your little guy.

Choosing Colors and Themes

When selecting a color palette and theme for a boy’s bathroom, it’s best to involve them in the process to make sure it reflects their interests. Here are some popular color and theme ideas to consider:

Bold Primaries

  • A color scheme using bold primary colors like red, blue and green can pack a punch. These fun, high-energy colors appeal to many young boys.
  • Consider painting one wall in a bright color like red or blue, and use accents like towels and shower curtains to incorporate additional primaries.
  • This type of color scheme pairs well with many popular themes like superheroes, sports or adventures.

Earth Tones

  • For a more subtle approach, earth tones like tan, brown, slate and sage can create a relaxing oasis.
  • Natural textures and materials like stone, wood and wicker complement earth tones.
  • This color scheme goes well with outdoor or nature-inspired themes.

Blue Oceans

  • Many boys love ocean themes, so shades of blue make an ideal palette. Try a range from light powder blue to navy.
  • Accent walls with fish, sharks or waves can transport them underwater.
  • Glass tile in shades of blue or mosaic patterns make a big splash.

Outer Space

  • For the space explorer, blacks, grays and purples create a stellar space theme.
  • Glow-in-the-dark accents, planets and rockets add intergalactic style.
  • A galaxy painted ceiling can take the theme over the moon.


  • What boy wouldn’t love a superhero bathroom? Primary colors are perfect for powerful pops.
  • Wall decals and prints of their favorite crime fighters make a bold statement.
  • Custom shower curtains or towels featuring superhero logos complete the look.

Choosing Bathroom Materials

When selecting materials for a boy’s bathroom, opt for durable surfaces that can withstand regular use and cleaning. Here are some good options:


  • Tile is an ideal material for bathroom walls and floors. It is water-resistant and easy to keep clean.
  • Ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles in bold patterns or colors work for a boy’s space.
  • Use grout color to complement or contrast with tiles.
  • Add borders or mosaics as accents.

Natural Stone

  • Slate, travertine or granite tiles make an upscale, earthy statement.
  • Stone showers and floors have a luxurious, spa-like feel.
  • Porous natural stone tiles need regular sealing to prevent stains and discoloration.

Plastic-Based Materials

  • Faux materials like plastic laminates for counter tops or vinyl sheets for floors mimic natural materials at lower cost.
  • These are designed for high moisture areas and easy cleaning.
  • Concrete-look laminates or wood-look vinyl planks add realistic visuals.

Stainless Steel

  • For a modern, sleek look at reasonable cost, stainless steel is ideal for fixtures, towel bars, shelves, soap dispensers and accessories.
  • This material is durable, rust-resistant, easy to clean and coordinate with other metals like chrome or nickel.


  • On dry walls and ceiling areas, semi-gloss or high-gloss paint resists moisture and cleans up easily.
  • Darker hues can hide scuffs well. Washable paint makes touch ups simple.
  • Paint is also ideal for colorful murals, stencils or accent walls.

Selecting Bathroom Fixtures

The fixtures you choose for a boy’s bathroom should combine fun and function. Here are some key considerations:


  • Go for a sturdier, elongated toilet with a comfortable height for an older child.
  • Powerful flush performance helps avoid clogs.
  • Soft-close seats prevent slamming and broken lids.
  • Vibrant colored toilets can add flair.


  • Select a sink sized appropriately for a child if mounted at standard height.
  • Glass vessel sinks are on-trend but sacrifice functionality.
  • Wall-hung sinks open up counter and storage space below.
  • Rounded corners prevent bumps and impact.


  • Lever-style handles are easier for smaller hands to use than cross or widespread designs.
  • Choose a faucet with adjustable flow regulators to prevent splashing.
  • Matching finishes for the sink and faucet create a cohesive look.


  • Grab bars provide safety and support for kids in tub/shower combos.
  • Adjustable shower heads accommodate changing heights.
  • Glass doors contain splashes better than shower curtains.
  • Benches give a place to sit while showering.


  • Add ample illumination for tasks like brushing teeth and grooming.
  • Waterproof LED light strips around mirrors prevent shadows on faces.
  • Night lights help navigate the bathroom after dark.


  • Open shelving provides easy access to towels and toiletries.
  • Drawers keep personal care items organized.
  • Cabinets with child-proof latches are ideal for cleaning supplies.
  • Baskets, bins and hooks corral all the extras.

Decorating a Boy’s Bathroom

When putting the finishing touches on a boy’s bathroom, keep things fun and functional. Here are some great decor ideas:

Wall Decor

  • Decals of superheroes, animals or outer space create an accent wall.
  • Framed posters and prints of cars, athletes or actors make a cool statement.
  • Personalized wall signs with their name or featuring their interests show pride.
  • Paint murals of jungles, pirates or underwater scenes right on the walls.

Shower Curtains

  • Fabric shower curtains show favorite characters or sports team logos.
  • Clear vinyl curtains display fish, sharks or sea life graphics without obscuring light.
  • Curtains with mesh panels allow airflow and prevent mold/mildew.

Bath Mats

  • Plush cotton mats are super soft under bare feet when getting out of the tub.
  • Vibrant printed designs liven things up.
  • Polyester or nylon bath mats shed less and dry quickly.


  • Let them pick towels in their favorite colors or prints.
  • Hooded towels turn bath time into playtime.
  • Hooks or racks at their height allow them to reach their own towels.

Bath Accessories

  • Customize with monogrammed containers for toothbrushes, soap, etc.
  • Action figure toothbrush holders add playfulness.
  • Wall mount or floating shelves provide display space for favorite items.
  • Mirror decals of robots, dinosaurs or vehicles make grooming fun.

Maintaining a Boy’s Bathroom

To keep your boy’s bathroom looking its best, implement some simple maintenance practices:

  • Establish daily and weekly cleaning schedules for tasks like wiping surfaces, scrubbing the tub and vacuuming the floor. Get them involved!
  • Declutter regularly. Donate or purge items they’ve outgrown.
  • Test caulk and grout for needed repairs. Re-caulk around the tub and sinks annually.
  • Inspect for leaks under sinks, around the toilet or tub. Identify and fix them promptly.
  • Clean shower doors with squeegees after each use to minimize soap scum and hard water spots.
  • Refresh wall paint when needed to hide scuffs. Repaint every 2-3 years.
  • Have HVAC systems inspected to ensure proper ventilation to avoid mold.

Common Boy’s Bathroom Remodeling Projects

As a boy grows, you may find it necessary to remodel parts of their bathroom. Here are some typical updates:

New Tub

  • Replacing an old tub with a new one can refresh the whole room. Options like walk-in tubs provide a safer experience as kids get older.

Storage Solutions

  • Lack of organization is a common bathroom hassle. Built-ins like drawers, cabinets and shelving improve storage.

New Flooring

  • As flooring wears over time, installing new materials like tile or vinyl provides a cleaner, fresher look.

Improved Lighting

  • Proper bathroom lighting prevents accidents and makes grooming easier. Add fixtures or swap out dated ones.

Extending Shower

  • Removing a tub for a larger walk-in shower accommodates a growing teen.

New Countertops

  • When counters get stained, chipped or dated, new quartz or solid surface materials refresh the look.

Heated Floors

  • For a luxury touch, heated floors keep feet warm when getting out of the tub or shower.

Key Takeaways for Decorating a Boy’s Bathroom

  • Involve them in selecting colors, themes and decor they like.
  • Opt for durable, water-resistant materials that are easy to clean.
  • Choose fixtures suited for a child’s use and safety.
  • Add plenty of multifunctional storage solutions.
  • Display their interests through wall art, accessories and decor.
  • Establish cleaning routines to maintain surfaces and prevent mold.
  • Be prepared to remodel as they grow and needs change.

Decorating a bathroom suited for a boy can result in a fun, stylish space they’ll enjoy as they grow. Keep their input and practical needs in mind, and you’re sure to create an inspiring bathroom retreat. With some creativity and smart choices, their bathroom can reflect his interests now and still work for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boy’s Bathroom Decorating

Decorating a bathroom for a young boy comes with lots of choices. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on creating the perfect bath for your little guy:

What are some good themes for a boy’s bathroom?

Popular themes for boys include outer space, ocean or beach, jungle safari, superheroes, sports like football or baseball, and vehicles like cars, trucks and construction. Pick themes they already show an interest in for the most excitement.

What colors work well in a boy’s bathroom?

Bold primary colors like red, blue, green and yellow are great choices. Earthy hues like brown, tan and slate also complement many boy themes. Don’t overlook using shades of blue for ocean themes.

What types of materials are best for a boy’s bathroom?

Durable, water-resistant materials that withstand cleaning are best bets. Ceramic, porcelain or glass tile, natural stone, stainless steel, solid surface counters, vinyl flooring and semi-gloss paint are all good options.

What kind of toilet is ideal for a boy’s bathroom?

Look for an elongated, comfort height toilet with a powerful flush and soft-close lid. Vibrant colors make it fun. Sturdy construction prevents leaks. Features like a slow-close seat prevent slamming and cracks.

What style of sink works well for a boy’s bathroom?

Vessel sinks look cool but sacrifice function. Opt instead for a drop-in or undermount sink sized appropriately for a child’s height. Many wall-hung modern sinks open up counter space below. Rounded corners add safety.

What types of showers work best for boys?

Tub/shower combos with grab bars for support and adjustable shower heads are ideal for younger boys first using showers. As they grow, consider larger walk-in showers without doors for easy access. Glass doors contain splashes better than shower curtains.

What kind of flooring should I use in my son’s bathroom?

Tile, vinyl plank or natural stone floors stand up well to bathroom conditions. Mosaic tiles, faux hardwood planks or slate create style underfoot. Make sure floors have a non-slip surface when wet for safety. Floors that emulate wood require more caulking at seams.

What bathroom accessories do boys enjoy?

Accessories displaying superheroes, sports or their hobbies add fun. Wall decals, framed art, posters and prints show their interests. Monogrammed bins and toothbrush holders add personalized style. Robotic toothbrush holders and mirrored wall decals make grooming more enjoyable.

How can I get my son to help clean the bathroom?

Make a game out of it by creating a checklist of tasks and timing how fast they can be completed. Offer rewards like stickers or treats for meeting goals. Schedule a mandatory weekly cleaning session before something fun like game time. Provide stools so they can reach surfaces. Make sure to inspect their work and reinforce the importance of cleaning.

When should I remodel my son’s bathroom?

Common times to remodel are when the tub, flooring or countertops get worn and dated looking. Also, as they near their teen years, projects like replacing the tub with a larger shower, improving lighting or adding more storage open up the space. Remodel in stages over time so it stays usable.

In Conclusion

Decorating a bathroom for a boy can unleash lots of creativity. Keeping their interests and comfort in mind results in a space tailored just for them. Choose durable materials that withstand their energetic nature. Add colors and themes that speak to their personality. Include fixtures made for smaller hands and improving capabilities. As they grow, remodel to continue meeting their needs. With some thoughtful choices and safety considerations, you can design a bathroom oasis ready for lots of joy and memories.