Bringing spring into your home with bird decor is a lovely way to celebrate the new season. Birds are a classic symbol of spring, with their bright plumage and songs that mark the end of winter. Decorate with bird motifs and items to herald in spring with cheer and charm.

Spring Bird Decorating Ideas

Here are some wonderful ideas to decorate your home with a spring bird theme:

Use Bird Wall Decor

Wall art and decor featuring birds is an easy way to bring avian style to your walls. Options include:

  • Paintings or prints of birds like cardinals, robins, finches, bluebirds, and more. Look for bright pieces with blooming flowers.
  • Metal bird wall sculptures, mobiles, or 3D wall art made of iron, steel, or copper. Opt for flying flock shapes or single bird silhouettes.
  • Framed bird prints against colorful mats and framing. Vintage Audubon prints have classic naturalist style.
  • Wooden bird plaques or signs hand-carved with bird shapes and designs. Pick plaques painted in spring colors.
  • Ceramic or porcelain bird plaques to hang on the wall. Decorative shelves with bird figurines also work.

Group wall hangings together for impact or scatter them around the room. Flock wall decals are another easy DIY option.

Display Live or Faux Birds

Seeing actual birds or lifelike facsimiles around the home enhances a spring bird motif. Ideas to try:

  • Set out bird feeders and birdhouses to attract live backyard birds. Watch them fly in for food and shelter.
  • Place birdcages around the home with open doors. Hang small faux birds inside as they would appear in nature.
  • Arrange faux spring birds like robins, swallows, or wrens resting on nests full of eggs. Place on side tables, bookshelves, mantels, or credenzas.
  • Use branches, moss, twigs, and faux grass to create small bird’s nest vignettes displayed around the home.

Decorate with Bird Accessories

Fun bird-themed accessories can spruce up any room:

  • Table lamps or sconces with bird lamp bases or shades. Tiffany-style lamps with bird and nature motifs are a nice choice.
  • Ceramic bird figurines like roosters, hens, owls, swans, or quail. Use as tabletop decor or to adorn shelves.
  • Bird-shaped candle holders, vases, bowls, or trinket dishes for surfaces. Metal or glass ones with spring designs work well.
  • Placemats, napkins, towels, and table runners with embroidered or printed bird designs for dining areas.
  • Pillows and throws with bird fabric prints or embroidery. Songbird designs are popular for spring.

Use Bird Botanical Wallpaper

An easy way to adorn walls with spring bird motifs is through removable wallpaper and wall decals featuring bird and botanical designs:

  • Removable wallpaper with prints of flying birds, birdcages, nests, eggs, feathers, beaks, and other bird graphic motifs against spring botanical backgrounds.
  • Wall decals of songbirds perched on branches of blooming spring trees. Decals featuring swallows, robins, orioles, finches, and wrens have bright spring appeal.
  • Extra large removable wall murals depicting flocking birds, treetop bird houses, or birds nesting amidst floral garlands. Provides an impactful statement wall.
  • Removable wallpaper with sketches, etchings, or watercolor-style renderings of birds. Provides an artistic look.

Incorporate Bird Garden Décor

Use outdoor garden décor with bird themes to bring springtime style to porches, patios, and backyards:

  • Concrete, resin, or metal bird baths attract live birds while enhancing garden decor. Options like tiered basins or rustic stone styles suit any yard.
  • Bird feeders and bird houses invite birds in while accenting the landscape. Go for hanging feeders, pole-mounted houses, copper finishes, or other styles to complement your outdoors space.
  • Use floral trellises that incorporate birdhouses or feeders. Also try arbors and obelisks topped with metal bird silhouettes.
  • Bird garden stakes and spinners made of metal, wood, or resin add kinetic flair. Go for colorful painted ones, flock shapes, or natural wood looks depending on your style.
  • Concrete, stone, or wood bird garden sculptures set out in planting beds, next to porches, or along the landscape. Try standing bird baths, bird sculptures, small bird fountains, etc.

Craft Bird Decor Yourself

Part of the fun of spring bird decor is making it yourself! Some DIY ideas include:

  • Make bird wreaths for doors by hot gluing faux birds, eggs, flowers, and sprigs onto a grapevine base. You can paint or stain the base first too.
  • Fold origami birds from patterned spring paper to display. Simple models like cranes, swans, and doves make sweet garlands.
  • Decorate flower pots and planters by painting or stamping bird silhouettes, adding transfer images, attaching bird figurines, etc.
  • Make bird mobiles from painted wood cut-outs, colored glass plates, paper mache shapes, or other fun materials. Hang in windows or from ceilings.
  • Craft wreaths, garlands, and wall hangings using real feathers and other natural elements.

Getting crafty with birds taps into your creativity and makes your space more personal. The only limit is your imagination!

Creative Ways to Use Birds in Spring Decorating

When using bird motifs and items in home decor, think creatively and use birds in playful, unexpected ways. Here are ideas to inspire you:

Unexpected Colors and Species

Stick to traditional spring birds like bluebirds, robins, sparrows, wrens, and chickadees. But also consider:

  • Bright tropical birds like toucans, parrots, and macaws for playful accents. Their vivid plumage pops against spring pastels.
  • Blackbird or crow silhouettes and motifs for a sharp, graphic look. Crows symbolize spring in some cultures.
  • Birds of prey like owls, hawks, or eagles for a bold statement. Use to contrast gentle songbirds.
  • Exotic species like peacocks, flamingos, and ostriches used sparingly. Their extravagant feathers dramatically evoke nature.

Don’t forget to use unexpected colors too. Alongside natural hues try bright pops of teal, orange, purple, lime green, and sunny yellow. The colors of rainbow sherbet suit a lively spring theme.

Playful Stylized Decor

For a playful touch, incorporate birds in these stylized ways:

  • Cartoon-style illustrations of wide-eyed songbirds. Use on wall decals, nursery prints, placemats, etc.
  • Ceramic birds with exaggerated shapes and colors. Try making birds look modern or retro inspired.
  • Abstract bird silhouettes without defining features. These modern profiles look artsy against plain backgrounds.
  • Birds made from unexpected materials like wire, paint swatches, or colorful piping. Get creative!
  • Bloated or puffed-up bird shapes. Give extra “fluff” to accent pillows, poufs, throws, and plush toys.

Unexpected Nesting Spots

Alongside traditional nest depictions and vignettes, have some fun with unique nest placements:

  • Tiny bird nests displayed on books or stacked on bookshelves. Use extra small faux eggs and birds for scale.
  • Nests holding pretty jewelry, perfume bottles, candy, or other small treasures. Makes an unusual display.
  • A nest tucked into a teapot. Spilling out with faux greenery and eggs makes an unexpected tableau.
  • Birds nesting in lanterns, jars, empty cans, or other found objects. Sparrows in an old cola bottle would be charming!

Unexpected Styling Combos

Fuse bird decor with some unusual style combinations:

  • Birds + Beach. Use shells, sand, driftwood, tidal charts, and beachy hues with the birds. Surf and seabirds especially suit the theme.
  • Birds + Camping. Incorporate birds into outdoorsy cabin style with lanterns, woodgrain, hiking gear accents, and adventure motifs.
  • Birds + Transportation. Feature birds with planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, and balloons for a fun whimsical take.
  • Birds + Music. Combine songbirds with music motifs like instruments, radios, records, and music posters.

Don’t be afraid to pair birds with unexpected design styles! The unique combos give your space extra flair and personality.

Spring Bird Types to Use in Decor

Certain bird species make ideal motifs for spring decor due to their bright plumage, songs, return from migration, and symbolism. These are top types to feature:


Robins are a classic spring bird in North America. Their orange-red breasts and cheery song announce the end of winter. Use robins in decor:

  • Solo as iconic symbols of spring. Robin silhouettes and wall decals have bold impact.
  • Paired with flowers, especially white blooms that complement their red hue.
  • On items celebrating renewal like wall art with “Welcome Spring” sentiments.


Male cardinals are one of the only bright red birds regularly seen in North America. Their crimson color pops against snowy backdrops. Display cardinals:

  • As vivid accents against neutral white, beige, gray, and black decor. Their red electrifies.
  • Near holiday motifs as the cardinal is the state bird of several U.S. states including Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • On snow-themed winter decor as they stand out against the white landscape before migrating north in spring.


Bluebirds are friendly songbirds that summer in North America and migrate south in fall. Their sky blue plumage evokes sunny skies. Use bluebirds:

  • In outdoor garden decor and in combination with blue and white blooms like hydrangeas and daisies.
  • On items celebrating blue spring skies and fair weather like kites, clouds, globes, picnics, etc.


These tiny acrobatic birds flit actively around backyards. Their distinctive “chick-a-dee-dee” call heralds spring’s arrival. Display chickadees:

  • On items related to their small size like tiny nests, mini bird houses, and small feeders.
  • With foxes, raccoons, cats, and predatory animals to depict them as quick and nimble.


Goldfinches undergo a brilliant yellow spring molt. They look like rays of sunshine against bare trees and seed heads. Show goldfinches:

  • Near sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, and other golden yellow blooms. Their hues match perfectly.
  • With depictions of their spring diet like thistle, dandelion, and sunflower seeds. A feeder stuffed with these plants suits them.

Eastern Bluebirds

Eastern bluebirds are stunning medium-sized thrushes named for the brilliant royal blue plumage of males. They breed in spring across eastern North America. Display bluebirds:

  • In outdoor garden or porch decor, as they nest in birdhouses and feeders. Opt for blue painted houses.
  • With bright tropical motifs like palm trees, pineapple prints, hibiscus blooms, etc. Their colors complement these vivid settings.
  • On vintage-inspired signs and notices to evoke their history. Bluebirds nearly went extinct in the 1960s before rebounding thanks to conservation efforts.

American Robins

American robins are familiar red and black songbirds that return to backyards each spring. Their cheery caroling is classic harbinger of the season. Decorate with robins:

  • In children’s rooms and nurseries. They symbolize new beginnings and springtime joy.
  • Atop wreaths, garlands, and displays celebrating welcome spring sentiments. Their cheeriness suits these motifs.
  • With earthworms, their favorite spring food source. You may see robins tugging worms from thawing lawns.

Tree Swallows

Tree swallows migrate north to nest during springtime. They readily take up residence in nest boxes, wowing with iridescent blues and greens. Showcase tree swallows:

  • In decor with a nautical vibe. Tree swallows often nest in wetlands and coastal areas. Use near shell, oar, and beachy motifs.
  • In outdoor garden decor. Try mounting a birdhouse on a post near water features to evoke their semi-aquatic habitat preferences.
  • In bright tropical color schemes. Their iridescent feathers glow against citrus yellows, pinks, turquoises, and lime greens.

Mourning Doves

Mourning doves are graceful light gray birds with long tapered tails. Their mournful coos signal spring’s warm days. Display doves:

  • With romantic motifs like wedding rings, bouquets, hearts, and floral blooms. Their melancholy coos fit this theme.
  • In wall art and statues depicting benevolent peace. Doves famously symbolize hope, peace, fidelity, and new beginnings in many cultures.
  • In indoor decor with neutral tones. Their soft gray plumage complements cream, light tan, silver, and muted metallics.

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows build mud cup nests on rafters and ledges as they return each spring. Their agile flight delights. Use swallows:

  • In decor with a rustic, farmyard style. Their mud nests adorn barns and stables.
  • With horse motifs like saddles, bridles, wagons, and cowboy accents. They’re considered good luck on ranches.
  • Flying en masse in wall art, mobiles, and sculptures. Flocks wheeling joyfully depict spring’s onset.


Many tiny warbler species pass through backyards during spring migration. They feed busily among blossoms. Show warblers:

  • In nature and botanical motifs alongside blooms, leaves, branches, and gardens.
  • In green spring color schemes matching new buds and grass. Try lime, chartreuse, olive, sage, and mossy hues.
  • Flocking together in wall art, mobiles, and sculptures. Their energy and motion symbolize spring’s vitality.

FAQs About Decorating for Spring with Birds

What do birds symbolize in spring?

Birds symbolize renewal, hope, and new beginnings in springtime. Their return from migration, cheerful songs, nesting, and bright breeding plumage represent nature’s revival after winter dormancy. Birds promise warmer and sunnier days ahead!

What are the most popular spring birds to use in decor?

Classic spring birds for home decor include robins, bluebirds, goldfinches, hummingbirds, chickadees, cardinals, finches, wrens, swallows, mourning doves, eastern bluebirds, and warblers. Look for their bright colors and familiar shapes. Backyard birds seen at feeders also make cheery decor motifs.

How do I incorporate birds into my spring mantel display?

There are many ways to decorate a mantel for spring with birds. Try a pair of bird candleholders, faux birds in a vintage birdcage, framed bird prints, a birdhouse statue, or a bird figurine garland. Eggs and nests sprinkled on a mantelscarf also complement the theme.

What types of flowers and plants work well with bird motifs?

Birds pair beautifully with flowering spring blooms. Display birds alongside cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, magnolias, hydrangeas, lilacs, wildflowers, flowering branches, and any pastoral blossoms. Greens like ferns and ivy also complement bird decor.

What are quick and easy ways to add birds to my spring decor?

Some fast and simple ideas include hanging bird-themed window curtains, displaying bird-shaped candles or vases, placing a bird statue by your front door, using bird pillows on sofas and beds, decaling walls with removable bird wallpaper, and setting out bird planters on porches and patios.

What bird varieties are best for decorating outdoor spring spaces?

Outdoor-friendly bird decor options include weather-resistant materials like metal, stone, concrete, and resin. Opt for sculptural bird baths, statues, stakes, mobiles, and feeders as well as durable plaques, paintings, and wall hangings. Nesting boxes invite live birds!

Where are good places to position bird decor in my home?

Birds can be displayed anywhere but work especially well in entryways, living and family rooms, dining spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, and outdoor living areas. Use bird artwork in hallways, mobiles in windows, and figurines on shelves and tabletops.

Are there any spring holidays and themes birds work well with?

The bright colors and cheerfulness of bird decor suit spring holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, and May Day. Birds also complement themes like nesting, renewal, nature, florals, sunshine, rainy days, gardens, teatime, breakfast nooks, and more. Have fun with motifs!

How can I give my spring bird decor extra personality and style?

Make it unique by handmaking elements, opting for unexpected species and colors, displaying birds in imaginative nature vignettes, and combining birds with complementary themes. For a modern twist, use graphic or minimalist bird silhouettes. Vintage and retro bird prints also lend character.


Birds are a classic and charming way to celebrate the arrival of springtime. Whether using depictions of cheerful robins, vivid goldfinches, or majestic card