Choosing the right tile for your home or commercial space can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the finished design. With so many tile manufacturers and brands on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to select the best options for your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the top tile manufacturers and brands, outlining the pros and cons of each to help you make the most informed decision.

An Overview of the Tile Industry

The tile industry has expanded enormously over the past several decades, with technological advancements allowing for greater creativity and customization in tile design. Tile is now available in a huge range of styles, colors, textures, sizes, and materials to accommodate any design aesthetic.

Some of the most common materials used in tile manufacturing today include:

  • Ceramic – Made from clay that is fired at high temperatures. Durable, affordable, and available in a vast array of colors/finishes.
  • Porcelain – Made from denser clay than ceramic and fired at higher temperatures. More durable and water-resistant.
  • Natural Stone – Tile cut from quarries of materials like marble, granite, slate, travertine, etc. Unique veining patterns.
  • Glass – Tile made from recycled glass. Adds a shiny, luxurious look. Prone to chipping.
  • Metal – Tile made from metal alloys or recycled metals. Very durable but prone to scratches.
  • Mosaic – Tiles with decorative patterns made by arranging small colored tiles of glass, stone, or other materials.

Some key considerations when choosing tile include the application area, expected foot traffic, desired aesthetic, budget, and ease of maintenance. Carefully researching manufacturers and brands is critical to find durable and stylish solutions.

Best Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Brands

Ceramic and porcelain tile continue to be among the most popular choices for residential and commercial tiling projects due to their vast design options, affordable pricing, and easy maintenance. Here are some of the top ceramic and porcelain tile brands on the market today.


Founded in 1947, Daltile has grown into one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world. They offer a huge selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles in every style imaginable, from marble looks to bold patterns and mosaics. The patented Reveal Imaging technology creates extremely realistic stone and wood looks that capture the essence of natural materials. Pros:

  • Massive selection of stylish porcelain and ceramic tile
  • Realistic stone and wood look porcelain tiles
  • Wide range of mosaic patterns and decorative accents
  • Budget to high-end options for any project
  • Good durability ratings on most products


  • Quality control issues reported with some tiles
  • Not all products available nationwide


Marazzi is an Italian company designing porcelain and ceramic tiles since 1935. They are known for their innovative design aesthetics, combining timeless elegance with contemporary styles. Marazzi offers tile collections that mimic materials from concrete to travertine with striking realism. Pros:

  • Specialize in stone and wood look porcelain tiles
  • Many collections made in Italy
  • Wide array of formats including large planks and mosaics
  • Technologically advanced decor printing methods
  • Focus on environmental sustainability


  • Premium pricing on many collections
  • Limited distributors in the US market

American Olean

American Olean is the flagship tile brand of Dal-Tile Corporation, catering more to the mid-range market. Their collections offer the latest trends in ceramic and porcelain tile at more affordable prices. Great for budget-conscious projects requiring stylish, quality tile. Pros:

  • More economical prices than premium brands
  • Wide variety of stylish designs and colors
  • Many collections emulate stone and wood looks realistically
  • Mosaics, accents, trims available
  • Made in the USA


  • Durability not as high as premium porcelain tile brands
  • Smaller selection compared to parent company DalTile
  • Limited availability outside the USA

Emser Tile

Emser Tile, founded in 1968, is a Southern California-based designer and marketer of tile and natural stone. They partner with tile factories around the world to offer ceramic, porcelain, glass, and handmade tile collections in a myriad of colors, textures, shapes, and patterns. Pros:

  • One of the largest selections of tile in the industry
  • Unique shapes, intricate patterns, mosaics available
  • Most products made in Italy and Spain
  • Specializes in decorative, ornate tile design
  • Variety of porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, and handcrafted tile


  • Products best suited for walls rather than floors
  • Premium pricing on many collections
  • Small range of subtle, neutral-toned tiles

Del Conca USA

Del Conca is an Italian company bringing European styling and innovation to the American tile market. Their porcelain tile collections mimic natural stone, cement, wood, and other textures with stunning realism. They offer a diverse range of formats from mosaics to extra large planks. Pros:

  • Very natural-looking stone and wood porcelain tiles
  • Italian-made quality and design aesthetic
  • Many large format tile options
  • Variety of complimentary mosaics and accents
  • Focus on environmentally responsible production


  • Limited selection of solid color tiles
  • Premium pricing on many collections
  • Limited distribution network in the US

Best Natural Stone Tile Brands

For unmatched beauty and timeless elegance, natural stone tiles can’t be surpassed. Sourced from quarries around the world, stone tiles offer unique colors, veining patterns, and textures. Stone also provides excellent durability for flooring applications. Here are some top natural stone tile brands to consider.

Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger is a premium stone and tile brand supplying to upscale residential and commercial projects across North America. They partner with artisanal studios globally to hand-select exotic natural stones and produce unique designer collections. Pros:

  • One of the largest high-end stone and tile suppliers
  • Massive global sourcing network for rare, unique materials
  • Artisanal detailing and finishing on products
  • Stylish designer tile collections in a myriad of natural stones
  • Mosaics, borders, and accents available


  • Very expensive, premium luxury pricing
  • Limited market availability outside major metro areas
  • Some quality control issues reported

Stone Source

Stone Source specializes in curating an exceptional collection of natural stone from around the world while being an industry leader in sustainable and ethical sourcing. They offer a broad range of natural stone tiles for walls, floors, baths, pools, and more. Pros:

  • One of the largest inventories of natural stone tile
  • Ethical, sustainable sourcing commitment for materials
  • Broad selection of popular stones like marble, travertine, and granite
  • Unique exotic stones available
  • Custom fabrication services offered


  • Expensive pricing, focused on luxury market
  • Limited mosaic and accent selection
  • Availability outside major markets limited

Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Bedrosians has been a leading natural stone and tile supplier since 1948. They import a diverse array of natural stone tiles and slabs directly from quarries around the world. Their selections include many unique stones not widely available from other brands. Pros:

  • Direct global sourcing relationships with quarries
  • Broad selections of common and unique natural stones
  • Industry leader with decades of experience
  • Affordable pricing for a natural stone company
  • Wide availability across the USA


  • Mostly traditional stone collection, few contemporary options
  • Limited selection of accents and mosaics
  • Quality control challenges reported occasionally

Mutual Materials

Mutual Materials, founded in 1954, is one of the leading west coast suppliers of natural stone tile, pavers, and slabs. They import inventory direct from quarries globally with a focus on outstanding service, quality, and value. Their stone tile collection offers popular options like granite, travertine, limestone, and onyx. Pros:

  • Direct import relationships with many quarries
  • Good availability of common natural stone tiles
  • Serves both residential and commercial markets
  • Excellent pricing for natural stone tile
  • Focus on excellent customer service


  • Product selection limited compared to other brands
  • Limited decorative accents or mosaics
  • Mostly traditional sizing like 12″x12″, not many large formats

Arizona Tile

Arizona Tile has a vast selection of natural stone, ceramic, glass, metal, and handcrafted tile sourced globally. They work directly with manufacturers to control product quality and cost. Arizona Tile’s stone collection includes many unique options not widely available from competitors. Pros:

  • Massive selection of all tile types with 10,000+ SKUs
  • Global sourcing network allows access to unique materials
  • Resource conservation a key company focus
  • Excellent customer service and design expertise
  • Affordable pricing compared to other specialty retailers


  • Mostly traditional sizes and colors, fewer large formats or mosaics
  • Limited availability outside western USA
  • Rapid company growth has led to some criticisms

Best Glass Tile Brands

Glass tile adds amazing visual interest, from shimmering accents to full modern walls of color and light. Glass tile can be produced in any color, often with striking decorative patterns. Here are some top brands offering beautiful and durable glass tile collections.

Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glasstile, founded in 1992, only makes glass tile and associated installation products. They are considered an industry leader in glass tile manufacturing. With two USA factories, their tiles exhibit vibrant consistent color throughout. Pros:

  • Specializing in glass tile since 1992
  • Rich and vibrant colors throughout each tile
  • Super durable and water resistant product
  • Small mosaic sheets to large format tiles available
  • Can be used on walls and floors


  • Premium pricing, cost more than ceramic
  • Limited distributors across the country
  • Mostly solid colors, few decorative patterns

Stone Glass USA

Stone Glass is an American company focused on merging mosaic artisanry with modern glass tile manufacturing. They produce beautifully crafted mosaic sheets, borders, medallions, and tiles combining tumbled stone and glass. Pros:

  • Gorgeous mosaic designs combining stone and glass
  • Recycled glass and natural stone materials
  • Products suitable for walls and floors
  • Affordable pricing for amount of decorative detail
  • Small artisanal company based in Florida


  • Limited selection of colors and designs
  • Mostly mosaic sheets not individual tiles
  • Limited availability nationwide

Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile is a California based company crafting artisan ceramic and glass tile from their factory in San Jose. Known for their handcrafted style combining unique glazes and textures, their glass tile lines add a colorful artistic flair. Pros:

  • Made in the USA by artisans
  • Unique small-batch glazes, shapes, textures
  • Recycled glass content in glass tile lines
  • Distinctive artistic style not found elsewhere
  • Mosaics, decorative tile, and field tile offered


  • Very expensive, premium designer pricing
  • Limited selection of neutral colors
  • Products only available through designers
  • Low durability ratings on some finishes

Ann Sacks

Ann Sacks specializes in selling unique and luxurious tile, stone, plumbing, and lighting collections. They represent over 200 artisan studios from around the world. Their glass tile selections include gorgeous handmade and molded collections. Pros:

  • Access to exclusive artisan tile lines
  • Unique glass tile designs and shapes available
  • Recycled glass content used
  • Global design aesthetic represented
  • Founded in 1981 with a strong reputation


  • Very high-end luxury brand with premium pricing
  • Limited market availability, mostly designers
  • Few solid color options, majority are multi-colored and decorative

Lunada Bay Tile

Lunada Bay Tile is a company recognized for pushing the boundaries of ceramic tile design since 1992. They partner with artisans globally to handcraft distinct special collections in small batches. Their glass tile lines incorporate beautiful colors, textures, and shapes. Pros:

  • Unique shapes, patterns, and colors
  • Small batch production focused on artistry
  • Some recycled glass used in products
  • Global design influences represented
  • Available through designer showrooms


  • Very expensive, luxury brand pricing
  • Low durability of some glass finishes
  • Limited market availability

Best Metal Tile Brands

Metal tile adds reflective brilliance, industrial edge, and contemporary style to any space. The durability and water resistance of metal tile makes it a great option for backsplashes, feature walls, pools, and commercial projects. Here are some top metal tile manufacturers to consider.

Walker Zanger

In addition to their natural stone tile, Walker Zanger sells stunning collections of architectural metal tile. Options include solid metals like stainless steel, brass, and bronze as well as metal composite mixes. Pros:

  • Many exclusive metal tile collections
  • Range of metal alloys and composite blends
  • Unique sizes and shapes available
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • High-quality detailing and artisan finishes


  • Very expensive, premium luxury pricing
  • Limited market availability
  • Metal prone to scratches over time

Mercury Mosaics

Mercury Mosaics provides the largest selection of mixed metal mosaic tiles, sheets, and trims. Their products infuse spaces with contemporary glamour through blending copper, brass, nickel and other metals. Pros:

  • Huge selection of metal mosaics and accents
  • Range of metals like copper, brass, zinc
  • Unique special finishes like oxidized and patina
  • Products made in the USA
  • Affordable pricing for real metal


  • Mostly mosaic tiles not field tile
  • Limited large format options
  • Metals can be prone to tarnishing

Mosaic Tile Company

[Mosaic Tile Company](https://www.mosaic offers the largest range of recycled metal tiles on the market. Made from upcycled and salvaged metals, their products give a unique industrial vibe while being eco-friendly. Great for backsplashes, walls, and accents. Pros:

  • Largest selection of recycled metal tile
  • Upcycled aluminum, steel, tin options
  • Affordable, especially for real metal
  • Range of solid colors and blended mixes
  • Small family-owned company


  • Limited large format tile options
  • Metals prone to scratching and showing wear
  • Mostly only available online

Advantage Trimworks

Advantage Trimworks provides contemporary metal tiles and linear surface products for both residential and commercial installations. Known for their anodized aluminum collections, their products add modern elegance. Pros:

  • Specialize in metal tiles for walls and floors
  • Massive selection of anodized aluminum
  • Unique metal composite materials available
  • Many large format and linear options
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive, premium brand pricing
  • Limited to online ordering
  • Prone to scratching on floors

New Ravenna Mosaics

New Ravenna offers an amazing array of bespoke mosaic tiles crafted from marble, glass, stone, and recycled metals. Their collections with oxidized metal and metallic blends create breathtaking shimmer. Pros:

  • Unique range of mosaic tiles and accents
  • Recycled metals used along with marble and glass
  • Specialty finishes like oxidized metals
  • Products handcrafted in Italy
  • Global design aesthetic represented


  • Very expensive, luxury brand pricing
  • Limited market availability
  • Small format mosaics, not field tile

Choosing Your Best Tile Brand Match

With the vast range of tile brands on the market, it can feel overwhelming trying to select the right options to bring your design vision to life. Keep these tips in mind to guide your decision-making process:

  • Review the pros and cons of each brand relative to your project location, budget, and design style
  • Analyze expected traffic, moisture exposure, and application areas to choose appropriate tile materials and durability ratings
  • Look at brand availability in your region along with overall company reputation
  • Select brands that provide sufficient options in shapes, sizes, colors to complete your whole design
  • Request samples to view quality of materials, color accuracy, finish details
  • Look for warranties, quality guarantees, and product support from manufacturers

While price does often reflect quality in tile, not all expensive brands are perfect. Similarly, affordable tile can have excellent durability when sourced well. Focus on finding the intersection of quality, style, and value that best fits your unique tile needs. Even your dream design vision is achievable when you take the time to carefully research brands, sources, and products.

The tile brands explored here reflect some of the top options on the market but there are many other reputable manufacturers to consider for your next project. We hope this overview helps provide insights and inspiration as you embark on choosing the perfect tile for your space!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Brands

What tile brands are best for flooring?

Some top brands for floor tile include Marazzi, Del