Transforming a cramped, awkward bathroom into a functional space with a tub and shower is no easy feat, but this impressive before and after proves it can be done, even in a tiny footprint. By implementing some smart design ideas and layout changes, these homeowners managed to carve out a brand new bath in just 84 square feet.

Clever Solutions for a Compact Bath

At only 84 square feet, this bath remodel faced some obvious space constraints. However, with careful planning and strategic design choices, the homeowners found ways to make every inch count. Some of the savvy solutions included:

Vertical Storage

Floorspace was maximized by using vertical storage spaces like tall cabinetry and floating shelves. These provided plenty of room for folded towels, toiletries, and other essentials without occupying precious floor area.

Glass Shower Enclosure

A frameless glass shower enclosure was used instead of a bulky tub/shower combo. The glass maintains an open, airy aesthetic while also allowing natural light to penetrate the small bathroom.

Tankless Toilet

A wall-hung, tankless toilet saved on space since the tank is concealed inside the wall instead of jutting out into the room. This freed up room for a larger vanity.

Mirrored Cabinets

Using mirrored cabinets on one wall created the illusion of a larger, more expansive space. The mirrors also amplify natural light, making the petite bath feel bright and comfortable.

Layout Changes Open Up the Space

Some simple layout tweaks also worked wonders in this small bath remodel. By reconfiguring the floorplan, the homeowners gained a smarter, more practical layout.

Relocated Doorway

The doorway was shifted from the middle of one wall to the corner. This opened up the footprint and enabled better traffic flow.

Reoriented Fixtures

Strategically repositioning the shower, toilet, and vanity improved the overall functionality of the bath. Each fixture has more breathing room.

Added Linen Closet

By stealing space from the adjacent hall, the owners gained a built-in linen closet for added storage. This helps keep towels and toiletries organized and out of sight.

High-Impact Style Choices

Along with the spatial improvements, some aesthetic updates gave this tiny bath a whole new look and feel. The color scheme and finishes completely transformed the vibe.

Neutral Color Palette

Cool grays and whites keep the space feeling tranquil and serene. Crisp white tiles and gray mosaic flooring enhance the light, airy aesthetic.

Natural Finishes

Wood cabinetry and marble countertops bring warmth to the sleek, contemporary design. These natural materials add organic texture and timeless elegance.

Sleek Fixtures

Minimalist fixtures from brands like Kohler and Delta pull everything together in an uncluttered, seamless way. The modern fixtures suit the pared-down style.

Statement Lighting

The eye-catching pendant fixture makes a stylish focal point and injects the petite bath with personality. The lighting draws attention upwards, making the ceiling appear higher.

FAQs About Small Bathroom Makeovers

Remodeling a tiny bathroom brings unique challenges. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the best tiles for a small bathroom?

Larger format tiles (12×24 inches or larger) make spaces appear bigger since there are fewer grout lines. Light colors are also great for small baths.

How can I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

Use floor-to-ceiling tiles, frameless shower doors, floating vanities, and mirrored cabinets. Also paint walls light colors and ensure adequate lighting.

What storage solutions work in tight bathrooms?

Built-in shelves, medicine cabinets, under-sink storage, and freestanding cabinets and shelves maximize storage.

Should I get a shower curtain or glass doors in a small bath?

Frameless glass shower doors enhance aesthetics and access natural light. Curtains can feel confining.

What type of sink is best for petite baths?

Vessel, pedestal, and floating sinks take up less space than undermount sinks. Wall-hung sinks also open up floor area.

How do I make a cramped tub/shower work?

Consider a corner tub or neo-angle shower enclosure. Sliding doors conserve space. Use a wand showerhead or rain shower.


This impressive 84 square foot bath is proof that even the smallest, quirkiest spaces can be completely transformed with strategic design decisions and clever solutions. By taking advantage of every inch, the homeowners created a stunning new bath with all the essential amenities. With vision and thoughtful planning, a cramped bathroom can be revitalized into a functional oasis, regardless of square footage.

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