Transforming an outdated or inefficient master bathroom into a relaxing oasis takes thoughtful planning and design. Even small changes can make a dramatic difference. Here are seven inspiring before-and-after master bathroom remodels to showcase what’s possible.

Assessing the Existing Master Bathroom

Before beginning a master bathroom remodel, take time to assess the existing space. Consider the aspects you dislike and what improvements would enhance your enjoyment of the room.

  • What is the overall condition of the bathroom? Pay attention to any signs of damage, wear or moisture issues.
  • How well does the current layout serve your needs? Are the sink, shower, tub and toilet conveniently arranged?
  • Is the lighting sufficient? Proper illumination is key for tasks like applying makeup.
  • Do you have enough storage for toiletries and towels? Built-in cabinets and shelves can help maximize space.
  • Is the aesthetic dated or unappealing? A style update can make the room feel fresh and inviting.
  • Are the surfaces and finishes in good shape? Replacing tile, cabinetry or the tub/shower enclosure can drastically update the look.

Thoughtfully evaluating your existing bathroom’s pros and cons will help guide remodeling decisions. Focus on fixes that will improve function and enjoyment of the space.

Master Bathroom Remodel #1: Neutral Hotel Spa Style

This outdated 1980s master bathroom was dramatically updated with a serene, spa-like design.


The original bathroom featured classic 80s elements like a pink tub, floral wallpaper and glossy orange-hued cabinets. The busy patterns and colors felt dated and chaotic. Built-in shelves lacked storage. Harsh fluorescent lighting created a clinical look.


The remodel transformed the space into a relaxing oasis with neutral tones, clean lines, and hotel spa influences.

  • A free-standing tub replaced the dated built-in pink tub, situated for a view out the window.
  • The wallpaper and tile were removed, and the walls painted a soothing Benjamin Moore linen white.
  • The existing footprint was adjusted to better delineate spaces, with the tandem vanity along one wall and toilet tucked privately behind a frameless glass door.
  • Floating vanities with marble countertops and modern white rectangular sinks kept the look light and simple.
  • New built-in storage provides places to tuck away essentials.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosure and linear drain continues the clean, streamlined aesthetic.
  • Pale gray porcelain tile flooring flows throughout.
  • LED lighting casts a soft glow.

The refreshed design feels open, uncluttered and spa-like. Neutral elements like white cabinetry, pale walls and marble detailing create a sense of harmony and relaxation.

Master Bathroom Remodel #2: Vintage Glamour Style

This 1930s pink bathroom got a dramatic vintage glamour makeover, perfect for relaxing and pampering.


The original bathroom had many intact period details like pink tile, patterned flooring and a clawfoot tub. But the cramped, narrow galley layout limited functionality. With limited existing storage, a new vanity would improve organization. And improved lighting was needed to create an ambiance for bathing and makeup application.


The remodeled bathroom exemplifies vintage luxury, perfect for relaxation and beautification rituals.

  • Layout adjustments carved out space for a double vanity with carved legs, improving flow and storage.
  • The existing clawfoot tub was restored and outfitted with an ornate metal stand for candles and bath accessories.
  • Black and white checkerboard tile flooring lends retro flair.
  • Pink walls play off the original vintage tile, for a glamorous Ralph Lauren vibe.
  • Crystal chandelier and sconces cast a warm, flattering glow ideal for makeup application.
  • Mirrored cabinets amplify light and dimension.
  • Ornate accents like framed prints, fresh flowers and a perfume tray enhance the indulgent ambiance.

Blending preserved period details with opulent finishes resulted in a functional, pampering vintage oasis. This stylish art deco design feels transportive and elegant.

Master Bathroom Remodel #3: Spa Sanctuary

See how a cramped master bath suite was radically opened up and transformed into a spa sanctuary.


The existing layout of this master bathroom suite felt cramped and disjointed. The space was divided into small sections with a separate tub and shower room, limiting natural light. Awkward angles impeded circulation and functionality. Dated elements like a whirlpool tub, fluorescent lighting and worn tile materials contributed to an uninspiring, inefficient floorplan in need of complete redesign.


By reconfiguring walls and lighting, the series of small chopped-up spaces were unified into one open, airy spa sanctuary.

  • Knocking down walls opened up the room and enabled an airy, spacious layout.
  • A large soaking tub is centered under a new skylight, letting in natural light.
  • The walk-in shower is defined by a partial glass wall, separated from the tub for privacy.
  • Dual vanities offer storage and allow two people to get ready at once.
  • Cool gray porcelain tile replaced dated surf green floor tile.
  • Crisp white paint makes the space feel bright and fresh.
  • Sleek pendant lighting supplements abundant natural light.
  • Minimalist styling allows the architecture to shine.

Thoughtful structural changes resulted in an open, elegant bathroom retreat flooded with daylight. By improving functionality while amplifying light and space, the remodel transformed a disjointed series of rooms into a soothing spa sanctuary.

Master Bathroom Remodel #4: Rustic Mountain Retreat

See how a lackluster builder basic bath was converted into a warm, inviting mountain retreat.


This master bathroom in a Colorado mountain home lacked any connection to the surrounding landscape. Generic finishes like cultured marble counters and standard white tile felt disjointed from the home’s rustic character. Insufficient lighting and minimal storage space compromised function. Cool undertones looked clinical rather than cozy. Overall, the bathroom design did not align with the home’s rugged, lodge-like architecture and needed a complete style overhaul.


Rustic elements transformed the space from generic to a warm, inviting mountain getaway:

  • Wood-look porcelain plank tile flooring brings organic texture and connection to nature.
  • Reclaimed wood accents on the tub front and vanities tie in regional barn wood architectural details.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and sconce lighting feel traditional.
  • Cream cabinets keep the look light but warm.
  • Neutral, natural tones connect to the surrounding meadows and evergreens.
  • Rustic ceiling beams add architectural detail befitting a mountain lodge.
  • River rock shower floor and wall niches incorporate local materials.
  • Plentiful storage keeps essentials accessible but out of sight.

By aligning finishes and details with regional architecture and nature, the redesigned bathroom now feels like a luxurious rustic retreat. The lighting, layout and storage also enhance functionality for enjoying this mountainous spa space.

Master Bathroom Remodel #5: Boho Chic Style

See how a dated master bath was completely transformed with a boho chic makeover.


This 1990s bathroom featured builder basic elements like a neo-angle shower, single vanity, and generic tile materials in mauve and gray tones. The lighting was harsh and unflattering. Closed off from natural light, the windowless bath felt dark and uninspiring. Overall, the bland color scheme and dated features badly needed a style revival.


A boho chic makeover infused the dated bathroom with character and charm:

  • Removing one wall opened up the footprint to welcome in natural light.
  • A clawfoot tub replaced the neo-angled shower, outfitted with a bath caddy and accent rug.
  • Eclectic distressed wood shelves provide display space next to the tub.
  • The double vanity features mismatched paint colors for an eclectic look.
  • Woven basket drawers offer casual storage.
  • Moroccan area rugs add colorful pattern underfoot.
  • An antique mirror above the vanity pairs with a hanging pendant light fixture.
  • Plants, greenery and a rattan étagère enhance the earthy vibe.
  • Painted shiplap walls add organic, textural contrast.

Blending vintage finds, natural textures, and global details resulted in a bright, chic boho bath with lots of character. By opening up the space and embracing eclectic accents, the once generic bathroom is now a charming oasis.

Master Bathroom Remodel #6: Modern Hotel Inspired

This outdated master suite was radically reimagined with a contemporary hotel-inspired redesign.


The existing layout featured a compartmentalized tub/toilet area closed off from the single vanity. A awkward corner linen closet limited circulation. Salmon pink tile, dated lighting and worn materials created an eyesore. With limited natural light, the overall effect felt dark and cramped. A complete redesign could open up and modernize the disjointed master bath.


By reconfiguring the layout and specifying sleek contemporary finishes, the interior was transformed into a luxurious modern hotel suite:

  • Knocking down walls opened up the entire space to natural light.
  • Floating double vanities offer ample storage and counter space.
  • Linear drain shower and wall niche provide a clean, modern look.
  • Neutral polished porcelain tile floors flow throughout.
  • Crisp white paint makes the room feel bright and fresh.
  • Sconces and accent lighting create a functional ambiance.
  • Framing the toilet with frosted glass maintains privacy.
  • Abundant plants enhance the spa vibe.
  • Minimalist styling amplifies the contemporary aesthetic.

This open, airy modern bath exemplifies chic style and practical luxury. By maximizing natural light and streamlining the layout, the dated master suite was radically transformed into a contemporary hotel-inspired oasis.

Master Bathroom Remodel #7: Scandinavian Spa Style

See how a compartmentalized master bath was unified into a serene Scandinavian-inspired spa retreat.


This inefficient master bathroom was divided into two small cramped rooms—a toilet/linen area and separate single vanity space. The layout lacked openness and flow. Low light levels and dated builder finishes like oak cabinets and green tile created a dark, uninviting aesthetic in need of refreshing.


By unifying the disjointed rooms and choosing a light, minimalist design, the bath was reinvented as a tranquil Scandinavian-inspired spa:

  • Knocking down the dividing wall united the entire space beautifully.
  • A freestanding oval tub serves as a focal point, situated by a large window to amplify natural light.
  • The open shower features a glass partition for definition without totally closing it off.
  • Floating wood-tone vanities offer ample storage and counter space.
  • Natural stone porcelain tile provides texture.
  • Crisp white paint keeps things bright and airy.
  • Woven pendant lights supplement abundant daylight.
  • A mirror wall visually expands the space.
  • Neutral wood accents warm up the minimalist aesthetic.
  • Plants and woven bins add natural elements.

This Scandinavian-inspired design maximizes serene openness through abundant natural light. Clean lines and minimalist materials unleash a light, refreshingly uncomplicated spa vibe.

Key Takeaways

These seven before-and-after bathroom remodels highlight how transforming outdated, inefficient spaces into relaxing sanctuaries is possible with vision and thoughtful design.

Some key takeaways:

  • Evaluate how layout, lighting, finishes and storage function in your existing bathroom. Identify top priorities driving your remodel wishes.
  • Be creative problem solving layout quirks or challenges. Knocking down partitions can unify disjointed spaces. Moving plumbing fixtures like tubs and toilets can also improve flow.
  • Let ample natural light in. Skylights, windows and knocking down walls allows sunshine to reenergize dark dreary baths. Light paint colors also keep things fresh and bright.
  • Choose finishes that align with your aesthetic vision, whether modern and sleek, retro and vibrant, organic and cozy, or spa-like and tranquil.
  • Don’t forget functionality. Adequate task lighting, storage, counter space and circulation routes make everyday bathroom use more enjoyable.
  • Treat the bath like a personal sanctuary. Elements like soaking tubs, dual vanities, and private toilet areas enhance comfort and indulge the senses.

With careful planning and design, master bathroom remodels can radically enhance aesthetics, functionality and enjoyment of your personal oasis. Use these inspiring before-and-after makeovers to fuel your own bathroom transformation dreams and plans. The possibilities are truly endless!