A bathroom remodel can completely transform a space, but major layout changes aren’t always necessary to give your bathroom a fresh new look. With some creative design solutions, you can work within your existing bathroom footprint to upgrade the aesthetics and functionality. To inspire your next bathroom refresh, here are 7 gorgeous before-and-after bathroom makeovers that keep approximately the same layout.


Remodeling a bathroom while keeping its existing footprint requires careful planning and creative problem-solving. The layout, plumbing fixtures, windows, and doors often impose limitations, but a skilled designer can work around these constraints to create an entirely new look and improved functionality.

The key is focusing on high-impact changes that maximize the features you already have. Cosmetic changes like new finishes, lighting, and accessories make a world of difference. Strategic changes like reconfigured storage and new water fixtures also go a long way. With the right vision, even the most dated, cramped bathroom can be utterly transformed without any major demolition work.

Below we’ll look at 7 stunning bathroom makeovers that stay true to the original floorplan. Each upgraded bath feels fresh, elegant and optimally functional while working within given spatial and structural parameters. These inspirational before-and-after remodels prove that you don’t need to gut and expand your bathroom to give it a whole new look and enhanced utility. With a bit of creativity, almost any bathroom layout can be re-imagined for contemporary style and smart use of space.

1. A Dark, Dated Bathroom Transformed with Light Tile and Clever Storage

Before: This master bathroom was stuck in the past with its pink tile, mismatched fixtures, poor lighting and floating corner vanity. Visual clutter overwhelmed the narrow space.

After: Trading the dark surfaces and dated features for a light and bright aesthetic opened up the room. White subway tile and mosaic flooring reflect light while the wall-mounted vanities with open shelving reduce visual crowding. Removing the corner vanity created space for freestanding tub. Hidden storage keeps toiletries organized.

Key Elements

  • White tile adds brightness and height.
  • Wall-mounted sinks and cabinets reduce bulky fixtures.
  • Floating open shelves supplement storage.
  • Corner soaking tub replaced with freestanding style.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosure.
  • Cohesive finishes and metals unified the look.

This makeover proves a significant update is possible without any layout changes. Just by swapping in contemporary elements and colors, the vibe is completely transformed from outdated to elegant. Clever approaches like open shelving and a wall-hung toilet maximize floor space and prevent a cluttered look. Overall, the room feels fresher, larger and more functional while keeping the existing footprint.

2. Dated Master Bathroom Transformed with Spa-Like Features

Before: The dated pink tile, mismatched fixtures and poor lighting made this master bathroom feel small and dreary. Built-in cabinets cluttered the space.

After: Trading harsh fluorescent lighting for layered natural and accent lighting created a luxurious spa ambiance. Neutral stone tile and matte black finishes look sleek and contemporary. Custom storage solutions reduced visual clutter.

Key Elements:

  • Neutral stone tile replaced dated surfaces.
  • Multiple lighting layers for ambiance.
  • Floating wood vanity adds warmth.
  • Built-in cabinetry removed for cleaner look.
  • Large walk-in shower with bench seat.
  • Freestanding oval soaking tub.
  • Natural stone and black accents for spa-like feel.

With better lighting and high-end finishes like stone tile and black metal accents, this bathroom went from dated to ultra-luxurious. The cluttered look was cleared by replacing bulky built-ins with streamlined furniture-like vanities and minimal open shelves. While the layout remained largely the same, every surface and feature got a makeover resulting in a completely new aesthetic. It feels like a relaxing, modern spa instead of a crowded, outdated bathroom.

3. Traditional Bathroom Transformed with Modern Elements

Before: This traditional bathroom with its blue floral wallpaper and mismatched fixtures felt cluttered and outdated. Low lighting and narrow shower stall added gloom.

After: Crisp white paint paired with modern aqua glass tile injects youthful style. New lighting, updated fixtures and open shelves create an airy, uncluttered look.

Key Elements:

  • White paint and aqua accents freshen the look.
  • Sleek floating vanities add modern flair.
  • Frameless glass shower modernizes the space.
  • Cohesive metals and finishes streamline aesthetic.
  • Large mirror amplifies natural light.
  • Open shelves supplement vanity storage.

By combining elements like white paint, sleek floating vanities, and aqua glass tile, this formerly traditional bathroom was transformed into a bright and modern space. The dated blue wallpaper and mismatched fixtures were swapped for unified contemporary finishes. While the layout stayed essentially the same, every surface was refreshed for a cleaner, lighter and more soothing vibe. More expansive mirrors also amplify the sense of space.

4. Cramped Galley Bathroom Expanded with Spa Features

Before: The cramped galley layout of this dated bathroom felt claustrophobic and inefficient. Low lighting, a crowded vanity area and dilapidated shower stall added gloom.

After: By bumping out one wall, space was gained for a roomy walk-in shower and built-in shelving. New finishes like marble tile and black accents make the expanded bathroom feel luxurious.

Key Elements:

  • Knocking down one wall expanded footprint.
  • Double vanity with marble countertop.
  • Large walk-in shower with tile wainscoting.
  • Black metal finishes for modern edge.
  • Marble herringbone floor tile.
  • Built-in shelving for towels and toiletries.
  • Lots of new lighting including sconces.

This transformation focused on improving two major issues: lack of space and outdated finishes. Knocking down one wall allowed room for a much larger walk-in shower. New surfaces like marble tile and black metal finishes lend a luxurious feel. While the layout changed slightly with a bump-out expansion, the same long galley shape was largely maintained and upgraded for contemporary style and better functionality.

5. Bright, Spa-Like Makeover for Dark, Outdated Bathroom

Before: This home’s main bathroom was stylish decades ago but looked very worn and dated. Poor lighting, heavy wood finishes and floral wallpaper gave the space a gloomy vibe.

After: Trading dated features for light and contemporary finishes completely transformed the look and feel. More windows and new lighting brightened up the space. Sleek surfaces and spa-like accents lend a relaxing and tranquil ambiance.

Key Elements:

  • White paint and light tile replace dark surfaces.
  • Additional windows and new lighting add brightness.
  • Floating vanities create visual lightness.
  • Marble and wood accents inject warmth.
  • Large walk-in shower with bench seat.
  • Soaking tub and spa-like accessories.
  • More open and uncluttered look.

While the layout and footprint remained largely unchanged, swapping in bright contemporary finishes gave this bathroom a whole new lease on life. Windows and lighting were optimized to make it feel more open and airy. Luxurious materials like marble and details like spa-like accessories lend a high-end hotel vibe instead of a dated 80s bathroom.

6. Cramped Galley Bath Brightened Up With Light Tile

Before: The cramped layout of this narrow galley bathroom made it feel closed in and dated, with minimal natural light due to a small window. Mismatched surfaces and hardware added to the gloomy effect.

After: To brighten up the windowless bathroom, white subway tile was installed from floor to ceiling. New contemporary light fixtures and light grout lines help reflect light. Clean-lined fixtures and metal finishes streamline the look.

Key Elements:

  • White subway tile used on all surfaces reflects light.
  • Matching contemporary fixtures and metals create unified look.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosure.
  • Floating vanities maximize floor space.
  • Sleek surface-mount lighting.
  • Minimalist mirrors amplify light.

Since expanding the footprint was not an option, this galley bathroom was brightened up with reflective white tile installed everywhere to amplify minimal natural light. Keeping the shower and vanities streamlined prevented the room from feeling too crowded. By matching all the metals and fixtures, the look came together despite the small awkward space.

7. Traditional Kids’ Bathroom Remodeled for Contemporary Style

Before: This kids’ bathroom featured dated elements like floral wallpaper, blue tile and worn laminate surfaces. Mismatched metals and fixtures added to the disjointed look.

After: Gutting the bathroom allowed a clean slate to create a streamlined, contemporary style perfect for young users. Modern white tile paired with wood adds warmth. Colorful accents and fun lighting inject youthful personality.

Key Elements:

  • Gut renovation allowed fresh new layout.
  • Modern white tile and natural wood finishes.
  • Floating vanities increase floor space.
  • Bold lighting and mix-and-match accents add youthful flair.
  • Custom storage solutions.
  • Black metal finishes for modern edge.
  • Walk-in shower with fun showerheads.

By taking the bathroom down to the studs, this kids’ bath was completely reinvented with a contemporary style perfect for the young occupants. Dated elements were swapped with on-trend finishes like wood flooring, black hardware and bold patterns. The new design feels clean, modern and full of personality.

Transform Your Bathroom Without Major Layout Changes

These gorgeous before-and-after bathroom remodels show how renovating within an existing footprint can utterly transform the look, feel and functionality of a bath.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Change the finishes. New surfaces like tile, wood floors, countertops, paint and lighting make the biggest impact.
  • Use color strategically. Light, neutral colors tend to open up small bathrooms while bold colors and patterns can add flair.
  • Keep storage organized. Well-planned cabinetry, shelves and drawers prevent clutter.
  • Select multi-functional fixtures. Space-saving sinks, toilets and tubs allow room for desired features.
  • Add spa-like elements. Soaking tubs, luxury showers and tranquil finishes lend a resort-worthy feel.
  • Upgrade ventilation. Improve moisture control and humidity with bath fans and exterior venting.
  • Work around awkward layouts. Embrace unusual footprints and solve challenges creatively.
  • Knock down non-load-bearing walls. Removing walls can expand a bathroom footprint if functionality is lacking.

With strategic selection of surfaces, colors, lighting, finishes and fixtures, you can utterly transform a bathroom without touching the existing plumbing or layout. Take cues from these before-and-after remodels to inspire the best bathroom refresh for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Remodels Keeping the Same Layout

Here are some common questions homeowners have about updating their bathroom while working within the existing layout:

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom while keeping it the same?

The cost to remodel an existing bathroom layout averages $7,500-$15,000 depending on factors like the finishes selected and complexity of the project. Since the footprint stays the same, savings are realized by not having to do major demolition or relocate plumbing.

What are low-cost ways to update a bathroom?

Some affordable bathroom upgrades include:

  • New paint, wallpaper or tile backsplash
  • Updated lighting and fixtures
  • Cabinet hardware and drawer pulls
  • Showerhead, faucet and sink upgrades
  • Decor accessories like towels, shower curtains and rugs

Should I reconfigure my bathroom layout?

If your current layout functions well, reconfiguring is not necessary. Focus on surface upgrades instead. If you have issues with small size, awkward angles, lack of storage or outdated fixtures, tweaking the layout could help optimize functionality.

How do I give a bathroom a modern look on a budget?

Some budget-friendly ways to modernize a bathroom include:

  • Fresh white paint
  • New energy-efficient lighting
  • Floating wall-mounted vanities
  • Sleek hardware like matte black faucets
  • Tile backsplash
  • Frameless shower enclosure

What are the most important things to update in a bathroom?

Focus first on upgrades that address functionality issues like:

  • Improved lighting
  • More usable storage
  • Updated plumbing fixtures
  • Improved ventilation
  • New surfaces (tile, walls, flooring)

Cosmetic updates like paint, mirrors and accessories can come next.

How can I make my small bathroom look bigger?

Tricks for making a small bathroom look larger:

  • Use light colors on surfaces
  • Add large mirrors to reflect light and views
  • Install space-saving pedestal or floating sinks
  • Use glass shower doors instead of curtains
  • Add recessed medicine cabinets for hidden storage
  • Install sconces or vertical lighting

Should I get permits for a bathroom remodel?

Yes, permits are typically required for any bathroom renovation work beyond surface upgrades. Permits ensure proper building codes and safety practices are followed, especially for electrical and plumbing work.


These beautiful bathroom makeovers prove you don’t need to drastically alter your layout or expand your footprint to get an entirely fresh look. Focusing on surfaces from flooring to paint can utterly transform the aesthetic at a fraction of the cost and work of full demolition.

Clever storage solutions, space-saving fixtures and good lighting design also help overcome layout challenges. Byworking with your existing blueprint, it’s possible to create a bathroom that looks and functions like new.

With the right vision and strategic upgrades, your current bathroom layout can be successfully reinvented for contemporary style that works for your home and lifestyle. Use these stunning before-and-after remodels to inspire your own dream bath renovation while making the most of what you already have.