Improving your bathroom with a double vanity can take the space from drab to dramatic. Seeing the transformation in these four bathrooms shows the possibilities of what a double vanity can do.


A double vanity instantly gives a bathroom a sense of luxury. Having two sinks allows two people to get ready at the same time in the mornings and evenings without bumping elbows or waiting for each other. The extra storage that comes with a double vanity helps reduce clutter on the counters.

Double vanities come in many different styles, materials, and configurations to work in both large and small bathrooms. The before and after photos below showcase some of the amazing double vanity makeovers.

1. Traditional Bathroom Makeover


This traditional bathroom was quite bland before. The single vanity provided minimal storage and counter space. The lighting was dim and outdated. The floor and walls were also in need of an update.


The double vanity makes a huge impact in this bathroom’s transformation. The two white porcelain undermount sinks sit atop a long wooden vanity which provides plenty of drawer storage. The marble countertop and backsplash tile give the space a luxurious feel. New recessed lighting brightens up the room. Dark wood flooring and crisp white wainscoting add to the traditional charm.

2. Contemporary Double Vanity


The previous owners of this home went for a country look with the single vanity and cabinetry. However, the style felt somewhat mismatched and haphazard. The bathroom lacked unity and visual appeal.


The contemporary double floating vanity opens up the space visually. The clean lines and lack of ornamentation give the room a sleek, modern feel. The frameless mirrors and modern vessel sinks continue the aesthetic. New can lights, subway tile, and hexagon floor tile complete the dramatic, contemporary transformation.

3. Small Bathroom Makeover


This narrow bathroom was cramped and outdated with its single vanity and worn finishes. The space felt dark and closed in.


By replacing the tub with a larger walk-in shower, there was room to add a double vanity while still allowing space to move around. The light gray cabinets, marble countertop, and brass hardware give elegance to the petite space. Crisp white subway tile on the walls and shower surround reflect light and make the room feel brighter.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Makeover


This dated bathroom had a single vanity made from cheap materials that were falling apart. The brown walls and fluorescent lighting gave the space a dingy feel.


The reclaimed wood double vanity and matching floor give this bathroom a charming farmhouse vibe. The undermount sinks sit in a handmade concrete countertop that adds modern texture. Exposed Edison light bulbs, woven towels, and greenery provide the final rustic touches.

Transform Your Bathroom with a Double Vanity

As you can see from these dramatic before and afters, adding a double vanity can completely change the look and feel of a bathroom. Here are some tips if you’re considering a double vanity for your home:

  • Measure carefully to ensure there’s enough space for two sinks and the optimal traffic flow.
  • Look for vanities with split drawers and storage so each person has their own space.
  • Make sure lighting is adequate above both sinks. Add sconces on the wall if needed.
  • Choose sinks and faucets that match each other for a cohesive look.
  • Use materials like quartz or marble for a luxury feel.
  • Update mirrors, flooring, lighting and other details to complete the transformation.

With strategic planning and design, you can create a bathroom oasis with the addition of a well-appointed double vanity. The boost in form and function will make getting ready a pleasure each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a double vanity?

Some key benefits of double vanities include better organization with split storage, ability for two people to use the bathroom simultaneously, more countertop space, and added style to the room.

How much space do you need for a double vanity?

Ideally, plan for a minimum of 60 inches of total width to accommodate two sinks and comfortable leg room. However, creative solutions like floating vanities can work to maximize space in smaller bathrooms.

Should both sinks be identical?

It’s recommended both sinks are the same size and material to create a seamless look. However, styles can differ if going for more of an intentional eclectic design.

What’s the best material for a double vanity countertop?

Quartz and marble are two upscale options that offer beauty and durability. Other choices include granite, laminate, and concrete. The material should complement your vanity cabinets and design aesthetic.

Should you get two mirrors or one long one?

Either option works! One long mirror makes the space feel more continuous. Two individual mirrors allow each person to adjust to their height and can be a more customized solution.


Upgrading your bathroom with a stylish double vanity takes functionality and ambiance to the next level. Assessing your needs, the existing layout, and overall design will help determine the best solution for your space. Investing in a double vanity is well worth the upgrade in convenience, storage, and luxury. With proper planning and creative design choices, you can craft a bathroom oasis with a dashing double vanity that will make getting ready a beautiful part of each day.