A bathroom is typically seen as a utilitarian space – one geared towards bodily functions and cleanliness. However, in recent years, there has been a rising interest in creating bathroom-like experiences in non-traditional spaces. Called “un-bathrooms,” these are rooms and areas of the home that provide the pampering, relaxation, and renewal of a spa bathroom, just without the actual toilet and bathing facilities.

Un-bathrooms offer a creative approach to wellness and self-care. They allow you to infuse the atmosphere and rituals of the bathroom into any space you desire. An un-bathroom can be a repurposed closet, section of the bedroom, or even area of the outdoors. You can incorporate favorite bath products, sounds, textures, and accessories to craft a serene environment tailored to your needs. Though unconventional, un-bathrooms provide a powerful way to relax, decompress, and care for your mind and body without the utilitarian nature of a standard bathroom space.

Elements of Creating Un-Bathrooms

When designing an un-bathroom, there are several key elements to consider:


Choosing the right location is paramount for an effective un-bathroom. Though unconventional, it should have some privacy. Bedrooms, dens, basement or attic spaces often work well. Converting a spare closet is also a popular un-bathroom choice. If weather permits, outdoor locations like patios or garden rooms can also make great backdrops for un-bathroom relaxation.


Consider the aesthetic carefully to cultivate the vibe you want. Soft textures, warm and serene colors, and dim mood lighting help create a signature spa-like ambiance. Natural elements like stone, wood, greenery and water features also promote tranquility. Incorporate artwork, wall hangings and decor that speak to restfulness and renewal. Creating a unique un-bathroom theme or focal point can provide inspiration as you select design components.

Furniture & Features

Outfit your space with un-bathroom furnishings conducive to pampering and restoration. Possibilities include recliners, chaise lounges, pillow piles, benches or exercise equipment like yoga mats. Water features like wall-mounted rain showerheads or waterfall fountains can also be incorporated for soothing sounds and humidity. For outdoor un-bathrooms, specialized weatherproof furnishings can provide comfort.

Products & Accessories

Bath-inspired products help complete the un-bathroom experience. Candles, essential oils, towels, exfoliating scrub brushes, bathrobes and slippers are just some accessories that can transport you. Dry and steam saunas can also be great additions. Tailor accessories to how you intend to use your individual un-bathroom space.

Primary Uses for Un-Bathrooms

Un-bathrooms provide flexibility – they can serve a range of self-care and wellness goals. Here are some of the most popular uses and activities:

Spa-Inspired Pampering

Un-bathrooms are wonderful for DIY spa relaxation, letting you replicate the pampering of a salon day at home. You can give yourself facial masks and scrubs, enjoy essential oil treatments, experiment with dry brushing, soak feet or apply luxurious body butters. The right products and atmosphere make it feel wonderfully indulgent.

Meditation & Mindfulness

The quiet, comfy spaces un-bathrooms provide are perfect for meditation, prayer and mindfulness. Dim lighting, soft surfaces and removing visual clutter help reduce distractions. You can reflect, repeat mantras, try breathing exercises and clear your mind. Integrating elements like soft music, guided meditation recordings or inspiring quotes can further focus your practice.

Exercise & Yoga

For those that like to be active, un-bathrooms work very well for solo exercise routines. There’s room to stretch, move and flow. Yoga is an especially complementary match – the atmosphere helps you feel more grounded and present. Exploring poses, working on balance and trying chanting or humming can feel more soothing.

Reading & Relaxation

Simply spending quiet time resting and reading is a wonderful way to utilize an un-bathroom. Curl up with magazines, books or e-readers in a comfy spot and let the peaceful vibes wash over you. The space lets you decompress and recharge in a cozy but uplifting setting.

Mental Health & Therapy

The private, therapeutic nature of un-bathrooms also makes them suitable for working through struggles with mental health, emotions or relationships. Journaling, processing feelings aloud, engaging in art or music therapy and talking things through with a counselor can be productive.

Customized Sanctuary

However you most need to recharge and refresh, an un-bathroom provides a personalized space to make it happen. Tailor your products, sounds, lighting, layout and approach to create a special retreat for your needs. Change things up seasonally or when your self-care routine needs a reset. Make the space distinctly yours.

Design Styles for Inspired Un-Bathrooms

There are endless possibilities when it comes to envisioning your ideal un-bathroom. Specific design styles can provide helpful inspiration as you plan out the details. Consider these go-to styles:


Bohemian style creates free-spirited, creative spaces with an informal mix of textures and elements. Key un-bathroom features may include:

  • Neutral walls with colorful accent pillows, throws & rugs
  • Collections of art, photos, mirrors or wall hangings
  • Varied, often upcycled or vintage-inspired furniture
  • Plants, greenery and natural materials
  • Floor seating with pillows and cushions
  • Canopy beds, hammocks or window benches
  • Lanterns and string lights for lighting


Modern un-bathrooms embrace sleek, contemporary aesthetics for a polished yet inviting simplicity. Design choices could include:

  • Crisp white, gray or black color palette
  • Geometric or abstract art and decor
  • Uncluttered spaces and clean lines
  • Textured bedding and fabric accents
  • Platform beds and tufted lounges
  • Concrete, marble or granite surfaces
  • Sophisticated metallics and mood lighting


Channeling cozy cabin vibes, rustic un-bathrooms feature natural materials and earthy charm. Typical features include:

  • Woodsy color schemes and nature-inspired art
  • Distressed woods, farmhouse accents and plaid prints
  • Mason jars, baskets, dried florals and curated collections
  • Reclaimed furniture, antler chandeliers and area rugs
  • Canopied beds with patchwork quilts
  • Handcrafted elements like pottery or wreaths
  • Fireplace, stonework or water fixture focal point


For an exotic, resort-worthy escape, tropical style brings the spa and serenity of oceanfront locales home. Watch for:

  • Natural woven rattans, bamboo and abaca textures
  • Palm leaf prints, botanical patterns and greenery
  • Driftwood, seashells and ocean-hued accents
  • Sandstone, tropical hardwoods and aqua blues
  • Canopy beds, hammocks, lanterns and ceiling fans
  • Indoor water features and misted spaces
  • Music, scents and cuisine to transport you


For classic luxury, traditional un-bathrooms feature timeless staples like floral patterns, feminine fabrics and ornate but cozy furnishings. Seek out:

  • Calming color palettes like sage greens, sky blues and peach
  • Vintage furniture, area rugs, drapes and lighting
  • Patterned tiles, molding, wallpaper and window treatments
  • Clawfoot tub, chandelier and fireplace accents
  • Candles, pressed linens, silver trays and vanities
  • Romantic touches like canopy beds, dressing screens and chaise lounges

Fostering Relaxation & Self Care Routines

The personalized nature of un-bathrooms makes them ideal for nurturing regular relaxation and self-care habits. Here are tips for cultivating healthy routines:

  • Set a consistent time – Keeping a regular daily or weekly un-bathroom time does wonders. It becomes something to look forward to.
  • Unplug technology – Disconnecting devices and reducing exposure to screens and stimulation helps calm the mind enormously.
  • Explore sensory elements– Incorporate comforting textures, sounds, scents, sips and snacks that engage your senses and soothe you.
  • Vary your activities – If you get bored easily, switch up what you do during your un-bathroom time. Try new music playlists, products, stretches or journal prompts to keep things interesting.
  • Respect your needs – Don’t force it if some days you just need quiet time to nap, read or just be still. Or if you need more active time, incorporate movement. Adjust to give yourself what’s most restorative that day.
  • Keep it simple – Especially when establishing a routine, don’t overcomplicate things. Shorter, simple sessions you look forward to are better than sporadic marathon pamper days.
  • Reward yourself – Perhaps conclude your un-bathroom sessions with a refreshing smoothie, fun playlist as you get ready for the day or luxurious hand cream after washing up. Find little treats to help positively reinforce the habit.
  • Be patient – If it takes you some time to adjust your schedule or settle into a consistent approach, that’s ok. Be kind to yourself as you learn what works best.

FAQs About Un-Bathrooms

What size space do I need for an un-bathroom?

Un-bathrooms can range from petite nooks to spacious oases. Even just a 4’x4′ corner or 6’x6′ area of a room can work. For those able to devote larger spaces like a full spare bedroom, there’s ample room for features like saunas, soaking tubs, exercise zones and more lavish furnishings. But remember – the most important thing is creating an ambiance, so the pampering can still feel abundant in smaller spots too!

Do I need to incorporate special lighting?

Soft, adjustable lighting does help set the desired relaxing mood. Dimmer switches, colored bulbs, candle lighting or lanterns allow you to control brightness. Blackout shades, light filtering curtains or blinds also help block harsh glares. Incorporating special lighting like starry string lights, wall sconces, Edison bulbs or ambient glow fixtures can further enhance the atmosphere.

What if I can’t paint or make permanent changes?

Not to worry! There are still plenty of ways to transform a space without painting or construction. Peel-and-stick wallpaper, removable decals and fabric wall hangings add color and pattern. Portable water features, corner saunas and freestanding tub setups avoid plumbing work. And items like rugs, throws, pillows, drapes and furniture create ambiance without permanent alterations. Focus on working with what you have in place for a budget-friendly refresh.

How can I nurture a mind-body connection in my un-bathroom?

It’s all about engaging the senses to promote mindfulness and self-awareness. Play calming music, add soft textures, light candles and incense and sip fragrant teas to awaken your senses. Explore breathwork, meditation and somatic movement practices designed to enhance mind-body connections. Unplug technology and practice being fully present. Journal about your thoughts, feelings and bodily states. Use biofeedback tools to tune into signals from your body. And build in stillness and silence to allow introspection.

What about cleaning and maintenance?

One benefit of un-bathrooms is they typically don’t require extensive regular cleaning like a full bath. But taking care of your space preserves the sanctity. Wipe down surfaces, keep clutter contained, wash linens regularly and cleanse the air with sprays or diffusers. Check lighting and mechanicals. Remove dust and cobwebs. Evaluate if furnishings need upkeep. And refresh decor seasonally if you desire. Periodic deeper cleaning or decluttering helps maintain the relaxing vibes.


Un-bathrooms offer a creative, inspiring path to deeper relaxation and self care. By converting untraditional spaces and infusing them with favorite sensory and aesthetic elements, you can craft a personal sanctuary ideal for your needs. Relax in a bohemian reading nook, stretch out in a tranquil tropical oasis, enjoy yoga in a rustic studio or soak in tranquility in a beautiful, scented soak under the stars. An un-bathroom provides the flexibility to customize experiences that restore and support your overall wellbeing. Let your imagination run free as you explore the potential to turn any space into a healing retreat. With the right location, setup and approach, your un-bathroom can become a cherished part of your self-care routine for body, mind and spirit.