Decorating your bathroom can be an exciting and rewarding project. With so many options for colors, textures, and designs, it may feel overwhelming to choose a cohesive style. Here is an overview of some of the most popular bathroom styles to consider as you plan your space.

Traditional Bathroom Style

The traditional bathroom style is classic and timeless. It often features neutral colors like white, beige, or grey paired with natural materials such as marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic tile and clawfoot tubs. Brass fixtures and accessories add a polished touch. This elegant style looks refined without feeling stuffy.

Key elements of the traditional bathroom include:

  • Neutral color palette such as white, beige and grey
  • Natural materials like marble, granite and porcelain
  • Clawfoot bathtubs or soaking tubs
  • Pedestal, wall-mount or vessel sinks
  • Brass plumbing fixtures and accessories
  • Patterned tile floors
  • Soft lighting from sconces and chandeliers
  • Textured accents like wainscoting panels or framed mirrors

A traditional bathroom feels soothing and timeless. The natural material palette withstands trends and the neutral colors make it easy to incorporate spa-like elements for relaxation.

Contemporary Bathroom Style

For a sleek and modern look, the contemporary bathroom style utilizes streamlined shapes and minimal accents. Crisp lines, high-contrast colors and geometric patterns create drama. Metallic hardware and linear fixtures reinforce the futuristic aesthetic.

Design elements in the contemporary bathroom include:

  • Neutral color scheme such as white, black and gray
  • Solid surface or glass shower stalls
  • Vessel, pedestal or floating sinks
  • Angular freestanding soaking tubs
  • Brushed metal or matte black fixtures
  • Chrome lighting accents and sconces
  • Large format tile with minimal grout lines
  • Glossy surfaces including lacquer cabinetry
  • Frameless mirrors and medicine cabinets

The contemporary bathroom makes a sophisticated style statement. The spa-like vibe comes from an uncluttered look and a monochromatic color palette accented by pops of color in towels or decor.

Rustic Bathroom Style

Bring nature indoors with a cozy rustic bathroom style. Natural materials like wood, stone and metal add organic texture. Earthy jewel tones and floral accents emphasize a casual, lived-in look. Vintage or repurposed furnishings reinforce the comfortable charm.

Elements that create a rustic bathroom include:

  • Earthy color palette with greens, blues, browns and tans
  • Distressed wood cabinetry and shelving
  • Stone tile walls or slate flooring
  • Galvanized metal, copper or bronze fixtures
  • Clawfoot tub or farmhouse sink
  • Wool rugs and textured bath mats
  • Floating wood shelves to display plants or decor
  • Vintage signage and found object accents
  • Soft lighting from pendant lamps or sconces

The rustic bathroom has an inviting personality. Subtle imperfections in the reclaimed materials add cozy appeal while the earthy color palette creates a relaxing oasis.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Style

For an energetic and retro-inspired look, embrace mid-century modern style in the bathroom. This nostalgic design pairs vintage shapes with bright, contrasting colors. Natural textures meet sleek silhouettes to craft a playful charisma.

Mid-century modern bathroom elements include:

  • Bold color combinations like yellow and grey or teal and pink
  • Retro tile patterns, wallpaper and geometric prints
  • Angular sinks, tubs and vanities with tapered legs
  • Distinctive hardware like faceted crystal knobs
  • Mixed metallics including brass, copper and chrome
  • globe pendant lighting, sconces and accent mirrors
  • Natural material accents like rattan baskets, wood stools and ceramic vessels
  • Vintage signage and graphic art prints

A mid-century modern bathroom celebrates personality and feels spirited. The nostalgic details create warmth while the punchy color scheme keeps the space feeling fresh and lively.

FAQs About Bathroom Styles

What are some tips for choosing a bathroom color scheme?

Some tips for choosing bathroom colors include opting for light, neutral hues like white, beige or grey which open up smaller spaces and complement most materials. For larger bathrooms, consider layering in colors with paint, tile, towels and decor. Focus colors around key features like a stained vanity or patterned shower tile.

How do I pick bathroom fixtures and finishes?

When selecting bathroom materials, consider your style and daily use. For high-traffic areas, opt for durable surfaces like porcelain or natural stone. In wet zones around tubs and showers, choose slip-resistant materials with some texture. Pick faucets and fixtures in finishes that coordinate with other metals and hardware in the space.

What are space-saving ideas for small bathrooms?

To maximize small bathrooms, look for slender pedestal sinks, corner shelving, recessed medicine cabinets and compact toilets. Use glass enclosure showers instead of curtain rods, floating vanities to elevate off the floor and multipurpose furniture like cabinets with built-in hampers. Also utilize reflective surfaces such as mirrors.

How can I add storage to my bathroom?

Smart storage solutions for bathrooms include cabinets, shelving and hampers. Look for wall-mounted cabinets, under-sink organizers and medicine cabinets. Install floating shelves or towel racks. Use a freestanding cabinet or console table with baskets and bins for toiletries. Stacked washer-dryers also conserve space.

What are ways to make a bathroom feel more spa-like?

To create a relaxing spa bathroom, incorporate elements like a soaking tub, steam shower, heated floors and towel warmers. Use tranquil colors like pale blue or grey and natural materials like stone and wood. Decorate with greenery, soft rugs, robes and tranquil wall art. Add ambient lighting, candles and essential oil diffusers. Play calm music and store bath salts and scrubs.


Decorating your bathroom ultimately comes down to your personal taste and lifestyle needs. As you evaluate popular styles from traditional to modern, think about the look and feel you want to achieve. Choose durable materials that work with your space and accent with decor that showcases your personality. With strategic planning and design choices, you can craft a beautiful and functional bathroom retreat.