Creating a spa-like bathroom retreat in a small space may seem daunting, but with careful planning and design choices, it can absolutely be achieved. This week we’re featuring a stunning 100 square foot bathroom that emanates tranquility and rejuvenation. From the elegant tilework to the spa-inspired fixtures, every detail was thoughtfully considered to transform this petite powder room into a serene sanctuary.

Choosing Tile and Finishes for a Spa Aesthetic

The tilework is truly the pièce de résistance that sets the spa tone in this small bath. Opting for large format 12” x 24” ceramic tiles in a creamy travertine hue imparts a sense of expansiveness, while the mosaic tile accents in soothing blues and greens bring in that signature spa color palette. Extending the tile from the walls to the entire floor area creates a seamless look and showcases the gorgeous tile patterns.

Other important finish choices include:

  • Selecting natural stone slab countertops in a polished creamy beige finish to continue the spa vibe. The sleek minimal edge profile keeps the look light and airy.
  • Incorporating wood-look porcelain plank tile on the ceiling to add warmth and connect to nature. The linear pattern also draws the eye up to make the space feel more expansive.
  • Choosing separate freestanding tub and shower with glass doors rather than a fiberglass combo unit. The individual components have a higher-end spa aesthetic.

Fixtures and Features for a Soothing Sanctuary

Thoughtfully chosen plumbing fixtures and features add functionality while also promoting that blissful spa ambiance. Some highlights of this bath include:

  • A stone vessel sink atop the vanity provides a focal point and feels like something you’d find in a posh spa’s relaxation lounge.
  • The high-arc single-handle faucet creates a graceful curve while the rectangular undermount sink maintains clean lines.
  • The frameless glass shower enclosure feels light and airy while seamlessly showcasing the beautiful tilework.
  • Inside the shower, a wall-mounted rain showerhead provides a deluxe spa shower experience.
  • Keeping the toilet discreetly tucked beside the shower hides the least spa-like item away from the entry.

Little Luxuries to Enhance the Spa Sensation

It’s the thoughtful little details that take this small bathroom’s spa aesthetic to the next level. Some of our favorite luxe embellishments include:

  • Sconce lighting on each side of the mirror provides beautiful upward and downward illumination.
  • Fluffy white towels on the freestanding towel rack look like what you’d receive at a five-star resort.
  • A woven spa-style robe hanging on the hook behind the door invites you to relax and unwind.
  • Natural stone and wood accessories like the console table top and woven basket bring organic texture and warmth.
  • Potted bamboo plants placed in the corner where the tub meets the shower add peaceful greenery.
  • Metallic accents from the mirror frame to the sink legs and sconces provide a touch of glamour.

Achieving Tranquility in 100 Square Feet

This petite powder room makes the most of its 100 square foot layout to create a serene spa hideaway. Clever space planning like floating the vanity and utilizing the corner for the tub/shower configuration opened up floor area. Every material and detail was thoughtfully curated to promote a relaxing, spa-like vibe. Just because a bathroom is small in square footage doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. With strategic design choices, even the tiniest bath can become a blissful sanctuary.

FAQs about Creating a Spa Bathroom in a Small Space

What are some key strategies for making a very small bathroom feel spa-like?

Some top tips include:

  • Use wall-mounted fixtures and floating vanities to open up floor space
  • Incorporate large format tiles on walls and floor to create a seamless look
  • Choose sleek freestanding tubs instead of built-in alcoves to reduce visual bulk
  • Opt for frameless glass doors on showers to maintain an open, airy aesthetic
  • Install wall-mounted rain showerheads for an indulgent spa shower experience

What colors evoke a relaxing, zen-like spa bathroom?

Serene shades of blue, green, gray, and tan tend to promote spa-like feelings of tranquility. Creamy neutrals and natural, earthy hues also work beautifully. Try to avoid loud, bold colors in small spaces.

What type of lighting works best in a small spa bath?

For a relaxing ambiance, use layers of low-voltage lighting on dimmers. Sconces, accent lights, and LED strips all create a peaceful glow. Avoid harsh overhead lighting.

How can I add a spa vibe on a budget?

On a budget, focus on small touches like fresh flowers, ceramic soap dispensers, glass vessels for cotton balls, a spa shower curtain, candles, and essential oil dispensers. Also utilize DIY decor projects like creating your own caddies, shelving, and artwork.

What materials help make a tiny bathroom look more high-end?

Marble or quartz countertops, ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass shower doors, chrome or nickel plumbing fixtures, freestanding vanities and tubs, and wood or stone accents elevate the aesthetic.


This exquisitely designed 100 square foot space demonstrates that a petite powder room can still feel like a luxurious spa retreat. Strategic layout, upscale materials, and thoughtful details all unite to create a soothing sanctuary, proving that spa-style tranquility can absolutely be achieved in small square footage. This graceful little bath offers inspiration and tangible tips for designing any modest-sized bathroom with a serene spa aesthetic. Just because the room is small doesn’t mean the design has to feel that way too. With careful planning and intentional choices, even a 100 square foot bathroom can provide that blissful, relaxing feeling of escape that we all crave.