Old-world style bathrooms evoke a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. This week’s featured bathroom incorporates rich green marble, polished brass accents, and traditional styling for a regal aesthetic that feels fresh and current.


Bathrooms are increasingly viewed as relaxing personal sanctuaries, and this old-world style space provides a refined oasis from the stresses of everyday life. The thoughtful inclusion of green marble, brass finishes, and vintage styling creates a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a European hotel suite. Beyond aesthetic appeal, the durable surfaces and high-end materials were chosen for longevity and easy maintenance. For those looking to add regal elegance to their most private rooms, this timeless bathroom provides inspiration.

Green Marble Sets a Striking Backdrop

Marble lends an air of luxury, and the deep green veining of this stone immediately captures attention. Slabs of rich Emperador Dark marble were used to create the floor and wall surround behind the freestanding tub. The swirling colors and veins have depth and contrast that contemporary porcelain or ceramic tiles cannot match. Extending from the floor to ceiling gives the impression of being fully enveloped by the stone. Using the same material throughout provides visual continuity.

The marble’s natural patina avoids a sterile appearance, while remaining polished enough for an elegant sheen. Warmth is added from brass sconce lighting placed strategically to create a soft glow. Though hard stones can make a space feel cold, thoughtful design choices make this bathroom relaxing. The visual interest of the marble prevents the need for additional artwork or decoration.

Vintage Brass Fixtures Add Old-World Charm

Strategic use of brass in both finishes and fixtures lends an old-world sensibility. The brass hardware on the vanity and tub give the impression of an antique market find, while the metal’s warm tones complement the green marble. Using brass for functional elements, rather than just decorative accents, allows this material to make a bold statement.

The vintage-style brass fixtures include widespread single-handle faucets, Roman tub filler, shower head and trim. Period-inspired shapes, such as the cross handles on the tub filler, enhance the old-world aesthetic. Brass drawer pulls and knobs on the vanity contribute additional detail. Both the tub and sink faucets feature hand-spray attachments for convenience.

Care was taken to choose top-quality, solid brass components rather than plated fixtures prone to flaking over time. As a durable and naturally antibacterial metal, real brass fixtures will maintain their beauty with proper care. Their striking visual impact gives an elegant energy to the space.

Traditional Vanity Design Grounds the Space

The room’s polished Calacatta Borghini marble vanity provides an elegant and functional anchor point. Its double sink design allows two people to use the space comfortably. The choice of a traditional style vanity, with gracefully curved front legs and decorative apron, plays up the old-world glamour.

Gentle curving shapes, like those seen on the cabinets and mirror frame, keep the room feeling soft and welcoming. Drawers and cabinets offer plenty of storage for bathroom necessities. Their solid wood construction promises durability.

The ivory and gray veining of the Calacatta Borghini marble countertop coordinates nicely with the green wall marble. Vessel sinks allow more countertop space for toiletries. Mounting the mirrors above the entire vanity creates a cohesive built-in look. The reflective quality also enhances the visual space.

Freestanding Tub Makes a Sculptural Statement

As the focal point of the room, the oval freestanding tub demands attention. The tub’s graceful curved silhouette and intricate brass claw feet are reminiscent of historic European soaking tubs. Placing the tub away from the walls and vanity gives it prominence as a standalone work of art.

The tub is crafted from Americh’s Englewood Solid Surface. This premium composite material is non-porous, preventing mold, mildew and stains. Pristine white with a smooth matte finish, the tub has a lovely natural look and feel, unlike cheaper acrylics. The durability and ease of cleaning make it a practical choice for everyday bathing.

The tub’s double-walled construction keeps bath water hotter longer than with metal or acrylic tubs. This attention to detail enhances the bathing experience. For safe entry and exit, a non-slip tub floor is essential, especially when surface is wet. Once settled in, bathers can truly relax surrounded by the regal ambiance.


This luxuriously appointed bathroom succeeds in providing a refined, old-world style retreat. The thoughtful inclusion of green marble, brass antique fixtures, and traditional furnishings crafts a space perfect for relaxing. Quality materials like marble, brass and solid surface were selected for their beauty, longevity and easy care. Details were attended to, right down to the non-slip tub surface. The visual cohesion of the space results from using the same green marble throughout and repeating brass finishes strategically. Keeping décor minimal allows the materials to shine. For those desiring a bit of European luxury at home, this timeless bathroom provides an elegant model full of inspiring ideas worth emulating.

Frequently Asked Questions about Creating an Old-World Style Bathroom

What type of tile creates an old-world bathroom look?

Marble, especially classic patterns like Carrara or Emperador Dark, excellent choices. Travertine or limestone tiles also evoke old-world charm.

What color scheme fits with an old-world bathroom style?

Stick with a refined, neutral palette such as creams, taupes and greys. Accent with metallics like bronze, brass or gold. Deep green can add a traditional European feel.

What factors make a bathroom feel old-world?

Vintage plumbing fixtures, clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks and extra decorative molding or trim. Patterned floor tile, roman blinds, and framed artwork give an old-world aesthetic.

Should I choose modern or traditional bathroom furniture?

Traditional wood vanities with turned legs, carved details or claw feet complement old-world bathrooms. Avoid ultra-modern furniture.

What type of tub enclosures work with an old-world bathroom?

Freestanding tubs or built-in tiled surrounds maintain the old-world style. Frameless glass walk-in showers tend to look more contemporary.

How do I add warmth to a bathroom with old-world elements?

Strategic use of brass or other metallics adds cozy warmth. Plush towels and robes in natural fibers feel inviting. Add atmosphere with sconce lighting.

Final Thoughts on Achieving an Old-World Bathroom

The key to designing a refined old-world style bathroom is sticking to a cohesive elegant theme. Research historical designs from Europe for inspiration when selecting fixtures, furniture and finishes. Quality classic materials like marble stand the test of time. Consider metallics like brass to infuse warmth. Avoid anything that feels too sleek or ultramodern. Attention to details like curved silhouettes and vintage styling elevate the space. Approach this bathroom as a relaxing spa sanctuary rather than a utilitarian space. With the right old-world inspired choices, your bathroom can provide a tranquil escape from the hectic pace of life.