Black and white color schemes never go out of style, especially when done with dramatic flair. This week’s bathroom revamp embraces moody black walls and elegant Art Deco details for a seriously chic look. Keep reading for ideas on using color blocking, geometric patterns, and glossy textures to create a glamorous yet cozy retreat.

The Power of Black

Painting the walls black sets an instantly luxe tone while allowing other details to shine. Deeper than charcoal and bolder than gray, solid black makes for a striking backdrop. It heightens the visual impact of fixtures and accents without overwhelming the space.

When working with such a saturated shade, pay attention to lighting. Windows and skylights are useful for keeping things bright. Sconces, accent lamps, and vanity lighting banish shadows. Reflective surfaces like marble, glass, and metallics amplify the available light.

Black walls feel cocooning and intimate. Embrace the allure by minimizing clutter and honing in on sleek, symmetrical forms.

Combining Black and White

A black and white pairing may seem stark, but it’s also eternally chic. Varying textures and patterns prevent it from feeling flat. In this bathroom, high-gloss black subway tile contrasts with matte white floors. The opposing sheens catch the light differently for added visual interest.

Crisp black and white feels current, yet the color combo nods to Art Deco and retro motifs. Diamond floor tile, zigzag wallpaper borders, and lacquered surfaces reference decorative looks from the 1920s-1950s. Modernizing the vibe are streamlined forms and contemporary fixtures.

When decorating, don’t be afraid to mix black and white patterns. Repeat diamond, chevron, and geometric shapes in tile, rugs, wallpaper, window treatments, and upholstered items. Varying the scales and orientations makes for lively layering.

Incorporating Metallics

Metallic accents magnify the glamour factor. Polished nickel, chrome, and unlacquered brass fixtures feel fresh and modern against black. Avoid matching all the finishes for a more collected look.

Gold detailing instantly ups the elegance. Try hammered gold sconces, antique mirror frames, gilded porcelain knobs, and even gold geometric wallpaper. With black as the foundation, metallics take on a richer, warmer cast.

For major metallic impact, go for gold fixtures like the tub filler, sink base, chair legs, and mirror frame in this bathroom. Mixing metal finishes calls attention to each piece.

Bold Black Vanities

A black vanity makes a dramatic style statement. Lacquered wood, matte paint, or high-gloss laminate suit this bold look. For a light and airy contrast, pair the vanity with a white stone or quartzite countertop.

Under-cabinet lighting renders black vanities totally functional. Go for LED striplights or sconces to illuminate surfaces. Glass knobs and chrome pulls pop against the dark backdrop.

For a retro Art Deco edge, try open shelving flanking the vanity mirror. Display colorful bottles and gold canisters like objets d’art.

Art Deco Accents

Beyond black and white, what defines Art Deco style? Geometric patterns, glass, mirrored surfaces, sleek lines, and exotic motifs. In the bathroom, try a lacquered storage cabinet with an inlaid design. Hang architectural art prints in black frames. Add a sculptural glass vase and decorative perfume bottles on open shelves.

Art Deco style also embraces luxury materials like marble, onyx, and exotic woods. Inlay marble mosaics, install an ornate marble sink, or opt for an onyx tub surround. Natural patterns and stripe formations add organic contrast.

Don’t overlook lighting fixtures. Sconces with metal shade designs make a statement. Go for a tiered crystal chandelier or pendant to amplify the glam factor.

Stylish Storage Solutions

Open shelving contributes to an airy, uncluttered look, but cabinets keep necessities neatly tucked away. For lots of narrow-depth storage, try wall-to-wall cabinetry or wardrobe-style units. Include drawers for tucking away small items.

If the floor plan allows, carve out an area for a stylish freestanding armoire. These statement pieces work well for holding folded towels and surplus toiletries. Try latticework doors or mirrored fronts for added allure.

For a lighter look, stick with white cabinetry. Glass-front upper cabinets prevent a heavy, boxy appearance. Offset any storage units with decorative corbels or legs.

Modern Touches

Art Deco style may be retro, but adapting it for contemporary spaces is all about editing and restraint. Skip the ornate moldings and busy wallpapers. Let sleek lines, geometric forms, and luxe materials take center stage.

Today’s thermostatic showers and rain showerheads bring function to the forefront. Avoid old-fashioned clawfoot tubs in favor of pure, sculptural forms.

Keep the palette spare. Too many hues and patterns dissipate the impact. Focus on creative black and white combinations with pale accent colors like blush pink or champagne. The overall effect remains clean and poised.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating transforms even the coolest black and white palette into a warm, welcoming space. In-floor heating coils or electric mats beneath tile gently warm the room. Systems include programmable thermostats for zoned comfort and energy savings.

Radiant floor heat offers comfort underfoot—perfect when stepping out of the shower or tub. It eliminates cold shock and drafts while allowing the rest of the room to remain cooler. This focused warmth helps moderate humidity as well.

TIle, stone, and solid surface floors readily conduct heat. Wood floors require an additional insulated subfloor layer. Check manufacturer specs for compatibility.

Making a Black Bathroom Feel Larger

Black paint may seem like an unconventional choice for small, windowless bathrooms. But several tricks can keep the space feeling open and airy:

  • Strategically place mirrors to reflect light and views.
  • Minimize visual clutter. Contain necessities in sleek cabinets and drawers.
  • Extend the floor tile into the shower and tub surround for seamless continuity.
  • Opt for a wall-mounted sink and toilet to increase floor space. Suspended vanities elevate the eye.
  • Install recessed can lights. Ambient lighting prevents shadows and brightens corners.
  • Consider glass block walls or translucent shower doors. These allow light transmission from adjacent rooms while preserving privacy.

With thoughtful planning, a moody black scheme can feel just as fresh and expansive as an all-white bathroom. Focus on repeating shapes, streamlined forms, and judicious details.


What colors go well with black in a bathroom?

White, gray, metallic finishes, and wood tones beautifully complement black. For accent colors, consider champagne, gold, blush pink, emerald green, and sapphire blue. Deep berry tones and terra cotta also pair nicely.

How do I keep a black bathroom from feeling too dark?

Maximize natural light with windows and skylights. Install dimmable LED lighting on multiple circuits – overhead, sconces, vanity lighting. Choose reflective finishes like marble, glass and metallics. Keep the space minimal and free of clutter.

What type of tile works best with black walls?

White subway tiles, beveled tiles, mosaic tiles, and hex tiles all pop against black. For flooring, try light gray wood-look planks, white marble, or porcelain tiles with white grout.

Should I paint my bathroom cabinets black?

Black lower cabinets grounded by a light countertop can look stylish. Make sure lighting sufficiently brightens surfaces. For a lighter look, opt for white upper cabinets. Wood or metal open shelving also prevents heaviness.

What color ceiling goes with a black bathroom?

White or very light gray ceilings keep the space feeling open. Continue floor and wall tiles onto the ceiling for a seamless enveloping effect. Painting the ceiling black can feel oppressive.

How do I add warmth to a black and white bathroom?

Natural wood accents, metal finishes, and heated floors add cozy appeal. Textured towels and rugs soften the look. Add framed nature prints for an organic touch. Strategic lighting warms up surfaces and prevents gloominess.

In Summary

A black and white Art Deco style bathroom manages to feel simultaneously glamorous, elegant, and inviting. The key is balancing moody black elements with light and illumination. Strategic metallics and decorative details keep the look multidimensional. Careful space planning accommodates function and storage without clutter. Ultimately, this chic yet cozy design formula creates a relaxing, spa-like retreat.


A black and white color scheme offers timeless drama when executed with finesse. Embracing bold black paint sets the tone for an utterly chic space. Combining glossy and matte finishes adds appealing contrast and dimension. Metallic accents and Art Deco geometric details amp up the glamour factor. Storage solutions, modern updates, and strategic lighting maximize livability. With careful spatial planning and restrained opulence, this seemingly austere color combo transforms into a welcoming, luxurious bathroom sanctuary. Black and white done right results in a space that soothes and energizes in equal measure.