A bathroom with personality and flair can be a bright spot in any home. This week, we’re exploring a stunning blue bathroom that packs a colorful punch. From the painted vanity to the accent tile, this space makes a vibrant statement with various shades of blue.


When it comes to bathroom design, color choices make all the difference. While all-white bathrooms have their charms, there’s something special about spaces filled with color. Vibrant blue is an especially delightful choice for a bathroom palette. From calming aqua to bold cobalt, the many shades of blue bring energy and personality to this essential room.

This week’s featured bathroom perfectly captures the appeal of blue hues. With a painted vanity, blue mosaic tile, and coordinating accessories, it envelops you in aquatic allure. Every design detail sings in shades of blue, from the window treatments to the artwork. This cohesive color scheme gives the space a stylish cohesion. Let’s dive into the details behind this bathroom’s bright personality.

A Vibrant Blue Vanity Sets the Stage

The focal point of this bathroom is undoubtedly the charming blue vanity. Painted a middling shade of teal blue, its color immediately grabs your attention. The vanity pairs beautifully with the marble countertop in a contrasting white and gray stone. This classic combination feels fresh, thanks to the vanity’s colorful painted finish.

Four drawer fronts and a cabinet door provide concealed storage space within the vanity. Circular knobs in brushed silver metal complement the cool blue hue. The whimsical starfish drawer pulls provide a subtle nautical reference.

This vanity sets a vibrant tone for the entire bathroom’s design scheme. While many bathroom vanities are stained wood or glossy white, this teal blue option feels cheerful and unique. The bright shade brings energy and personality into the space.

Blue Mosaic Tile in the Shower Fits the Theme

In the walk-in shower, mosaic tile in multiple shades of blue reflects the vanity’s color scheme. Using small tiles in an interlocking diagonal pattern draws the eye and creates visual interest. The mosaic tile contains a mix of blue hues, ranging from soft powder blue to bolder navy. These varied shades keep the shower tile pattern looking dynamic.

The blue mosaic tiles extend up the entire shower wall and wrap around into the recessed niches. One niche contains bath products, while the other provides space to prop up a foot while shaving legs. The niche accents also pick up the blue color in a graphic, contemporary way.

Beyond looking stylish, the mosaic shower tile also lends itself nicely to the functionality of a shower space. The small scale and texture of the mosaic help provide added traction underfoot. This is an especially smart tile choice for a bathroom used by children or aging adults. The multiple blue shades have personality, yet the small tile size doesn’t overwhelm.

Painted Cabinets Provide Extra pops of Blue

On either side of the tiled shower niche sit floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets, painted the same teal blue as the vanity. These provide bathroom necessities like towels, toiletries, and cleaning products. The painted cabinets allow even more of the signature blue shade to shine.

It’s notable that the window treatments also complement the blue theme. The window above the tub sports floor-length curtains in a blue, green, and white botanical print. The drawn back curtain panels reveal complementary Roman shade panels in solid sky blue. Every element ties together for one cohesive look.

Additional Accessories Contribute Bold Blue Accents

Beyond the major design elements like the vanity and shower tile, various carefully chosen accessories complete the bathroom’s bold blue statement. The focal mirror over the vanity looks especially striking with its wide matting and frame painted in a deep navy blue. This makes the mirror feel deliberately styled.

The soap dispenser, tumbler, and wastebasket are all ceramic in a matching deep sea blue, pulled from the color palette of the mosaic shower tile. Stacked glass canisters on the countertop provide opaque blue accent pieces. A glass vase filled with blue and white orchids adds an organic element.

Pops of texture come from the tufted rug in shades of blue, as well as the embroidered blue accent pillows resting along the edge of the freestanding tub. The ornate sconces on either side of the mirror add visual interest with their metallic finish. Every accessory builds onto the blue personality of this stylish space.

The Impact of Blue Hues in a Bathroom

There are so many reasons to love how blue enlivens this bathroom’s personality. As an inherently calming color, the many blue tones have a serene effect. Using a mix of light and dark shades keeps things visually engaging. Blue feels crisp yet cozy at the same time.

Beyond looking attractive, the prevalence of blue mosaic tile patterns in the shower space also lends itself to safety and traction. This makes a blue-hued bathroom ideal for households with young children or aging adults who want to avoid slips.

Overall, this bathroom does a wonderful job of embracing blue in moderation. Bolder shades are balanced out by spa-like white elements like the tub, countertops, and roman shade panels. This blending of colors is what gives the space visual interest. Thanks to thoughtful details, it packs a bright, aquatic personality.

The blue bathroom trend is here to stay. From Navy to Robin’s egg blue, there are endless ways to implement shades of blue into your home’s bathrooms. Let color set the mood for a space that feels serene yet still makes a statement. Be inspired by this week’s featured bathroom to take the plunge into blue. You’re sure to make waves with a bathroom drenched in this timeless yet trendy hue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Bathrooms

What are the benefits of a blue bathroom?

Some key benefits of a blue bathroom include:

  • Blue is soothing and relaxing. It can help create a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Different shades of blue add visual interest and personality.
  • Blue mosaics and patterns look great in showers and provide traction.
  • Blue is associated with cleanliness, making it perfect for bathrooms.
  • Vibrant blues like teal add energy to a space.

What colors go well with blue in a bathroom?

Some colors that complement blue in bathrooms include:

  • White – Provides contrast and looks clean/crisp. Popular for counters, fixtures, tile grout.
  • Gray – Looks modern paired with blue hues. Ideal tile option.
  • Green – Blue and green feel soothing and natural together. Great color combo.
  • Metallics – Brass, gold, and silver metals make blue pop. Perfect for fixtures and accents.

Should I paint my entire bathroom blue?

Painting the entire bathroom blue can feel overwhelming. It’s often best to use blue as an accent. Some ways to incorporate blue without going overboard:

  • Paint one wall an impactful blue and keep other walls neutral.
  • Choose blue cabinets, tile, or accessories against a white backdrop.
  • Use multiple blue tones (light and dark) for visual interest.
  • Add blue through changeable items like towels, wall art, shower curtain. Provides flexibility.

What are some “on-trend” blues for bathrooms?

Some of the most popular shades of blue right now for bathrooms include:

  • Navy – Dramatic and bold, perfect for accents.
  • Light blue – Airy, calming, spa-like. Great all-over wall color.
  • Teal – Vibrant green-tinged blue. Fun vanity or tile choice.
  • Powder blue – Soft, dreamy robin’s egg blue. Use in small doses.
  • Aqua – Crisp yet relaxing. Ideal for masculine baths.

Should I avoid blue if my bathroom has low light?

Blue can work in any lighting. To make it shine in low light:

  • Use lighter blues like powder blue rather than dark navy.
  • Incorporate reflective metallic accents and lighting fixtures.
  • Add plenty of mirror surfaces to amplify light.
  • Use high-contrast white grout with blue tile.
  • Consider adding a window or skylight if possible.


This beautifully designed blue bathroom shows how shades of aquatic color can liven up a utilitarian space. From the teal vanity to the mosaic tile shower, every element works together to create a cohesive coastal vibe. This bathroom makes functionality fun with its playful nautical touches.

With the popularity of blue bathrooms on the rise, this is a trend worth diving into. Whether you stick to bold navy accents or go all-in on powder blue, shades of blue make a splash. Just follow this bathroom’s lead by blending light and dark tones and balance with neutral white elements.

The colors we surround ourselves with affect our moods and emotions. With its relaxing yet uplifting qualities, blue is an ideal hue for the bathroom. Each morning and evening, let the tranquil energy of blue get your day started and ready you for rest. A vibrant, personalized blue bathroom like this week’s featured space is sure to make waves for years to come.