Adding a television and fireplace to your bathroom design can transform an ordinary space into an oasis of relaxation and indulgence. With clever planning and layout, you can have the best of both worlds – technology and tranquility. Here are some tips for incorporating these luxurious features into your bathroom in a seamless way.

Choosing the Right Location

When deciding where to place the TV and fireplace, consider traffic flow and usage. Mount the TV on a swivel arm near the tub, allowing it to be viewed from the soaking tub or while getting ready at the vanity. Locate the fireplace on an adjacent wall, to be enjoyed from the tub or while lounging in the room.

Be sure to comply with all safety codes, leaving ample clearance from water sources for electrical components. Proper ventilation above the fireplace is essential. An electric fireplace may be preferable to gas or wood burning to allow for a completely moisture-free installation.

Design and Layout Ideas

  • Floating wood shelving on either side of the fireplace creates space for candles, plants and decorative objects that complement the cozy vibe.
  • Add mirrors above and on either side of the fireplace to give the illusion of a larger space and amplify the ambient light.
  • Use natural stone and tiles around the fireplace to create visual interest and texture.
  • Incorporate the same materials on the walls near the TV to tie the spaces together.
  • Install recessed lighting on dimmers to control the ambiance.
  • Add a plush rug in front of the fireplace for softness underfoot.

Selecting a Television

Look for a TV with a slim profile to discretely embed into the wall space. An LED, 4K smart television with minimum glare will provide optimal viewing from the tub. Waterproof televisions are also available to place right above the tub.

Consider installing built-in speakers to avoid clutter and allow for immersive sound. Choose a TV with WiFi capabilities to enable streaming services. A swivel mount gives flexibility for adjusting the viewing angle anywhere in the room.

Fireplace Options

Ventless, electric fireplaces are the most suitable choice for bathrooms as they require no ducting and produce no moisture. Look for realistic flame effects and glow for ambiance. Heat output can help take the chill out of the air.

For a modern look, select a recessed electric fireplace fitted seamlessly into the wall. Another option is a tabletop portable unit that can be placed on a bathroom shelf when needed. Look for adjustable brightness, flame effects and temperature settings.

Remote controls, thermostats and timers allow both the TV and fireplace to be operated conveniently from the tub. Consider making them voice controlled as an added high-tech luxury.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Proper bathroom lighting should layer ambient, task and accent lighting. Install sconces or pendant lights flanking the fireplace for an intimate glow. Add recessed can lighting around the TV area for visibility. Undercabinet LED strip lighting is ideal for the sink.

Dimmers enable adjusting the lighting as needed. Automated systems can mimic natural daylight patterns to help you wake up or relax before bed. Make sure lighting is flattering for the TV viewing angle.

Pros and Benefits

Adding a television and fireplace results in a spa-like retreat that immerses you in comfort. The crackling flames provide a soothing ambiance, while the latest shows and movies entertain from the tub. The fireplace warms the room, dries towels and gives a welcoming focal point.

After a long day, there’s nothing better than lighting the fire, dimming the lights and sinking into the tub to unwind completely. Elevate your home’s resale value by creating this inviting oasis that offers the best of relaxation and technology.

FAQs about Adding TVs and Fireplaces to Bathrooms

Is it safe to have a TV and fireplace in the bathroom?

Yes, with proper precautions it is safe. Use a moisture resistant TV, install electrical components safely away from water, and ensure good ventilation for fireplaces.

Do I need a special TV for the bathroom?

Look for a moisture resistant, waterproof or outdoor rated LED TV. Also make sure to install it according to codes and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What is the best type of fireplace for a bathroom?

Ventless, electric fireplaces are the top choice since they require no ducting and produce no moisture. Recessed built-ins or tabletop portable units also work well.

Where should I position the TV and fireplace in my bathroom?

Mount the TV near the tub to allow viewing from soaking. Place the fireplace on an adjacent wall to be enjoyed from the tub and vanity area.

What design tips make a bathroom TV and fireplace look integrated?

Use consistent finishes and materials like natural stone and wood tones to tie the spaces together seamlessly. Lighting, mirrors and shelving also help blend the elements.

How can I control my bathroom TV and fireplace features?

Look for units with remote controls, thermostats, timers and voice control capabilities. Smart features like WiFi enable streaming from tubside.


With strategic layout and spatial planning, the luxury of a TV and fireplace can absolutely be incorporated into your dream bathroom oasis. Pay attention to safety requirements, choose components suited for the moisture-prone environment, and get creative with your design vision. The investment will pay off in big dividends of comfort and enjoyable soak time. Turn your bathroom into a retreat from the stresses of the day.