Blue is a calming, tranquil color that can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. From soft powder blues to bold navy hues, blue has the power to completely change the vibe of your bath space. But with so many shades to choose from, how do you know which blue is right for your bathroom? Here is a complete guide on when and how to use shades of blue to create your dream bath.

The Meaning Behind Bathroom Blues

Before jumping into specific shades, it’s helpful to understand the psychology behind the color blue. Here’s an overview of what blue represents:

  • Calming & Soothing – Blue evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation. It slows the pulse and lowers blood pressure, making it an ideal color for bathrooms.
  • Peace & Harmony – Soft blues create a peaceful ambiance in the bath, encouraging harmony and affecting mood in a positive way.
  • Healing & Therapeutic – There’s a reason blue is so prominent in spas! It possesses natural healing qualities.
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene – Blue has cleansing and hygienic connotations. Use blue in baths to convey cleanliness.
  • Coolness & Fluidity – Blue calls to mind cool water, giving bathrooms a fluid, smooth feel.
  • Classic & Timeless – Certain shades of blue like navy have a classic, timeless aesthetic perfect for traditional bathrooms.

So in summary, blue is ideal for creating a tranquil, clean, harmonious and therapeutic vibe in the bath. But the exact feeling can change vastly depending on the shade.

Powder Blue Bathrooms

A popular blue for bathrooms is powder blue. As the name suggests, this soft, pale blue is the color of blue powder pigments. It immediately evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Powder blue works well in bathrooms aiming for a spa-like ambiance. It makes small bathrooms appear more open and airy. Combining powder blue with white creates a classy, elegant look. Accent with chrome or silver finishes for a cooling, modern feel.

When using powder blue paint on walls, opt for a matte finish to complement the soft hue. Glossy tiles in this shade can make it appear too icy and stark. Add visual interest by including powder blue patterned tiles or wallpaper.

This color is highly versatile and pairs well with many styles. For traditional bathrooms, match it with vintage gold fixtures. Or go contemporary with sleek white cabinets and vanities. Polish the look with pops of white and neutral textures like woven wicker, linen, cotton and wood.

Powder blue is universally flattering and creates an atmosphere of total relaxation – ideal for soaking in the tub or unwinding after a long day.

Periwinkle Blue Bathrooms

Slightly deeper than powder blue, periwinkle adds a touch more vibrance while maintaining a dreamy quality. Often associated with spring, periwinkle blue evokes renewal and freshness.

Use periwinkle blue as an accent hue to add a pop of color to an all-white bathroom. It creates a nice contrast against crisp white tiles and natural wood elements. Periwinkle also complements black and white graphic prints when used sparingly.

Pair periwinkle blue with brushed gold or nickel finishes for a glamorous art deco style. For cottage bathrooms, match it with painted white furniture, floral patterns and lots of natural light. Try periwinkle walls with white wainscoting for a beach house vibe.

The versatility of periwinkle makes it work for bold contemporary designs as well as vintage spaces. Just adjust the accompanying elements. For a modern bath, combine vivid periwinkle with gray wood tones and concrete. In classic bathrooms, match it with claw foot tubs, chandeliers and accents like fresh flowers.

No matter your style, a touch of periwinkle blue enhances the soothing atmosphere of the bathroom.

Light & Airy Blues

For bathrooms flooded with natural light, use a pale ethereal blue to enhance the airy ambiance. Soft hues like sky blue, ice blue and cloud blue open up small spaces and make them feel more spacious and breezy.

Pair these barely-there blues with white trim, mirrors, porcelain fixtures and marble accents to boost the light and brightness. Add lighter wood flooring and open shelves to complete the look. For windows, opt for sheer white or blue curtains to filter the sunlight.

A primarily white bathroom gains new depth with the addition of light blue in key accent areas. Use it sparingly on walls or cover a ceiling in a pale robin’s egg blue. White wainscoting or molding helps ground the soft blue walls.

Let this beachy blue bathroom transport you to the serenity of a tropical lagoon. Keep decor simple and airy. A clawfoot tub looks stunning against a backdrop of baby blue. Finish off with seashells, driftwood accents, and houseplants for a coastal oasis.

Navy Blue Bathrooms

At the other end of the spectrum, navy blue makes a dramatic statement. Sofisticated and moody, navy gives bathrooms a cozy, enveloping feel. It’s an excellent color choice for small baths in need of a little character.

Deep navy walls or tile provide a rich backdrop in a bathroom. Accent with polished chrome, stainless steel or nickel hardware and accessories for nice contrast. A pop of white also balances the dark intensity of navy. Try white paneled wainscoting paired with navy walls.

For a bold contemporary look, use navy blue tile on the floors, walls and shower paired with white grout. Include navy cabinets and gold metal accents. Add a touch of warmth with wood shelving, woven baskets and fresh greenery.

In traditional baths, match it with antique gold fixtures, painted furniture and vintage artwork. A clawfoot tub looks stunning against the enveloping backdrop of navy walls.

However you incorporate it, navy blue brings moodiness and sophistication to bathroom spaces. Use it to create an intimate, spa-like ambiance.

Royal Blue Bathrooms

Regal and luxurious, royal blue makes a confident statement in the bath. It instantly transports you to the lap of luxury. Use it sparingly as an accent or make it the star with royal blue mosaic tile and wallpaper.

Pair royal blue with gilded gold accents and polished marble surfaces to create an opulent look. Or take it contemporary with matte black and white geometric tile accents. Stainless steel and glass contribute to a sleek, decadent vibe.

For a small powder room, paint the walls or cabinets a vivid royal blue. Then accessorize with fresh white flowers, gold candle holders and monogrammed hand towels.

In a traditional bathroom, use royal blue to upholster a bench or chair. Hang complementary royal blue drapes to frame the window. Paint or stencil crown molding blue for a sophisticated color pop.

Vibrant and luxurious, royal blue commands attention. It provides a vibrant and elegant backdrop for spa bathing.

Teal Blue Bathrooms

Halfway between blue and green, teal brings all the benefits of blue to the bath with an added sense of rejuvenation. It has a tropical, spa-like quality.

Teal tile or accent walls create an instant island feel. Pair it with natural wood cabinetry, woven textures and greenery. Accent with pops of coral and include seaside decor touches like shells or driftwood.

For contemporary teal bathrooms, use shiny teal and white subway tile on the walls and shower. Stainless steel fixtures and accessories complete the hip, vibrant look.

In vintage teal baths, go for clawfoot tubs, chandeliers and Victorian details like lace curtains. Paint vanities, cabinets and trim in a glossy teal. Use it on ceilings for a fun pop of color.

No matter your style, teal brings a refreshing, rejuvenating energy while maintaining the calming effects of blue. It’s ideal for creating an at-home spa sanctuary.

Blue Bathroom Ideas

Now that we’ve covered specific shades, here are some ideas for incorporating blue into your bathroom design:

Paint the Walls Blue

Use blue paint or wallpaper to add an instant sense of tranquility. For best results, paint two or three adjoining walls blue and keep the others crisp white for balance.

Add a Blue Accent Wall or Ceiling

Make blue an accent by only painting one wall or the ceiling. Use a vivid blue or soft shade. This makes even small doses of blue stand out.

Blue Floor Tile

Lay vivid blue tile or mosaic sheets on the floor for an eye-catching detail. Anchor it with mostly white tile and neutral walls.

Blue Bath Mat Sets

Inexpensive bath mats, towels and shower curtains come in every shade of blue imaginable. Stick to one hue for a soothing monochromatic look.

Blue Cabinets & Furniture

Make built-ins, cabinets and furnishings part of your blue bathroom color scheme. Use navy for drama or soft blue for a dreamy aesthetic.

Blue Glass Vessel Sinks

Vivid colored glass vessel sinks make a brilliant accent. Opt for one in a stunning blue hue on your vanity.

Blue & White Decor

For traditional bathrooms, you can’t go wrong with blue and white decor. Use various patterns and textures but stick to these two tranquil colors.

By creatively incorporating different shades of blue into your bathroom design, you can create a personal sanctuary that instills calmness while reflecting your unique style. Keep the tips and guidelines above in mind when selecting and placing shades of blue in your dream bathroom.

Common Blue Bathroom Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about using blue colors in bathroom design:

What blue goes well with brown?

Soft powder blues and sky blues pair nicely with rich brown wood tones in a bathroom. Robin’s egg blue also complements brown cabinetry or furnishings.

What blue compliments beige?

Try light periwinkle blue or aqua with beige bathroom tiles and neutral elements. These blues have enough subtle intensity to stand out against beige.

Which blue is relaxing?

The most relaxing blues for bathrooms are lighter shades like powder blue, sky blue and periwinkle blue. These airy hues lower blood pressure and have tranquil associations.

Is navy blue good for a bathroom?

Yes, navy blue can be an excellent choice for bathrooms. It creates an intimate, cozy spa experience. Just balance it with lighter accents like white tile.

Should I paint my small bathroom blue?

Blue is actually an ideal color choice for making a small bathroom feel more spacious. Stick to soft powder blue or icy blues and use sparingly against white. Avoid dark navy in very small baths.

Final Thoughts on Blue Bathrooms

Blue is a wonderful color choice for creating your dream bathroom sanctuary. Use soft powdery blue hues to cultivate a relaxing spa-like space that lowers stress. Vibrant shades like royal blue or teal add an elegant, rejuvenating ambiance. And classic navy blue lends sophistication to any bath.

Keep your existing decor and style in mind. Blue can enhance modern, traditional and eclectic spaces in unique ways. Choose accessories, fixtures, tiles and textiles that complement your chosen shade of blue. And don’t be afraid to use blue on walls, ceilings, cabinets and accents for maximum impact.

With the right shade and scheme, blue has the power to utterly transform the look and feel of a bathroom. It provides cleansing, therapeutic benefits that we all need from our daily bathing routines. So embrace the tranquility of blue for your bathroom. Just follow the tips above to pick the perfect blue hue for your space. Soon you’ll have a dreamy oasis for relaxing, unwinding and performing self-care rituals.