Embrace the warmth and craftsmanship of the Arts and Crafts movement with a bathroom design that celebrates natural materials, simple lines, and handmade elements. An Arts and Crafts bathroom combines functionality, comfort, and beauty for a space that evokes tranquility and charm.

Elements of an Arts and Crafts Bathroom

Several key features characterize the Arts and Crafts aesthetic. Incorporating these details into your bathroom design will create a cohesive, stylish space.

Natural Materials

Arts and Crafts style emphasizes raw, earthy materials like stone, wood, clay, and woven textiles. For bathrooms, consider wood cabinets stained in a dark finish, marble or granite countertops, ceramic tile floors, and neutral tones on the walls. Introduce baskets, a ceramic vessel sink, and towels made of natural fibers for texture.


Quality craftsmanship in all elements is central in Arts and Crafts. Look for solid wood vanities with dovetail joinery, clawfoot tubs, custom tilework and mosaics, wrought iron fixtures, and handcrafted accessories. Visible evidence of craft is part of the appeal.

Simple Lines

Clean, uncomplicated lines lend the space a sense of tranquility. Shaker-style cabinetry, apron front sinks, and rectangular mirrors keep the look uncluttered. Opt for spare, geometric patterns and classic subway tiles instead of busy motifs.

Handmade Accents

Handmade ceramic tiles, lighting, hardware, and textiles bring warmth, uniqueness, and craft to the space. Consider commissioning an artisan tile mosaic, stained glass window, or custom vanity. Weave in personal touches like hand-embroidered towels.

Choosing Fixtures and Finishes

When selecting fixtures, finishes, and materials for an Arts and Crafts bathroom, keep the hallmarks of the style in mind. Opt for quality pieces crafted from natural materials with minimal ornamentation.


For flooring and wall tile, stone and ceramic tiles are ideal options. Stone tiles in slate, travertine, or marble establish an earthy, raw foundation. For ceramic wall tiles, consider handmade subway tile, mosaic patterns, or geometric designs. Accent with artisan ceramic tile trim and inlay.

Avoid polished, glossy tiles in favor of matte, textured, or hand-finished surfaces that mimic a handcrafted look. Neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and brown help cultivate a tranquil mood.

Cabinets and Vanity

Solid wood cabinets complement the Arts and Crafts aesthetic. Opt for timeless Shaker or Mission styles. Stain the wood a darker, warmer shade rather than painted cabinets. Details like exposed joinery, bin pulls, and handcrafted knobs reinforce craftsmanship.

Consider a furnishings-style vanity with legs rather than a built-in cabinet vanity base. This allows a view of the flooring and creates an airier look. Marble, granite, or concrete vanity tops suit the raw, organic vibe.


Make a statement with a clawfoot tub, the quintessential fixture of Arts and Crafts bathrooms. The exposed feet highlight craftsmanship. Roll top or slipper tubs also fit the classic style. Cast iron or enameled steel are durable, natural materials. Position the tub near a window to connect the space to nature.

Lighting and Hardware

Wrought iron fixtures, sconces, chandeliers, and pendants shine with hand-forged artistry. Stained glass introduces soft colors and handcrafted allure. Oil-rubbed bronze, wrought iron, and aged brass finishes reinforce the vintage sensibility.

Opt for classic bin or straight bar pulls in metals, leather, or ceramic for cabinets and drawers. Analog clocks, letterboard signs, and wall hooks made from natural materials make charming accents.

Accessories and Textiles

Handcrafted baskets provide rustic storage for towels and bath accessories. Neutral candles, flowers, greenery, and artisan ceramics add personal touches. Use textured linens like cotton waffle weave towels or incorporate handmade quilts and embroidered details. A woven jute or sisal rug brings natural fiber underfoot.

Crafting Tranquil Ambiance

An Arts and Crafts bathroom should evoke a sense of tranquility. Use these tips to craft a soothing, retreat-like space:

  • Soak in natural light. Generous windows, skylights, and sun tunnels connect the indoors to nature. Opt for light, airy window treatments like bamboo shades or linen curtains.
  • Incorporate living plants like succulents, ferns, or orchids. Display greenery in stone or ceramic planters to avoid overloading wood surfaces with moisture.
  • Use calm, neutral wall colors like warm white, pale green, light blues, or tan. Paint or stain woodwork a slightly darker shade for contrast.
  • Minimize visual clutter. Stow necessities in bathroom cabinets, drawers, and baskets.
  • Arrange an inviting chair, cushioned bench, or window seat under natural light.
  • Play peaceful background music to enhance the relaxed ambiance. Think instrumental folk, light jazz, or nature soundtracks.

With an emphasis on craftsmanship and natural materials, an Arts and Crafts bathroom provides a serene, welcoming space to begin each new day.

Design Concepts and Layouts

The Arts and Crafts style adapts well to a range of bathroom spaces. Use these layout concepts to map out an efficient, beautiful retreat.

Master Bathroom

For luxurious main bathrooms, a double vanity provides storage and allows two people to use the space simultaneously. Include his/her sinks at each station. A central makeup vanity or dressing table accommodates extra morning routines. Separate tub and shower stalls afford privacy and custom tilework. Arts and Crafts themes can translate to expansive layouts with spa-like amenities.

Small Bathroom

Even modest bathrooms benefit from Arts and Crafts details. A pedestal sink saves space over a vanity. Roll-top tubs fit into compact footprints. Mini subway tiles make rooms feel larger. Strategic storage like wall cabinets, corner shelves, and freestanding furniture keeps necessities organized. Natural light from a window over the tub brightens the room.

Powder Room

Powder rooms and half baths present perfect little canvases to showcase Arts and Crafts style. Play up the textures of stone and wood. Install picture frame wainscoting as an accent wall or bathe the space in warmth with wood beadboard. Bring in craft with an artisan mirror or pendant light. A ceramic vessel sink atop a metal stand adds handmade appeal.

Kids’ Bathroom

For a kid-friendly Arts and Crafts bathroom opt for durable finishes like ceramic tile paired with metal or solid wood accents. Include open cubby storage and reduce clutter with bins and baskets. Introduce whimsy with an animal-themed accent tile, vibrant handcrafted shower curtain, or display of favorite books and toys. Let children create their own art to display. The Arts and Crafts aesthetic nurtures young imaginations.

Accessible Bathroom

The clean lines and timeless style of Arts and Crafts readily welcome accessible and universal design elements. Grab bars, curbless showers, comfort height toilets, and ADA compliant clearances integrate seamlessly. Lever handles and easy-reach controls suit limited mobility. Contrasting paint colors differentiate walls from flooring. Slip-resistant finishes prevent falls. Every detail can focus on safety and accessibility.

Regardless of layout, thoughtfully arranging fixtures and finishes results in an Arts and Crafts bathroom that both uplifts and inspires.

Notable Elements to Include

Incorporating even a few of the following special details will lend Arts and Crafts flair to bathrooms of any size:

Mosaic Accent Tile

Handmade ceramic tile mosaics provide an artistic focal point when installed as an accent. Backsplashes, shower floors, tub surrounds, and vanity skirts offer prime placement areas. Geometric and nature-inspired designs stay true to the aesthetic. Consider collaborating with a local artisan tile maker or mosaic artist to create a custom work.

Freestanding Tub

Few fixtures epitomize Arts and Crafts bathrooms more than a freestanding tub. The clawfoot variety reveals the craftsmanship of the exposed feet and polished nickel or rubbed bronze finished drain and faucet. For a modern spin, select a slipper tub perched gracefully on a matte black pedestal. Position the tub near a window with a peaceful view.

Double Vanity with Vessel Sinks

To optimize function in shared bathrooms, incorporate his/her sinks into a split double vanity. Opt for wall-mounted or counter-seated ceramic vessel sinks for a streamlined look. Separate mirrored medicine cabinets keep personal items discreet. Built-in vanity lighting illuminates each station.

Handcrafted Mirror

Mirrors make a statement in Arts and Crafts bathrooms. Commission a local artisan to create a custom wood-framed, stained glass, or hand-etched mirror based on your own design. Or seek out an intricately wrought iron floor mirror at an antique market. The options for creative, artful mirrors are endless.

Wainscoting Accent Wall

Use wide-plank beadboard or reclaimed barn wood to panel one wall in an accent treatment. Paint the wainscoting in a contrasting tone to draw the eye upwards and add texture. Floating shelves layered atop the wood panels display cherished objects and green plants. Wainscoting instantly brings old-world character.

Stone Water Feature

The soothing sound of trickling water evokes relaxation. Incorporate an indoor water element to establish a spa-like ambiance. A stone waterfall cascading into a small pool filled with pebbles provides natural Zen. Or mount a repurposed wall-mounted fountain by the bathtub. The pleasant noise blocks out less calming bathroom sounds.

With well-placed Arts and Crafts elements, even the humblest bathroom transforms into a charming retreat that connects you to the artistry of the past while meeting the demands of modern living.

Arts and Crafts Bathroom Inspiration

These exquisite bathrooms showcase the beauty, craftsmanship, and versatility of the Arts and Crafts movement translated for contemporary lifestyles:

Inviting Neutrals

This airy bathroom retreat combines organic textures in shades of white and beige for a calm, welcoming effect. The quartzite stone countertop and matte ceramic tile mimic raw, earthy materials. Pale wood cabinetry, linen draperies, and rattan accessories reinforce the natural vibe. A window bathes the space in sunshine.

Inviting Neutrals

Photo by Laura Moss via The Spruce

Rustic Simplicity

Exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood mirrors, wrought iron light fixtures, and sleek concrete counters merge industrial and Arts and Crafts influences in this rustic bathroom. Vintage elements like the clawfoot tub and subway tile keep the look grounded in tradition. The single floating wood shelf simplifies storage.

Rustic Simplicity

Photo by Demiurge Design

Personalized Craft

An handpainted vanity, custom wood mirror, and mosaic floor infuse this crisp white bathroom with personal artistry and warmth. The marble herringbone shower wall and woven accessories continue the tactile handmade theme. Abundant natural light streams through tall windows and skylights.

Personalized Craft

Photo by Neptune Home Services

Spa Sophistication

Dark finishes and luxe materials like the freestanding polished nickel tub, marble tile, and exotic wood vanity give this bathroom an enriched look and feel. Yet clean lines, geometric accents, and ample windows keep the aesthetic rooted in Arts and Crafts simplicity.

Spa Sophistication

Photo by Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath

Vintage Character

Classic hexagonal floor tile, molded wainscoting, and antique lighting fixtures revive the early 20th century Arts and Crafts spirit in this elegant bathroom. Modern shower tile and vanity adapt the style for contemporary routines. Time-weathered charm exudes throughout.

Vintage Character

Photo by Neptune Home Services

The hallmark Arts and Crafts elements of simple lines, natural materials, quality craftsmanship, and handmade accents translate beautifully into bathrooms designed for tranquility and daily renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arts and Crafts Bathrooms

What colors work best in an Arts and Crafts bathroom?

Neutral, subdued tones like whites, beiges, taupes, and pale greens suit the calming, natural Arts and Crafts aesthetic. For accents, consider warm wood stains, black, and earth tones like brown, tan, slate blue, or mossy green. Avoid bright, loud colors.

What flooring is best for an Arts and Crafts bathroom?

Authentic-looking ceramic or stone tile in materials like travertine, limestone, concrete, slate, or terracotta replicate the Arts and Crafts affinity for raw, organic flooring. Choose matte finishes and neutral earth-toned colors. Patterns like hexagonal and herringbone add interest.

What types of sinks work with this style?

Vessel, pedestal, and wall-mounted sinks keep lines clean and simple. Materials like fireclay, ceramic, hammered copper, and concrete have an artisanal look. For a vanity, opt for an apron-front sink. Avoid noisy stainless steel.

Should the cabinets be painted or stained?

Stained solid wood cabinets suit the Arts and Crafts aesthetic better than painted cabinets. Opt for a natural dark wood stain like walnut or espresso. Shaker style doors complement the pared-down style. Or leave cabinetry unfinished for a rustic look.

What is the best lighting for an Arts and Crafts bathroom?

Handcrafted fixtures like wrought iron sconces, pendants, and chandeliers add character. Wall-mounted swing arm sconces provide task lighting. Stained glass lamps cast a warm, enchanting glow. Ensure adequate illumination for tasks and safety.

How do you incorporate greenery?

Potted plants, wreaths, and garlands woven from living ferns or eucalyptus add organic green accents. Display air plants and succulents in hand thrown ceramic pots or mounted wood planters. Just take care to avoid getting water on wood surfaces.

With thoughtful material and finish selections, charming details, and a soothing atmosphere, the hallmarks of Arts and Crafts design transform bathrooms into sanctuaries of natural simplicity and craft.


Arts and Crafts bathrooms celebrate natural materials, quality artistry, and simplicity for a look that endures. The emphasis on handicrafts and organic textures results in spaces that calm the senses and refresh the spirit.

From wood vanities to handmade tile, every detail offers an opportunity to inject personality and reinforce harmony with nature. Cool hues and and minimal ornamentation clear the mind, while abundant light and living greenery connect the indoors with the outdoors.

When thoughtfully designed, even a modest bathroom can evoke the tranquil charm synonymous with Arts and Crafts spaces. Savvy use of craftsmanship and raw elements creates an oasis designed to relax, rejuvenate, and inspire.