With carefully curated art, custom finishes, and high-end design details, this master suite is a dream come true for its art-loving homeowners. We’ll explore how they turned an unused attic into a spa-like retreat that reflects their passion for art and design.


When a couple who collects art decided to renovate the attic of their 1922 Tudor-style home in California into a master suite, they saw it as an opportunity to create a personal sanctuary that would reflect their tastes and passions. Working with a talented local interior designer, they transformed the raw unfinished space into a luxurious suite that combines visual interest, comfort, and functionality.

The previous owners used the attic for storage, but for this couple who thrives on surrounding themselves with art and thoughtful design, it was the perfect blank canvas. Their vision was to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere with an art gallery feel – a private retreat where they could unwind and enjoy their collection.

This suite is a testament to the homeowners’ keen aesthetic eye and unwavering attention to detail. Every aspect was carefully considered and customized, from the layout to the finishes. By selecting high-quality materials, striking artwork, and unique decorative touches, they brought warmth and character to the space while maintaining a tranquil vibe.

Layout and Floor Plan

To optimize the attic’s sloped ceilings and make the most of the footprint, the designer recommended creating distinct zones within the open-concept suite: sleeping, bathing, dressing, and lounging areas. This allowed for better flow and functionality.

Sleeping Zone

The sleeping area features a king-size bed flanked by symmetrical nightstands with roomy drawers and display shelves. Above the custom upholstered headboard hangs a stunning abstract painting in blues and greens that immediately draws the eye. Large windows along the slanted side walls allow natural light to flood the space and provide views of the backyard trees.

Bathing Zone

The spa-like bathing zone has a free-standing oval tub placed below a skylight, providing a view of sky and trees while soaking. This area also includes a walk-in shower with sleek frameless glass enclosure and a double vanity with wall-mounted modern sconces above. The neutral stone tile, textured white stone countertops, and natural wood accents evoke a sense of tranquility.

Dressing Zone

The dressing area has a walk-in closet concealed behind pocket doors, with custom built-ins for folded clothing and accessories. A brightly upholstered bench allows for putting on shoes, while a full-length mirror lets you check your look.

Lounging Zone

For additional seating and relaxation, a comfortable chaise lounge chair resides in a corner nook surrounded by art pieces. This vignette creates a gallery-like art-viewing space within the larger suite.

Design Details


As dedicated art aficionados, the homeowners wished to exhibit some of their personal collection within the master suite. The interior designer helped them select and place key pieces to enhance the overall design.

Colorful abstracts and modern photography provide pops of vivid hues. Black and white cityscapes chosen for their architectural lines and geometries contrast beautifully with the rich colors. Pieces were also specially commissioned, such as the large-scale nature photography above the bed. The thoughtful curation and placement of the art makes visitors feel immersed in a gallery experience.

Color Palette

A neutral color palette of warm white, soft greys and taupes allows the artwork to take center stage. Pops of blue in the bedding and lounge chair provide tranquil accent colors that evoke a relaxing, spa-like vibe. The wood nightstands, closet built-ins, and vanity inject organic warmth.


To create both mood and function, the lighting fixtures were selected to complement the aesthetic. Sconces, accent lighting and picture lights illuminate artwork and display pieces. Tall floor lamps provide ample ambient lighting, while recessed lights overhead supplement when needed. Shades and smart bulbs allow for controlling the right brightness at different times of day.


The homeowners wished to keep the furnishings clean-lined and neutral like the color scheme, so as not to distract from the artwork. Custom upholstered pieces were designed for maximum comfort, including the curving chaise lounge and tufted headboard. Nightstands, built-ins and vanity were crafted from warm woods. Plush rugs over the hardwood floors add softness underfoot.


Natural, organic finishes connect to the relaxed vibe. Limestone tile laid in a herringbone pattern covers the floor and shower walls. The tub and vanity surfaces feature elegant white stone counters. Wood finishes include oak flooring and nightstand tops, walnut cabinetry, and an eucalyptus bench. Metallic accents in the mirror, sconces and artwork add a touch of glamour.


To complement the indoor tranquility, new landscaping transformed the exterior sloped yard from overgrown to an ordered, visually soothing zen garden. Specimen trees, grasses, stone pathways and a small waterfall create a meditative oasis visible from the master suite windows.

The Transformation

The homeowners had a strong vision for their master sanctuary centered on art, but creating the physical space required expert help. The interior designer played an integral role in turning their dreams into reality.

Interior Designer’s Role

An experienced professional designer understands how to identify client needs and translate concepts into spaces that are both beautiful and functional. For this attic suite, the designer’s responsibilities included:

  • Meeting with clients to identify goals, preferences and inspirations
  • Creating floorplans optimized for sloped ceilings
  • Selecting finishes, fixtures, furniture that realized the aesthetic
  • Curating and placing art pieces to maximize impact
  • Overseeing contractors during the renovation process
  • Providing decorating services like window treatments, bedding and accessories

The designer’s holistic vision tied all the elements together into a cohesive environment reflecting the homeowners’ passions.

Contractor’s Role

Executing the physical renovation from unfinished attic to high-end suite required an experienced construction team. Their responsibilities encompassed:

  • Demolishing existing structure and disposal
  • Framing walls, installing windows and doors
  • Running electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing systems
  • Drywall, insulation, painting and trim carpentry
  • Installing floors, tilework and bathroom fixtures
  • Building custom cabinetry, closets and shelving
  • Coordinating subcontractors like electricians and landscapers

Careful project management ensured the work stayed on time and budget without sacrificing quality.

Homeowners’ Role

While the designer and contractor did the heavy lifting, the homeowners played an active part in creating this dream master suite:

  • Communicated their aesthetic tastes, lifestyle needs and goals
  • Conducted research on options like lighting, tile, and furnishings
  • Provided key antique furnishings and art to incorporate
  • Made product selections like paint colors and cabinet finishes
  • Coordinated getting items like rug, bedding and accessories
  • Oversaw progress during the renovation process

The homeowners’ thoughtful participation at every stage resulted in a space tailored specially for them.

Design Impact

The beautifully realized master suite has had a profoundly positive impact on the homeowners’ lifestyle.

Daily Life

From the moment they open their eyes in the morning, the homeowners feel relaxed and inspired. The custom layout provides an efficient flow as they move from sleeping to bathing to dressing areas, while enjoying favorite artworks throughout. The tranquil environment helps them feel refreshed, prepared for the day ahead.

Leisure Time

During evenings and weekends in their suite, the homeowners luxuriate in leisurely baths, lounge while reading, or curl up together to watch movies. The space provides a comforting, rejuvenating escape from the stresses of work and life. Surrounding themselves with meaningful art and design nourishes their spirits.


This special suite also serves as an impressive gallery backdrop when hosting intimate gatherings. Guests are wowed by the architecture, finishes and artwork, often lingering to chat in one of the cozy seating vignettes. The homeowners take pride sharing details about pieces from their personal collection.


This private sanctuary has nurtured the homeowners’ bond and brought them closer. The process of designing the space together strengthened their relationship. And the finished suite has become their own personal oasis – a place to cocoon away from the world, relax and reconnect.

Art Immersion

After spending long days at the office, the homeowners can come home and unwind surrounded by inspiring art. Living with their collection heightens their daily exposure and deepens their appreciation. Displaying special pieces elevates their spirits and fuels their passion.

The personalized design of this suite enables the homeowners to live joyfully immersed in art.

Design Takeaways

This art-loving couple’s beautiful master suite holds invaluable insights for anyone embarking on a bedroom renovation or design project.

Define your vision

Having a clear vision of your goals and tastes will inform the design direction. Determine how you want the space to feel, function and reflect your passions. Focus the aesthetic and layout around your unique lifestyle needs.

Hire professional help

An interior designer and contractor can expertly execute the physical transformation. Look for professionals who listen well and share your vision. Be ready to communicate your desires.

Incorporate meaningful pieces

Make the space feel special by displaying treasured art, heirlooms or collections you’ve amassed. The personal touches will enhance your connection and enjoyment of the room.

Invest in quality

From fixtures to furnishings, choose pieces made with care from high-grade materials. You’ll appreciate living with quality craftsmanship. Prioritize custom work over mass-produced.

Curate artwork thoughtfully

Place signature artworks in strategic spots where they’ll draw the eye and spark joy. Group pieces with cohesive themes or color stories for greater impact.

Add warm, organic elements

Lush houseplants, wood or rattan furniture and natural fiber rugs bring coziness and texture. leucCreate an inviting retreat to nurture your senses.

Splurge on special details

Designer window treatments, bed linens, lighting and hardware elevate the look. Personalize with monogramming or custom embellishment for an extra touch.

Enjoy the process

Have fun planning your special space. Share successes along the way with your partner, designer and contractor. Savor this time dreaming and creating together.

The homeowners’ bespoke master suite reflects their passion for art, but the concepts could be customized around any hobby or interest. With careful planning and design, you too can create your perfect retreat. Let your dreams fuel the vision that guides your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creating an Art-Inspired Master Suite

What are some key elements of an art-inspired master suite?

  • Gallery-style wall space to display important pieces
  • Thoughtful lighting to showcase the art
  • Neutral colors that allow the art to pop
  • Organic texture from wood, leather, velvet
  • A layout with distinct sleeping, bathing, dressing zones

How can you incorporate artwork into a master bedroom?

  • Hang signature pieces above bed, sofa, or chairs
  • Create small vignettes of art in corners or alcoves
  • Use artwork to accent a focal wall or headboard
  • Group coordinating prints and photography together
  • Display sculptural pieces on plinths or shelves

What type of artworks work best in a bedroom?

  • Soothing landscapes, ocean scenes, aerial photography
  • Black and white or muted color photography
  • Abstracts with restful colors like blues, greens
  • Sculptural pieces with organic shapes and textures
  • Commissions or personal collections with meaning

What design elements complement an art-filled master suite?

  • Picture lights and track lighting to illuminate pieces
  • Wide doorways, tall ceilings to make space feel grand
  • Soft furnishings like upholstered headboard, lounge chair
  • Warm woods to balance out cool-toned art
  • Neutral wall colors so art takes visual priority

How can you make a small master bedroom feel larger?

  • Use a monochromatic color scheme
  • Eliminate bulky furnishings that clutter
  • Hang mirrors to give illusion of more space
  • Keep furnishings low profile and walls uncluttered
  • Add statement lighting and high ceiling if possible

What are some important considerations for art placement?

  • Height and sightlines – hang at standing eye level
  • Breathing room – don’t overcrowd pieces
  • Balance – create symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements
  • Highlight – draw eye to important piece as focal point
  • Lighting – illuminate art, no glare on pieces

What questions should you ask when hiring an interior designer?

  • What is your experience, expertise, design philosophy?
  • What services do you provide? Design, sourcing, project management?
  • What is the design process and my involvement? Milestones?
  • How will you translate my vision and style into the space?
  • What will the costs be? Provide a detailed proposal.


This stunning master suite exemplifies how art collectors can immerse themselves in their passion at home through thoughtful interior design. By collaborating closely with a talented designer to create a layout with distinct activity zones, curate a cohesive art collection, select high-quality furnishings and finishes, and incorporate custom details, this couple was able to realize their vision for an art-inspired dream retreat. While the sloped attic architecture and sizable art budget provided an ideal canvas, a space infused with personal meaning, comfort, and inspiration can be achieved on any budget or in any home. With clearly defined goals, professional help, and personalized design choices, you too can create your own artful sanctuary.


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