Are GHI Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) cabinets a good option for your kitchen or bathroom remodel? As a leading manufacturer of RTA cabinets, GHI offers attractive, budget-friendly cabinetry with plenty of customization options. But how do GHI RTA cabinets compare to other cabinet brands in terms of quality, price, selection and ease of installation?

In this detailed guide, we’ll examine key factors that set GHI RTA cabinets apart. We’ll explore GHI cabinet construction, materials, finishes and hardware options to help you determine if their RTA cabinetry line is the right choice for your next project.

An Introduction to GHI Cabinetry

GHI Cabinet Depot is a U.S.-based cabinet manufacturer founded in 1979. They specialize in RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinetry, selling directly to customers online and through select home improvement retailers.

GHI offers three main RTA cabinet lines:

  • Designer – GHI’s standard RTA cabinet line with maple frames and plywood panel construction. Offered at an affordable mid-range price point.
  • Select – A step up from Designer, featuring solid wood frames and doors. Select cabinets have thicker plywood panels and soft-close drawer glides.
  • Premier – GHI’s line of semi-custom RTA cabinets, available in a wide range of styles, finishes and wood species. Premier features furniture-quality construction.

Within each cabinet line, GHI offers a range of door styles, from slab cabinet doors to inset doors with inset panels. They also sell fully assembled cabinets if you prefer to skip the assembly process.

Key Benefits of GHI RTA Cabinets:

  • Affordable pricing, up to 50% less than custom cabinetry
  • Wide range of customization with cabinets, storage and hardware
  • Fast shipping, with most orders arriving within 3-6 business days
  • Easy assembly rated “simple” to “moderate”, no need to be highly skilled

Now let’s look more closely at how GHI cabinets are constructed.

GHI Cabinet Construction and Materials

GHI cabinets feature quality materials and durable construction. Here are some key details on how their RTA cabinets are made:


The cabinet boxes or “frames” make up the basic structure of RTA cabinets. GHI frames consist of:

  • Wood corner blocks – GHI uses either solid wood or engineered wood corner blocks to join frame pieces. This creates a sturdy base.
  • Face frames – Horizontal and vertical face frames reinforce the front cabinet structure. GHI face frames are made from solid hardwood.
  • Cross braces – Additional braces along the top and bottom enhance rigidity.

GHI’s Premier line has all solid wood frames while Designer and Select lines use a mix of solid wood and engineered wood components.

Cabinet Panels

GHI constructs their cabinet boxes and doors using plywood panels. Plywood provides strength and durability at an affordable price point.

  • Designer Series – 1⁄2” furniture-grade plywood
  • Select Series – 5/8” to 3⁄4” hardwood plywood
  • Premier Series – 3⁄4” plywood with veneer center panels

For contrast, many budget RTA cabinet lines use lower-grade particleboard instead of plywood. GHI plywood panels offer enhanced moisture resistance and screw-holding abilities.

Doors and Drawer Fronts

GHI cabinet doors and drawer fronts consist of a plywood center panel surrounded by a hardwood frame. Higher-end lines may feature engineered solid wood doors and drawer fronts.

Doors are joined using modern engineered wood joints along with mechanical fasteners. This creates strong, long-lasting doors that won’t loosen or sag over time.


Key drawer features include:

  • Full-extension metal drawer glides for easy access
  • Dovetail joinery on drawer boxes for maximum strength
  • Optional soft-close glides (standard on Select & Premier) for smooth, quiet closing.


GHI cabinets include adjustable shelves made from engineered wood melamine or plywood. Premium lines may come with solid hardwood shelves.

Finish Details

GHI sprays cabinets with a multi-step finishing process:

  • Sanding to prep surfaces
  • Stain or paint coating application
  • Protective sealer coats

The result is a durable, clean finish. GHI offers over 10 stain options and 20 paint colors.

They also sell unfinished cabinets for a natural wood look. Unfinished cabinets require sanding and staining after assembly.

GHI Cabinet Hardware

GHI RTA cabinets come with high-quality hardware:

  • Durable all-metal door hinges with six-way adjustability
  • Full-extension drawer glides for easy access
  • Soft-close hinges and glides to prevent slamming (on Select & Premier)
  • Decorative door knobs and pulls in a range of styles
  • Sturdy metal shelf clips, braces, and hanging rails

GHI also gives you the option to upgrade your cabinet hardware. Choose from several hardware finish colors and styles to give your new GHI kitchen or bathroom cabinets a custom look.

Are GHI Cabinets Easy to Assemble?

GHI Ready-To-Assemble cabinets are designed for easy assembly in your home.

Typical Skill Level Needed:

  • Designer Series – Beginner skills with basic tools
  • Select Series – Intermediate skills, or beginner with assistance
  • Premier Series – Intermediate skills suggested

Assembly involves joining cabinet parts together using Cam locks or wood dowels. GHI includes detailed instructions with diagrams and a hardware checklist.

The process takes 2-3 days for an average kitchen. Having an extra set of hands speeds up the cabinet assembly considerably.

While GHI RTA assembly is straightforward, there are some tips to make the process easier:

  • Review instructions before starting
  • Organize hardware and parts during unpacking
  • Assemble cabinets on a smooth, clean surface
  • Pre-drill screw holes before driving screws
  • Follow sequence in instructions closely
  • Tighten Cam lock bolts carefully
  • Double check for missing hardware or mistakes
  • Work slowly and carefully for best results

Hiring a carpenter to assemble your GHI RTA cabinets costs an average of $2000 for a 10×10 kitchen. While $2000 seems expensive upfront, it allows you to skip the assembly work yourself.

GHI Cabinet Cost and Pricing

Pricing is one of the main advantages of choosing GHI RTA cabinets over custom cabinetry. Ready-to-assemble cabinets cost 20% to 50% less than custom cabinets installed by a contractor.

Here’s a pricing comparison of GHI’s RTA cabinet lines:

  • Designer – GHI’s most affordable line starts at $100 per cabinet box.
  • Select – A mid-range line starting at $200 per standard cabinet.
  • Premier – GHI’s semi-custom line starts at $250. More exotic wood species and custom modifications raise the price.

To compare, custom cabinets start at $200 per box and easily exceed $1000+ for larger, more complex cabinets.

GHI offers significant cost savings, allowing you to get attractive, quality cabinetry often for half the price of custom.

GHI also routinely runs sales on their RTA cabinetry line. Sale discounts of 10% to 20% off can add up to major savings, especially on larger kitchen projects.

Should You Choose GHI for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets?

GHI RTA cabinets provide an excellent combination of quality, customization and value. Before deciding, weigh the key pros and cons:


  • Significant cost savings over custom cabinetry
  • Wide range of styles, finishes and configuration options
  • Quality plywood construction and materials
  • Durable finishes and high-grade hardware
  • Easy assembly rated “simple” to “moderate”
  • Fast shipping, cabinets arrive within 1 week


  • Still requires assembly (can pay extra for full installation)
  • Limited selection of exotic woods and veneers
  • Quality not quite as high-end as true custom cabinetry
  • Semi-custom modifications limited compared to true custom

Ultimately, GHI Ready-To-Assemble cabinets offer homeowners, contractors and designers an outstanding value. GHI RTA cabinets are an excellent choice for kitchen or bathroom projects where you want great quality without the sky-high cost of full customization.

Frequently Asked Questions About GHI RTA Cabinets

Shoppers often have additional questions when researching GHI Ready-To-Assemble cabinetry. Here we answer some of the most common questions:

Q: What is the lowest price for a GHI RTA kitchen?

The total cost for an average 10×10 GHI RTA kitchen starts around $2,500. You can purchase GHI cabinets for under $100 per box. With additional hardware, shipping and taxes, even the most basic GHI kitchen generally costs $2500+.

Q: Is GHI Cabinetry high quality?

Yes, GHI Ready-To-Assemble cabinets represent a high-quality product, given their competitive pricing. GHI RTA cabinets use durable plywood construction, quality hardware and multi-step finishes. They are comparable to mid-priced custom cabinetry in look, feel and functionality.

Q: How long does GHI cabinet shipping take?

GHI offers fast order processing and shipping. Most cabinet orders ship out 2-4 business days after your order is placed. Shipping time via truck freight is 5-8 business days across most U.S. locations. Orders generally arrive 6-10 days from the time your order is placed.

Q: What is GHI’s warranty on cabinets?

GHI provides a limited lifetime warranty on their RTA cabinets. This covers defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty is transferable if the original purchaser sells their home. GHI requires proof of purchase and that cabinets are installed per their guidelines.

Q: Are GHI cabinets sold in home improvement stores?

GHI Ready-To-Assemble cabinets are available online through GHI’s website, as well as select kitchen and bath retailers. They are not currently sold in major home improvement stores. GHI focuses on selling direct-to-consumer online and via partners.

Q: How much does GHI charge for kitchen cabinet installation?

If you prefer not to install cabinets yourself, GHI partners with local contractors to offer full-service cabinet installation. Installation pricing varies by location but expect to pay $150 – $250 per cabinet for installation and an overall average of around $4,000 – $7,000 for a complete GHI RTA kitchen installation.

The Bottom Line – Are GHI Cabinets Worth It?

GHI Cabinet Depot provides an impressive combination of quality, selection and affordability. For homeowners, contractors and designers seeking stylish, mid-priced RTA cabinetry for kitchens or bathrooms, GHI stands out as an excellent choice.

In terms of constructability, hardware, durability and overall look, GHI cabinets offer tremendous value. Their tailored approach to RTA cabinet manufacturing helps bring the cost down without sacrificing on quality or customization.

While GHI RTA cabinetry lacks the total customization and ultra-premium finishes of true custom cabinets, their thoughtful designs and reasonable prices make them a go-to choice for most kitchen and bath projects.

So if you seek stylish cabinets with lots of configuration options, and you want to save thousands over the cost of custom-built cabinets, GHI’s RTA cabinet line is absolutely worth considering for your next kitchen, bath or storage project. Just be prepared to spend some elbow grease assembling the cabinets yourself or factor in installation costs.