Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets have become increasingly popular in recent years for homeowners and contractors looking for an affordable and customizable cabinetry option. RTA cabinets come packaged with all the parts and hardware needed for assembly and just require some simple putting together before being installed. Forevermark cabinets are one of the many cabinet brands that offer an RTA line.

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA cabinets, sometimes referred to as flat pack or knockdown cabinets, come packaged in a flat box with panels, shelves, hinges, and any other hardware needed for assembly. They usually require simple putting together with screws, cams, or dowels before installation. The benefits of choosing RTA options include:

  • Cost Savings – RTA cabinets are up to 50% cheaper than pre-assembled options since you save on shipping costs and assembly labor fees.
  • Convenience – RTA cabinets ship easily and can be brought right to your project site for assembly. Their flat packing also makes them easier to transport and fit through tight spaces during renovations.
  • Customization – Many RTA cabinet lines allow you to customize colors, finishes, sizes, and storage options. This allows creating a personalized kitchen without the higher cost of custom cabinetry.

While RTA cabinets do require a small time investment in assembly, many find this tradeoff worthwhile for the cost and customization advantages.

Are Forevermark Cabinets RTA?

Yes, Forevermark Cabinetry offers several lines of ready-to-assemble cabinets in various styles. Their RTA offerings provide many of the same customization options and attractive designs available with their pre-assembled cabinetry but with added cost savings.

Here is an overview of the RTA cabinet collections Forevermark offers:

Forevermark Elements

The Forevermark Elements RTA line features modern shaker-style cabinetry constructed from solid hardwoods and premium engineered materials. The cabinets come with soft-close drawer glides and 6-way adjustable hinges that make assembly easy. Customization options include:

  • 7 door styles and 50+ colors and finishes
  • Multiple storage options like roll out trays, spice pull outs, and wine racks
  • Accent panels, crowns, and other accessories

Elements RTA cabinets are an affordable way to get high-quality, sturdy kitchen or bathroom storage.

Forevermark Nuova

Nuova offers RTA cabinets in a mix of shaker, traditional, and modern stylings. Their maple, oak, and thermofoil options make coordinating cabinetry with your home’s aesthetics simple. Assembly options like concealed hinges, soft-close drawers, and adjustable shelves maximize functionality.

Customize your Nuova RTA cabinets with:

  • 25+ door profiles from slab to cathedral styles
  • Stain, paint, glaze, and distressing finishes
  • Kitchen islands, storage solutions, and decorative accents

Nuova RTA delivers versatility for projects ranging from rustic to contemporary.

Forevermark Select Series

The Select Series from Forevermark provides RTA cabinets that combine quality, durability, and value. Their solid wood doors and plywood construction offer lasting performance. Concealed hinges and soft-close hardware come standard.

Select Series allows customizing with:

  • 5 premium stained, painted, and thermofoil colors
  • Storage enhancements like rollout trays and tip out sinks
  • Matching cabinet tops and moldings

For a reliable, no-fuss RTA option, Select Series makes a great choice.

No matter your decorative tastes or budget, Forevermark’s collections offer RTA cabinets to suit your needs. Their products provide affordable customization opportunities that elevate the functionality and visual appeal of your space.

Benefits of Choosing Forevermark RTA Cabinets

Opting for Forevermark RTA cabinets offers many advantages that make them a smart option whether you’re doing a kitchen refresh or full remodel.

Quality Materials and Construction

While RTA cabinets are designed for convenience, Forevermark does not compromise on quality with their ready-to-assemble options. Their cabinets feature solid wood doors and drawers along with strong plywood boxes that provide durability to handle years of use. Soft-close hinges and slides come standard for smooth operation.

RTA assembly from Forevermark gets you cabinetry built to last.

Extensive Customization

Forevermark allows modifying their RTA cabinets so you can match your functional needs and personal style. With over 50 door designs across various species of wood plus dozens of finishes, creating a unique RTA kitchen or bath is easy. Further customize with storage additions like spice pull outs, roll out trays, tip-out sink fronts and more.

RTA cabinetry from Forevermark provides custom options typically found with more expensive brands.

Affordable Pricing

Choosing RTA cabinets can save up to 50% over the cost of pre-assembled options. Because RTA ships efficiently in flat packs and does not require professional assembly, overhead and labor fees are reduced. This makes Forevermark RTA cabinets a budget-friendly choice without sacrificing appearance or functionality. Their quality rivals that of many premium brands but at a fraction of the price.

Forevermark RTA allows stretching your cabinetry dollars further.

Quick Turnaround Time

With minimal assembly requirements and streamlined shipping, RTA cabinets can be delivered and installed more rapidly than other cabinet options. Forevermark keeps their RTA collections in stock and ready to ship, avoiding long lead times. This allows completing cabinet upgrades or renovations quickly.

Get your RTA project finished faster with Forevermark’s cabinets.

With their versatile collections, focus on quality, expansive customization, affordable pricing, and availability, Forevermark RTA cabinets provide solutions suitable for all types of kitchen and bathroom projects. Their ready-to-assemble options make elevating your home’s storage and style simple.

What to Know About Assembling Forevermark RTA Cabinets

While Forevermark RTA cabinets do require some DIY assembly before installation, the process is designed to be straightforward for both novice and expert home DIYers. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  • Review Instructions – Forevermark provides detailed instructions with diagrams and written directions to walk you through the assembly process step-by-step. Be sure to thoroughly read through these before beginning.
  • Organize Parts and Hardware – The cabinets ship with everything you’ll need, so take inventory and organize parts to have what you need close at hand for each assembly step. This prevents hunting around and makes the process faster.
  • Have Proper Tools – A drill, Phillips head screwdriver, rubber mallet, wood glue, clamps, and safety equipment like glasses and masks are assembly must-haves.
  • Allow Adequate Workspace – Find a large, clean area with room to spread out cabinet panels for easy access. Protect flooring from scratches.
  • Follow Directions Precisely – RTA cabinets require inserting cams, screws, and dowels in specific sequences in pre-drilled holes to align properly. Carefully following instructions prevents problems.
  • Work Methodically – Assembly is easiest when completing one full cabinet at a time rather than working on multiple cabinets simultaneously.
  • Get Help for Large Cabinets – For base, tall, and large pantry cabinets, having an extra set of hands prevents damage and makes assembly easier.

With attention to detail and patience, RTA assembly can be manageable for DIYers. The small time investment is well worth it for the cost savings Forevermark RTA cabinets provide.

Are Forevermark RTA Cabinets Right for Your Project?

Ready-to-assemble cabinets offer the combination of customization, quality, and affordability many homeowners seek for renovations. To determine if Forevermark RTA is the right choice for your kitchen or bath project, consider:

Your Budget

If sticking to a tighter budget is important, RTA cabinets offer significant cost savings that still allow getting attractive, durable options. The more extensive your project, the greater the potential cost difference from choosing RTA.

Your Schedule

RTA cabinets ship quicker and can be installed faster than custom cabinetry. If your timeline is tight, RTA helps prevent delays.

Your DIY Abilities

Assembling RTA cabinets requires some mechanical aptitude, though Forevermark simplifies the process as much as possible. If you’re comfortable with minor woodworking tasks, RTA assembly should be manageable.

Your Design Preferences

Forevermark RTA cabinets come in a diverse array of styles from traditional to contemporary. If finding just the right look is key, RTA likely offers what you want.

For many homeowners, the perks of quick turnaround times, ample customization, and lower costs make Forevermark RTA cabinets an ideal choice. Their quality construction ensures durability and functionality as well. With a small time investment in assembly, you can save significantly and still achieve your dream aesthetic. Forevermark RTA cabinetry provides an accessible path for upgrading your home with beautiful and personalized cabinetry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to assemble Forevermark RTA cabinets?

Forevermark RTA cabinet assembly is designed to be simple enough for DIYers to complete. Detailed instructions with diagrams guide you through each step. As long as you carefully follow directions and have proper tools, the assembly process is straightforward. Larger cabinets may require a second person to help avoid damage during the assembly process.

Can Forevermark RTA cabinets be customized?

Yes, Forevermark allows you to select from numerous options to customize their RTA cabinetry. This includes choosing cabinet sizes, wood species, door styles, finishes, hardware, and storage accessories. You can select modifications to make your RTA cabinets match your unique vision.

How long does it take to get RTA cabinets?

Because they come ready to ship, Forevermark RTA cabinets avoid the long lead times of custom cabinetry. Depending on location and order size, RTA cabinets can ship within two to four weeks of ordering on average. Planning assembly time after delivery prevents project delays.

Do Forevermark RTA cabinets need to be professionally installed?

While professional installation is recommended for any cabinetry to ensure proper alignment and functionality, Forevermark RTA cabinets can be installed DIY if you’re up for the challenge. The convenience of RTA cabinets allows avoiding added installation labor costs.

Are RTA cabinets lower quality than custom cabinetry?

While pre-assembled cabinets were traditionally viewed as higher grade, many brands like Forevermark now offer RTA cabinetry constructed from top-quality solid wood and plywood. Attention to detail in finishing gives Forevermark RTA cabinets longevity and appeal matching custom cabinetry at lower cost.


With their diverse RTA collections like Elements, Nuova, and Select Series, Forevermark Cabinetry provides quality ready-to-assemble options that compete with many premium cabinet brands at substantial cost savings. Their RTA cabinetry combines durability, customization, and value making upgrades accessible. For homeowners wanting to personalized cabinetry on a budget, Forevermark RTA cabinets offer an easy and affordable solution for achieving your dream kitchen or bathroom.