An Introduction to Artisan Mills Cabinets

Artisan Mills is a California-based cabinet manufacturer that specializes in high-quality, custom-made cabinetry for kitchens, baths, and other rooms. They offer a range of door styles from traditional to modern, available in various wood species and finish options.

Some key features of Artisan Mills cabinets include:

  • Custom cabinet sizing – Cabinets are built to order and fully customizable.
  • Solid wood construction – Made from solid wood rather than particle board or MDF. More durable and can be easily repaired/refinished.
  • Dovetail joinery – Quality joinery technique makes cabinets more sturdy.
  • Soft-close doors and drawers – Doors and drawers close slowly and quietly.
  • Full-extension drawers – Drawers pull out fully for easy access.
  • Variety of organizational accessories – From spice pull-outs to cutlery dividers.
  • Available assembled or RTA – Can choose between fully constructed or DIY assembly.

Are Artisan Mills Cabinets RTA?

Yes, Artisan Mills offers a ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet line in addition to their standard assembled cabinets.

The RTA cabinets have the same quality construction and materials such as solid wood and dovetail joinery. The main difference is RTA cabinets arrive in a flat pack with cabinets parts that require assembly.

Here are some key advantages of choosing RTA cabinets from Artisan Mills:

More Affordable Price Point

RTA cabinets are generally 20-30% less expensive than fully assembled cabinets. This price savings comes from:

  • Lower shipping costs – RTA cabinets pack flat and ship more efficiently.
  • DIY assembly – Costs are reduced by having the customer put cabinets together.

This makes RTA a great option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Ability to Self-Install

With RTA cabinets, you can tackle the cabinet installation yourself since cabinets arrive in pieces with detailed instructions. This allows you to:

  • Save on installer labor costs
  • Take your time assembling without rushed contractor schedules
  • Fully customize your layout, adjusting as you go
  • Feel pride in having installed your new kitchen yourself

So RTA provides a flexible, DIY-friendly installation process.

Wide Range of Styles

Artisan Mills RTA line includes all the same door styles, finishes, and layout options as their standard assembled cabinetry. So you don’t have to sacrifice your desired look to get an affordable RTA product.

RTA Cabinet Limitations to Consider

While RTA cabinets have several benefits, there are a few limitations to note as well:

  • Assembly can be tricky – Instructions may be unclear and require some trial and error.
  • Quality control – Occasionally cabinets may arrive with defective parts or flaws.
  • Heavy lifting – Cabinets and parts can be bulky and difficult to maneuver into place.
  • Installation expertise still helpful – Though DIY-friendly, some pro assistance is useful for optimal results.

So RTA cabinets do require some assembly skills and patience. Assistance from an experienced installer is recommended, especially for more complex kitchen layouts.

RTA vs. Assembled Cabinet Comparison

Here is a quick comparison of RTA vs fully assembled cabinets from Artisan Mills:

| RTA Cabinets | Assembled Cabinets |
| Lower cost | Higher cost |
| Arrives flat-packed for assembly | Arrives fully constructed |
| Lightweight, efficient shipping | Heavier and bulky for shipping |
| DIY-friendly installation | Requires experienced installer |
| Assembly can be tricky | Ready for immediate installation |
| Same materials and warranty | Same materials and warranty |

Artisan Mills RTA Cabinet Quality

It’s important to note that just because the RTA cabinets require assembly, they do not compromise on quality. Artisan Mills uses the same:

  • All-wood construction
  • Quality joinery
  • Durable finishes
  • Soft-close hardware

on their RTA line. So you still get their trademark quality, just at a more accessible price point and with convenient home assembly.

Artisan Mills RTA Cabinet Lines

Artisan Mills offers RTA cabinet collections to suit a range of styles:

Modern RTA Cabinets

For a sleek, contemporary look Artisan Mills has modern RTA lines like:

  • Streamline – Clean lines with integrated pulls
  • Urban – Ultra-modern flat slab door designs

Traditional RTA Cabinets

If you prefer a classic style, Artisan Mills traditional RTA options include:

  • Hampton – Shaker-style with rich wood finish
  • Heritage – Timeless raised panel door designs

Transitional RTA Cabinets

To bridge modern and traditional, Artisan Mills transitional RTA collections include:

  • Astoria – Simple slab door with integrated J-pull
  • Montlake – Understated shaker door style

So whether your taste runs modern, traditional or somewhere in between, Artisan Mills has an RTA cabinet line to match.


In summary, yes Artisan Mills does offer quality ready-to-assemble cabinetry in addition to their standard assembled options. This makes their luxury custom cabinets accessible at a lower price point.

RTA cabinets from Artisan Mills provide the same great features and customizable options as their other collections. With some DIY commitment, you can enjoy premium Artisan Mills cabinetry at an affordable cost by opting for RTA construction. Just be prepared to take the time to properly assemble and install your new Artisan Mills RTA cabinets for best results.