Alusso cabinets have been growing in popularity in recent years as a stylish and affordable option for kitchen and bathroom renovations. But one common question that gets asked is: are Alusso cabinets ready-to-assemble (RTA)? The short answer is yes, Alusso cabinets are RTA. However, there are some important things to understand about what this means for the assembly process, build quality, and customization options. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what makes Alusso an RTA cabinetry brand, the pros and cons of RTA cabinets, what to expect with assembly and installation, and ultimately help you decide if Alusso RTA cabinets are the right choice for your next remodeling project.

What Does RTA Mean for Alusso Cabinets?

RTA stands for “ready-to-assemble”. RTA kitchen cabinets come packed flat in boxes with all the hardware and components needed for assembly. This differs from custom cabinetry that comes pre-assembled and is installed as whole units.

There are a few key things that classify Alusso as RTA:

  • Flat Packed Pieces: Alusso cabinets come packed flat in compact boxes that make them easier to transport and carry into the home. All the wood pieces for the cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers will need to be assembled.
  • Cam and Dowel Construction: Alusso RTA cabinets use cam locks and dowel joinery to interlock pieces during assembly. The parts fit together in a modular, almost Ikea-like fashion.
  • Hardware is Included: All the required hardware like cam locks, screws, hinges, and drawer slides are included with Alusso cabinet boxes. You don’t need to source these separately.
  • Pre-Drilled Holes: Assembly is simplified with pre-drilled holes for inserting cams, screws, and dowels. This helps streamline the installation process.
  • DIY Friendly: RTA cabinet assembly is designed for DIY installation. Instructions and labeling make the process straightforward for homeowners.

So in summary, the RTA nature of Alusso cabinets makes them a modular system that assembles at home from individual flat pack components. This influences the installation process, quality, and customization capabilities versus factory pre-assembled cabinets.

Pros and Cons of Choosing RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets like Alusso offer some unique benefits, but also have some downsides to consider depending on your kitchen or bathroom project. Here are the key pros and cons of RTA cabinetry:


  • More affordable price point than custom cabinetry
  • Compact packaging allows easy delivery and transport into home
  • Ability to assemble at your own pace with DIY installation
  • Wide range of standard sizes makes kitchen design flexible
  • Easy to modify and adjust final fit during assembly


  • Need for homeowner expertise and time for assembly
  • Potential for minor inconsistencies in home assembly
  • Limited customization compared to cabinet maker
  • Exposed cabinet interiors lack finish of custom built

Overall, RTA cabinets appeal to homeowners who want stylish designs at budget-friendly prices and don’t mind being hands-on with some assembly and installation. The tradeoff for the lower cost is some customization limitations and the need for DIY skills.

What to Expect with Alusso Cabinet Assembly

Assembling Alusso RTA cabinets is a key part of the process that differs from having factory built cabinets installed. Here’s a look at what to expect with the assembly process:

  • Review Instructions First: Alusso includes detailed instructions with diagrams and labeling. Be sure to thoroughly review these before beginning to understand the assembly sequence. Also check that you have all the required hardware.
  • Have Proper Tools on Hand: You’ll need a drill, Phillips head screwdriver, hammer, and potentially a ratchet. Ensure you have the core toolkit ready to go.
  • Work on Stable Surface: Choose a large flat workspace like a garage floor or subfloor to begin assembly. This gives you room to layout components.
  • Follow Sequence: Alusso instructions will indicate the assembly order. Generally, you start with cabinet boxes, then doors and drawers. Pay attention to steps.
  • Insert Cams and Dowels: The cam locks and dowels are what join all of the pieces together. Take care when inserting these at pre-drilled marks.
  • Add Shelf Pins and Hinges: Shelf pegs allow installing shelves at preferred heights. Door hinges then get mounted to affix fronts to boxes. Take care to position these components properly.
  • Attach Drawer Slides: Mount drawer slides into the cabinet boxes in the exact position; inaccurate installation can lead to problems with drawer operation.
  • Double Check Accuracy: Before finalizing any assembled components, check that everything is square and aligned. Making adjustments is much easier prior to mounting cabinets.

The specific steps can vary based on the exact Alusso cabinets purchased but following the sequence and taking your time is important for proper assembly. Having two people to assist can also be helpful if lifting and supporting cabinets during assembly.

Installation Tips and Tricks for Alusso RTA Cabinets

Once all the Alusso cabinets are assembled, installing them is the next key stage. Here are some helpful installation tips and tricks for Alusso RTA cabinets:

  • Test fit cabinets without anchoring first and make any adjustments.
  • Use shims under cabinets to level and secure in place before anchoring to wall studs.
  • Drill pilot holes for screws before fastening to studs to prevent splitting cabinet backs.
  • Attach cabinets together with screws through side gables for stability and straight rows.
  • Fill any gaps between cabinets or walls with acrylic latex caulk for a seamless look.
  • Add decorative trim molding to transition areas and conceal any imperfections.
  • Use filler panels between cabinets and walls to close off gaps and finish the space.
  • Install cabinets starting at the corner and working outward for easiest workflow.
  • Follow all electrical, plumbing, and gas hookup specs for proper clearances.
  • Ensure cabinets are anchored firmly to studs or reinforced walls to support weight.

With some care taken during installation, Alusso’s RTA cabinets can result in a kitchen or bath that looks custom built. Taking the time to properly install the assembled cabinets will lead to a quality finished product.

Customization Options with Alusso RTA Cabinets

Even though Alusso cabinets are mass-produced RTA products, there are still some customization options available. Here are some of the ways Alusso allows tailoring cabinets to your space:

  • Sizing: Alusso has over 50 standard cabinet sizes including 3”, 6”, 9”, 12” increments. This allows tweaking spacing to fit layouts.
  • Door Styles: Choose from shaker, classic, and slab door designs in various wood types and colors to match décor.
  • Modifications: Doors and drawers can be adjusted smaller and filler trim added for sizing adjustments during install.
  • Accessories: Add functional pull-out shelves, spinning corner lazy susans, and other accessories.
  • Hardware: Pick from modern or traditional cabinet hardware in finishes like nickel, bronze, and black.
  • Molding: Optional trim like crown molding or light rails can customize the look.

While not fully custom, the wide range of cabinet configurations, accessories, and finishes allows personalizing Alusso to suit your specific kitchen or bath layout and design vision.

Are Alusso Cabinets a Good Value Choice?

Given the streamlined manufacturing process, RTA Alusso cabinets are far more budget friendly than custom cabinetry. But does this compromise on quality?

Here are some considerations when evaluating the value offered by Alusso:

  • Affordable Pricing: Alusso is priced 25-50% below most custom cabinet brands, making renovations more accessible.
  • Quick Production: RTA manufacturing means fast turnaround, avoiding long lead times of custom shops.
  • Variety of Styles: Trendy door designs and finishes make for attractive cabinets without the designer price tag.
  • Solid Construction: While not 100% plywood, Alusso uses high-quality engineered woods and durable joinery.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Alusso offers an exceptional lifetime guarantee on defects or issues.

For many homeowners, choosing Alusso strikes an ideal balance between reasonable pricing and robust construction. The value is extremely competitive, especially for those with budget limitations but wanting stylish cabinets. Going with RTA does require assuming installation yourself vs having custom built cabinets fully installed. But the cost savings upfront typically outweigh this factor for most.

Key Takeaways on Alusso RTA Cabinets

In the world of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, Alusso delivers an enticing combination of competitive pricing, stylish designs, and flexible RTA formats. Here are some key takeaways to inform your decision around using Alusso cabinets:

  • Alusso cabinets are by definition a ready-to-assemble product, involving DIY installation.
  • The RTA format provides a more affordable option over custom cabinetry with the tradeoff of some assembly.
  • Homeowners with basic DIY skills and tools can assemble Alusso following included instructions.
  • Careful installation is still required for a quality finished look and proper cabinet function.
  • Despite being mass-produced, Alusso allows moderate customization through sizing, finishes and accessories.
  • For most homeowners, Alusso RTA cabinets offer excellent value and quality at a reasonable price point.

Knowing what to expect with the assembly, installation, and capabilities of Alusso RTA cabinets allows setting accurate expectations. With appropriate skills and effort, it is possible to get a custom built-in look at a fraction of the price. Just be prepared to spend some sweat equity with assembly and fitting. But for many homeowners, being able to save substantially on material costs outweighs the labor involved. Just evaluate if a DIY project using Alusso RTA cabinets fits your budget, skill level, and project vision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alusso RTA Cabinets

Are all Alusso cabinets ready-to-assemble?

Yes, Alusso as a brand only manufactures RTA format cabinets. All of their cabinetry products across their full product line arrive unpacked and require assembly and installation by the buyer.

How difficult is it to assemble Alusso RTA cabinets?

Alusso RTA cabinet assembly is designed to be DIY friendly, with detailed instructions and labeling. As long as you have some basic skills using tools like a drill and screwdriver, the modular assembly with included hardware is fairly straightforward. Most homeowners can assemble their new cabinets without issue, though having an extra set of hands can help manage some of the bulkier components.

Can I customize Alusso RTA cabinets?

While not fully customizable like built-to-order cabinets, Alusso does offer a range of standard sizes, door styles, finishes, and accessories to help tailor their RTA cabinets to your space. You can select specific sizes, change hardware, add accessories, and choose different door designs from their line to help fit your kitchen or bathroom design and layout needs.

What types of wood are Alusso RTA cabinets constructed from?

Alusso utilizes engineered woods and composites to create their RTA cabinet boxes and doors. This includes materials such as particle board, MDF, and plywood. The use of these cost-effective woods helps keep the price lower. The finishes and workmanship result in attractive wood grain looks in a more eco-friendly and sustainable format than solid hardwoods.

Can I install Alusso cabinets myself or do I need to hire a contractor?

One advantage of RTA cabinets is that they are designed for DIY installation by the homeowner. Alusso includes brackets and hardware to allow securing cabinets directly to walls and anchoring together for a built-in look. If you are comfortable using tools and building furnishings, you can certainly install Alusso cabinets on your own without the need for a contractor. However, some choose to hire a handyman or contractor for assistance, especially if working in tight spaces.


The ready-to-assemble format of Alusso cabinets makes them an accessible option for homeowners looking to update their kitchen or bathroom while sticking to a budget. Yes, installing RTA cabinets requires some elbow grease. But with careful assembly and quality installation, Alusso can transform your living space with beautiful and functional cabinetry at a fraction of the price of custom cabinetry. Just be sure to accurately evaluate your skill level and time commitment when deciding if Alusso RTA cabinets are the right solution for your upcoming remodeling project. With realistic expectations around the assembly and installation process, you can feel confident that choosing Alusso will bring you both savings and satisfaction.