An accent chair in the bathroom can add a touch of elegance and function. With careful planning, an accent chair can transform your utilitarian bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Here’s how to incorporate seating into your bathroom design.

Choosing the Right Accent Chair

When selecting an accent chair for your bathroom, you’ll want to consider size, style, and functionality.


Measure the space in your bathroom to ensure the chair will fit comfortably without impeding floor space or doorways. An armchair size chair around 30-36 inches wide is usually ideal for most bathrooms.


Look for a chair that complements your bathroom’s existing style. Options include:

  • Tufted armchair – For traditional bathrooms
  • Slipper chair – For cottage or farmhouse bathrooms
  • Club chair – For transitional spaces
  • Accent stool – Modern and contemporary bathrooms

Upholstered chairs add softness, while wooden chairs make a statement. Select on-trend colors and patterns to liven up your space.


Look for moisture-resistant and easy to clean fabrics since the chair will be exposed to humidity. Avoid carriages and wheels that could catch on rugs or tile. A sturdy, armless chair is best for compact bathrooms.

Placement of the Accent Chair

Bathroom chairs are best positioned near vanities, by windows and in corners.

Near the Vanity

Place a chair diagonally across from the vanity for a mini spa experience. It allows a comfortable spot for applying makeup or styling hair.

By a Window

Position an armchair by a sunny window to create a relaxing reading nook. Provide a small side table for books or refreshments.

In a Corner

Tuck a petite slipper chair in an empty corner by the tub or shower. Use it while waiting for conditioner to set or shaving legs.

Coordinate the chair with curtains, rugs and vanity stools for a pulled together look.

Stylish and Functional Accent Chair Ideas

Accent chairs designed for bathrooms check all the boxes. Here are some top options:

  • Bath Bench – This armless bench has a moisture-resistant wood frame and quick-drying polyester cushion. Perfect for compact spaces.
  • Spa Stool – This adjustable height round stool is ideal for vanities. The cushioned seat swivels 360° with a built-in handle.
  • Storage Accent Chair – This tufted armchair has a lift-up seat revealing handy hidden storage. Great for stashing extra towels or toiletries.
  • Acrylic Accent Chair – With its transparent curved acrylic frame, this ghost chair adds modern flair without taking up visual space.
  • Rattan Chair – All-weather rattan gives this lightweight peacock chair tropical character. The fluid curves add flair by the tub.
  • Space Saving Fold-up – This upholstered seat folds flat to tuck beside the vanity or in a narrow spot between uses.

Tips for an Accent Chair in the Bathroom

By following best practices, an accent chair can add purpose and style to your bathroom.

  • Select a chair with water-resistant fabric in a style suited for humidity.
  • Place a washable rug under and around the chair to protect floors.
  • Add a small side table or wall shelf nearby for books and refreshments.
  • Anchor the chair in place with rug gripper pads to prevent slips on tile and hardwoods.
  • Consider moisture-resistant storage ottomans or stools that provide extra seating and concealed storage.
  • Choose lighter weight chairs with non-marking feet for easy moving as needed.
  • Coordinate the chair fabric to your shower curtain or towels for a pulled together look.

Accent Chair Inspiration for Bathrooms

See how an artfully placed chair transforms these bathrooms:

  • A petite blue slipper chair tucked in the corner by a clawfoot tub adds a pop of color.
  • A cushioned wicker chair by the window provides a perfect perch for reading by natural light.
  • A zebra print vanity stool pulls double duty for makeup and extra guest seating.
  • A carved mahogany armchair and side table create a mini-library beside the tub.
  • A saddle-style stool at the vanity brings rustic flair to a modern marble bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about incorporating an accent chair into a bathroom:

Is it safe to put a chair in the bathroom?

With some precautions, accent chairs can work well in bathroom environments. Select materials made for humidity like wood composites, wicker, or mold-resistant upholstery. Look for chair legs with non-slip pads and avoid unnecessary details mold and mildew could cling to.

Where should you place an accent chair in a small bathroom?

In a petite bathroom, tuck a slender slipper chair or compact armless bench diagonally across from the vanity. This allows easy access to storage and draws eyes to the corner, making the room feel more expansive.

What type of chair is best for a bathroom?

Moisture-resistant, easy to clean chairs are optimal for bathrooms. Great options include wooden chairs with painted finishes, upholstered chairs with performance fabrics or washable slipcovers, wicker peacock chairs, or Lucite ghost chairs. Avoid carriages and wheels that could catch on rugs and tile.

What should you look for when buying a bathroom chair?

Ideal bathroom chairs have quick-drying cushions, non-slip feet, on-trend stylish designs, are sized appropriately for the space, and made of mold/mildew resistant materials. Also, consider easy to clean fabrics in colors suited to a humid environment.

Can you put an armchair in a bathroom?

Yes, armchairs can work well in bathrooms as long as moisture-resistant materials are used and proper precautions taken. Look for armchairs with upholstered performance fabrics or wooden frames with painted finishes. Place a rug pad underneath and use chair leg protector pads to prevent floor damage.


With the right accent chair, you can create a functional and stylish seating area perfect for relaxing in your bathroom. Consider size, materials, placement and style when selecting bathroom accent chairs. Chairs with quick-dry cushions and on-trend designs make lounging in your bathroom a pleasure. Follow our tips to allow you to enjoy reading, putting on makeup or unwinding in your own in-home spa.