Choose Black Appliances

Stainless steel has been popular for years, but black appliances can make a striking statement. Opt for a black refrigerator, range, dishwasher or microwave. Black appliances stand out against light cabinets and counters and give the kitchen a sleek, modern look.

Add a Black Island or Peninsula

Islands and peninsulas provide ample space for food prep and dining. Go bold with a black island or peninsula to contrast white or neutral cabinetry. Opt for black base cabinets and sleek black granite or quartz countertops. Black island accents draw the eye and anchor the space.

Select Black Hardware and Fixtures

Swap out dated brass handles and knobs for matte black hardware. Black cup pulls, handles and knobs pop against white and light wood cabinets. For a cohesive look, choose black kitchen fixtures like the faucet, pot filler, and lighting pendants or tracks. Modern black fixtures add stylistic punch.

Install Black Subway Tile Backsplash

A glossy black subway tile backsplash sets the stage in a transitional or contemporary kitchen. Pair black 3×6” or 4×12” subway tiles with white grout for graphic appeal. Extend the tiles from countertops to ceiling for a bold statement. Add drama by installing the tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Paint or Stain Cabinets Black

For an affordable kitchen update, paint or stain the cabinets black. Use high-gloss black paint on base cabinets and soft matte black on uppers for contrast. Painting oak cabinets black modernizes dated 90s kitchens. Or opt for an ebony stain on cherry or walnut cabinetry for a rich, luxe look.

Choose Black Countertops

Granite, quartz, and soapstone countertop slabs come in stunning black varieties. Black granite with flecks of silver add movement. Black quartzite has an earthy look. Soapstone is a great budget option. Pair dark counters with white painted cabinets and stainless appliances.

Add a Black Vent Hood

Make the stove area a focus with a black chimney vent hood. Stainless and white vent hoods blend in, but black creates drama against a light backsplash. Opt for a sleek black range hood with minimalist lines to complement contemporary kitchens.

Install Black Flooring

Hardwood floors stained a dark charcoal or ebony hue can provide a striking foundation. For an edgy, urban look, try black laminate flooring. Vinyl plank flooring also comes in matte black and black wood grain patterns. Tile in a black hue or granite adds drama underfoot.

Embrace Black Décor

Once you’ve added black touches to the larger elements, embrace black décor. Include black bar stools, pendant lights, planters, or a rug with black accents. Use black dishes or serveware for a coordinated look. Add drama to the walls with black-and-white art.

With the right combination of black accents and lighter colors and materials, you can add serious style to your kitchen. Black elements create contrast and a bold, contemporary vibe.

FAQ About Adding Black Accents to Your Kitchen

What are the benefits of using black in a kitchen design?

Black accents add drama, sophistication, and modern style to kitchens. Black appliances, hardware, and cabinetry create an upscale, sleek look. Black contrasts beautifully with white, gray, and wood tones.

What should you avoid when incorporating black in the kitchen?

Use black in moderation and break it up with lighter colors and materials. Avoid going overboard with too many black surfaces which can feel dark and cave-like. Stick to black accents against white, light wood, or stainless surfaces for balance.

What black kitchen ideas work in small kitchens?

In small kitchens, use black on smaller elements like hardware and appliances rather than cabinetry. Add pops of black with pendant lights, barstools, or shelves. Use black tile or granite sparingly on a backsplash or countertops. Painting cabinets black can make a small space feel closed-in.

What colors go well with black kitchen cabinets?

White, gray, and wood tones beautifully complement black cabinets. Try white or light gray walls, countertops, backsplash tile, and floors. Wood countertops also add warmth. Stainless steel appliances also offset the black.

Should you paint upper and lower cabinets different colors?

Consider using black on base cabinets only and lighter colors on uppers. The contrast can help anchor the space. All black cabinets can feel overwhelming and dark if not balanced with enough light counters, floors, and walls.


Black elements can transform kitchens from drab and dated to dramatic and contemporary. Black kitchen accents like appliances, faucets, hardware, islands, and tile backsplashes breathe new life into kitchen designs. Painting or staining cabinets black provides big visual impact for a small cost. By thoughtfully incorporating black accents against lighter colors and materials, you can craft a spectacular modern kitchen with serious style.