Adding a pop of color to your kitchen design can be as simple as bringing in some brightly hued kitchen stools. From rich jewel tones to pastel shades, colorful stools provide an easy and affordable way to inject personality and vibrancy into your cooking space. Whether placed around a kitchen island, at a breakfast bar, or tucked beneath a countertop, colorful stools can transform the look and feel of your kitchen in an instant.

Benefits of Colorful Kitchen Stools

There are many benefits to incorporating colorful stools in your kitchen décor:

  • Inexpensive Accent Pieces – Quality kitchen stools are available at reasonable prices from home goods stores, making them budget-friendly ways to add pops of color.
  • Quick Updates – Just by switching out your current neutral stools for colorful options, you can give your kitchen an instant facelift.
  • Coordination – Colorful stools allow you to add accent colors that coordinate with your existing kitchen decor.
  • Personalization – Vibrant stool colors let you infuse your personal style into the kitchen.
  • Versatility – Colorful stools work with any kitchen aesthetic from modern to traditional.
  • Practical Seating – Brightly colored stools not only look great, they provide functional extra seating.

Popular Color Palettes for Kitchen Stools

When selecting colorful stools for your kitchen, you’ll want to choose hues that align with your overall design vision. Here are some stylish color palette ideas to inspire you:

Vibrant Primary Colors

For a fun, lively aesthetic, opt for primary-colored stools in bold red, sunny yellow, and cobalt blue. Mix and match these vibrant hues or opt for one color. Primary colors pair excellently with white kitchen cabinetry and surfaces.

Cool Tones

Cool blue, green, and purple stool colors create serene, relaxing kitchen spaces. Match your stool colors to cool kitchen wall colors like pale blue or sage green. Stainless steel and glass finishes complement these tranquil hues.

Warm Tones

Warm red, orange, and yellow stool colors bring an inviting, cozy feel to kitchens. Pair these tones with wood cabinetry and butcher block counters for a rustic sensibility. Warm metallics like bronze work well here too.

Neutral Tones

For a more subtle approach, choose kitchen stools in lighter neutral hues like pale yellow, soft pink, light blue, or minty green. Pop these stools into a neutral kitchen for an easy color infusion.


Why choose one color when you can have a rainbow? Multicolored stools in every hue brighten up kitchens with their fun, playful vibe. Coordinate rainbow stools with white cabinetry for maximum impact.

Metallic Sheen

Metallic stools in silver, gold, copper, or bronze add glamorous shimmer. Metallic stools pair perfectly with kitchens featuring marble, granite, or quartz countertops. Glass cabinetry also complements the shine.


Soft pastel stools in shades of pink, lavender, mint, peach, and buttercream create a delicate, romantic look. Pastels work especially well in cottage, vintage, or shabby chic kitchen designs.

Deep Jewel Tones

For dramatic contrast, opt for deep jewel-toned stools in ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green or amethyst purple. These colors make bold statements against light cabinetry and countertops.

Ideal Types of Colorful Stools for Kitchens

Kitchen stools come in many shapes, sizes, materials and styles. When selecting colorful stools, consider what will best suit your space.

Counter Height Stools

Counter height stools with backs provide comfortable seating at kitchen islands or breakfast bars. Opt for stools 28-30 inches high for standard 36 inch counters.

Bar Stools

Bar stools around 42 inches high tuck neatly beneath counters and islands to save space when not in use. Armless bar stools allow for close seating.


Built-in corner banquettes with colorful bench cushions are space-saving alternatives to stools. Great for large families.

Low-Back Stools

Low-back stools are backless or have short backs. They have compact footprints that maximize open floor space.

High-Back Stools

For additional back support, choose colorful stools with high backs. These make being seated for long periods more comfortable.

Swivel Stools

Rotating colorful stools add mobility and promote interaction with others at kitchen islands.

Stackable Stools

Colorful stackable stools conserve storage space. Look for sturdy plastic or metal options.

Wooden Stools

Natural wood stools lend warmth and can be painted any color. Oak, maple, ash and mahogany work well.

Metal Stools

Durable metal kitchen stools hold up well to heavy use. Stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and aluminum are good choices.

Acrylic Stools

Lucite and acrylic stools provide see-through clear options. Acrylic stools come in many colors.

Upholstered Stools

For plush comfort, upholstered stools have padded seats covered in fabric or leather. Easy to customize colors.

Patterned Stools

Make a fun statement with checkered, striped, floral or other patterned stool fabric. Patterned seats complement solid colors.

7 Tips for Incorporating Colorful Stools in Your Kitchen Décor

Ready to bring colorful stools into your cooking space? Keep these tips in mind for successfully integrating vibrant stool colors into your kitchen design:

1. Select 2-3 Colors

Limit your stool colors to two or three hues. Too many colors can make a kitchen feel busy or disjointed.

2. Consider Adjacent Colors

Choose stool colors that are adjacent on a color wheel for a cohesive look. Blue, blue-green, and green is one nice combo.

3. Complement Countertops

Have granite, quartz or marble counters? Pick a stool color that ties into the veining or patterns for a coordinated vibe.

4. Contrast Cabinets

Vibrant stool colors pop against light kitchen cabinets. Save bold hues for open airy kitchens rather than dark, closed-in spaces.

5. Echo Accent Colors

If you’ve already used an accent color elsewhere in your kitchen, pick up that hue in your stools for a pulled-together look.

6. Pair with Painted Walls

Painting your kitchen walls a fun color? Choose stools in the same exact shade or a couple tones lighter or darker.

7. Consider Resale Value

When selecting stool colors, consider resale value. Neutrals and classic colors have broader appeal than neon brights.

Unique Ways to Use Colorful Stools in the Kitchen

Beyond seating at the island or breakfast bar, creatively colored stools can serve many functions in kitchens:

  • Pull up a pair of colorful stools to create an impromptu eating area.
  • Tuck stools beneath a custom built-in window banquette.
  • Use metallic stools as handy side tables to hold cookbooks and kitchen tools.
  • Let kids pull up a couple stools to do art projects or homework at the kitchen counter.
  • Line up an eclectic row of different colored stools along an extended kitchen island.
  • Place a stool in a corner to hold cookware and pot lids within easy reach.
  • Use pastel colored stools around a vintage farmhouse table to soften the look.
  • Add a couple colorful stools in fun patterns to create a casual dining vignette.
  • Pull up a stool to use as a standing desk area for working from the kitchen.

Styling Your Colorful Kitchen Stools Like a Pro

A few simple styling tricks can take your colorful stool vignettes from ordinary to extraordinary. Use these tips to style your kitchen stools with panache:

  • Group three stools together of varying heights and colors for lots of visual interest.
  • Layer stools with decorative pillows or throws in complementary colors and patterns.
  • Display coffee table books or baskets of faux fruit on the seats when not in use.
  • Instead of stools alone, opt for a couple benches and stools for eclectic seating.
  • Include a colorful patterned area rug underneath to tie the whole vignette together.
  • Add sculptural lighting above the counter, like cascading globe pendant lights.
  • Incorporate art, vessels, and botanicals on shelving over the seating area.
  • Roll stools slightly away from the counter when not occupied for a casual look.
  • Anchor the composition with a colorful textured throw or blanket draped on one seat.

10 of the Best Places to Buy Colorful Kitchen Stools

Want to get started shopping for eye-catching colorful stools? Here are 10 top retailers to peruse:

  • IKEA – For budget-friendly colorful stools in the latest styles.
  • Crate & Barrel – Check here for colorful stools in many materials from wood to acrylic.
  • Wayfair – Huge online selection of stylish kitchen stools at all price points.
  • West Elm – Known for gorgeous contemporary and mid-century modern colorful stools.
  • Overstock – Affordable colorful stools in every style imaginable. Great for deals.
  • Home Depot – Variety of basic bar stool styles in a rainbow of seat colors.
  • World Market – Fun colorful stools with global inspiration. Lots of patterns and textures.
  • Amazon – Massive inventory of colorful kitchen stools. Sort by customer ratings.
  • Anthropologie – Whimsical nature-inspired colorful stools.
  • Etsy – Handmade customizable colorful stools from independent sellers.

FAQs About Colorful Kitchen Stools

Q: How many colorful stools should I buy for my kitchen island?

A: As a general rule, allow 24-26 inches of space per stool. For a 10 foot island, you can fit 4-5 colorful stools. Make sure stools don’t obstruct walkways when pulled out from the counter.

Q: Should my colorful kitchen stools match my cabinets?

A: Not necessarily. Contrasting or complementing stool colors often work better than matching. Just be sure your stool colors align with your overall kitchen color palette.

Q: What is the best material for colorful kitchen stools?

A: It depends on your needs. Metal, wood, acrylic and upholstered stools all come in a rainbow of colors. Consider your lifestyle, budget and kitchen aesthetic when choosing stool materials.

Q: Can I use light colored stools in a dark kitchen?

A: Yes, pale colored stools can help brighten up a dark kitchen. Place them near natural light sources to reflect brightness. Just make sure to clean light stools more frequently as they’ll show dirt faster.

Q: Should I get stools with or without backs?

A: Stools with back support are more comfortable for longer seated tasks like eating meals or working. Backless stools are fine for brief seating. Swivel stools also increase comfort and mobility.


Colorful kitchen stools are a fun, budget-friendly way to infuse personality into your cooking space. From sleek modern stools in jewel tones to vintage painted chairs in pastels, the options are limitless. When selecting stool colors, consider your overall kitchen color palette, materials, comfort and kitchen layout. Place stools thoughtfully to create handy seating arrangements that maximize both form and function. With the right colorful stools, you can transform the look, feel and functionality of your kitchen in just one easy step.