Wallpaper and powder bathrooms can make for an elegant and stylish combination when done right. Here’s an in-depth look at how to marry wallpaper and powder rooms to create a gorgeous space.


Powder bathrooms are all about making a statement. As one of the smallest rooms in the house, powder bathrooms present the perfect opportunity to go bold with your design choices. Wallpaper can be an ideal way to transform a powder room into something special.

Wallpaper offers limitless options for patterns, textures, and colors to make your tiny bath feel grand. Paired with other elements like lighting, hardware, and accessories, wallpaper can turn an ordinary powder room into an extraordinary little jewel box space.

Benefits of Using Wallpaper in a Powder Bathroom

There are many advantages to decorating a powder room with wallpaper:

  • Visual impact – Wallpaper provides high visual impact in a small space. A bold or striking wallpaper makes more of a statement than paint alone.
  • Hides flaws – Wallpaper can disguise any imperfections or flaws in the walls of an older home.
  • Easy to change – Wallpaper is relatively easy to change out when you want to update the look of your powder room.
  • Affordable – Specialty wallpaper for powder rooms is an affordable way to get a custom, high-end look.
  • Sets the tone – Use wallpaper to set the decorating style of your powder room – glamorous, traditional, modern or eccentric.

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper

When selecting wallpaper for your powder room, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the size – Small spaces show more of the repeat in busy patterns. Look for papers with less pattern repeat or subtle overall textures.
  • Mind the details – In a tiny space, every detail shows. Avoid wallpapers with obvious flaws in the print or texture.
  • Think scale – Large or bold patterns can overwhelm a powder room. Opt for smaller motifs or less obvious patterns.
  • Focus on one wall – Wallpaper only one wall as an accent, and paint the other walls. The papered wall will really pop.
  • Light it up – Wall sconces or accent lighting show off the details in the wallpaper pattern and add drama.

Wallpaper Options for Powder Rooms

From traditional prints to modern textures, there are endless wallpaper choices ideal for powder bathrooms:

Traditional Prints

Floral, damask, and chinoiserie prints offer classic elegance perfect for a powder room. Stay away from tiny overall prints that get lost. Rather, look for bolder oversized blooms.

Modern Geometrics

Geometric patterns like graphic black and white stripes or colorful triangles give a powder room punch. The bold shapes make the space feel crisp and contemporary.

Shimmering Metallics

Metallic gold, silver, or copper wallpapers bring glamour to a powder room. Pair with Hollywood Regency inspired lighting and accessories for drama.

Natural Textures

Wallpapers that mimic organic textures like grasscloth, raffia, cork, or wood add cozy natural style to a powder room. They also help dampen noise from the space.

Whimsical Prints

For a playful powder room, try a whimsical wallpaper pattern featuring tropical motifs, animal prints, or colorful sketches. It will make guests smile.

Best Wallpaper Installation for Powder Rooms

Proper wallpaper installation is key to making it last in a high-moisture environment:

  • Use moisture-resistant wallpaper designed specifically for bathrooms. Avoid regular paper.
  • Opt for vinyl over paper wallcoverings as vinyl repels water better.
  • Use a wallpaper primer before installation for maximum adherence to the wall.
  • Choose a wallpaper that can be cleaned periodically to keep it looking fresh.
  • Hire a professional wallpaper installer experienced with bathrooms.

Powder Room Design Ideas with Wallpaper

Here are some stylish powder room design ideas featuring wallpaper:

Sophisticated Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie wallpaper with its large-scale Asian motifs creates an elegant feel. Pair with frosted glass sconces, bamboo accents, and ornate gold framed mirrors.

Modern Graphic Print

Make a bold graphic print the focal point of the room. Keep other elements simple – floating vanity, matte black hardware, and modern sconces.

Mirrored Powder Room

For serious glam, cover walls in a reflective mirrored wallpaper. Include Hollywood style vanity lighting and a touch of gold or silver decor.

Organic Textured Walls

Wallpaper that mimics grasscloth or woven textures gives an earthy, relaxed vibe. Incorporate woven baskets, rattan accents, and a stone vessel sink.

Playful Tropical Print

A bright tropical or floral print sets a fun, festive mood. Pair it with glossy white fixtures, paddle sconces, and colorful artwork.

Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas

As an alternative to wallpapering all four walls, consider just one accent wall:

  • Behind mirror – Use wallpaper as a dramatic background for a framed mirror.
  • Behind vanity – Wallpaper the wall behind the vanity to highlight the fixtures.
  • Opposite door – Wallpaper the wall seen when entering the powder room for impact.
  • Behind toilet – Surprise guests with wallpaper behind the toilet for a unique reveal.

A Perfect Marriage: Wallpaper and Powder Bathrooms

When chosen with care, wallpaper and powder bathrooms make the perfect match. Wallpaper offers loads of style in a tiny space, while powder rooms provide the ideal small canvas to go bold with patterns and prints.

With the right prep work, installation, and maintenance, wallpaper can stand up to the humid environment. Always opt for high-quality papers designed specifically for powder rooms.

Take the opportunity to make a statement with your wallpapered powder room. The “wow” factor will impress guests and add special style to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good wallpaper options for a humid bathroom?

Vinyl, polyester, and other moisture-resistant wallpapers are best for humid bathrooms. Avoid regular paper which can succumb to moisture damage.

How do I maintain wallpaper in a powder room?

Use mild soap and water to spot clean wallpaper periodically. Check for any water damage or mold/mildew, and address issues right away to keep the wallpaper looking fresh.

Should I install wallpaper floor-to-ceiling in a small powder room?

It’s best to avoid full floor-to-ceiling installation in a small space. For impact, wallpaper just one wall. You can also wallpaper above the wainscoting or chair rail only.

Is it better to hang wallpaper vertically or horizontally in a powder room?

Vertical installation helps walls appear taller in a small powder room. However, you can hang the paper either vertically or horizontally depending on the design.

What wallpaper adhesives work best in high moisture areas?

Look for wallpaper adhesives designed specifically for bathrooms and high humidity. Clay-based adhesives are more water resistant than cellulose-based.


Wallpaper can elevate the style of any powder room and provide a huge visual impact. Select bold, stylish paper, properly install it for moisture resistance, and decorate the small space with glamorous accents. Wallpapered powder rooms feel luxurious and special – perfect for impressing guests. With the right wallpaper marriage, your powder room can be the jewel box space of your dreams.