Decorating blank walls can seem daunting, but with a little creativity, your bare walls can become a beautiful focal point in any room. Here are a dozen fantastic ideas to inspire you to decorate those blank canvases.

Add Color with Paint

Painting a wall a bold color is an easy way to add character to a blank wall. Consider painting an accent wall in a complementary color to the rest of the room. You can create fun geometric patterns with paint as well. Painting horizontal or vertical stripes in two colors works well.

Display Your Collections

Show off your collections of items in an artistic way on a blank wall. Collections of framed art, plates, photos, masks, or anything you collect can act as very personalized wall decor when exhibited creatively. You can arrange them in geometric patterns, clustered galleries, or asymmetrical configurations.

Create a Photo Gallery

Turning a blank wall into a photo gallery is a great way to highlight your favorite photos. Arrange photo frames of various sizes and shapes for visual interest. You can also display photos without frames by clipping them directly to curtain wire mounted on the wall.

Add Floating Shelves

Draw attention upwards with floating shelves mounted on a blank wall. You can use floating shelves to display decor items, framed photos, or your favorite books. Stagger them at different heights for a more dynamic look. Try installing them in creative shapes as well.

Mount a Large Mirror

A mirror is a versatile choice for blank wall decor. A large mirror can make a space feel more open and airy. Opt for a mirror with an interesting frame that complements your room’s decor. Lean it against the wall for a casual effect.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls featuring multiple framed photos, prints, or other wall art are a popular way to decorate a blank wall. Start with larger “anchor” pieces, then build your arrangement out symmetrically or asymmetrically with smaller items. Display items in similar colors or frames for a cohesive effect.

Add Shelving

Wall-mounted shelving transforms a blank wall into a functional display space. Try open shelves or ones with doors. Use baskets and colorful books to add visual appeal to shelves. Floating cubbie shelves are great for displaying collections and decor items.

Hang Tapestry Art

Large tapestry wall hangings add rich texture and color to blank walls. Look for tapestries with nature scenes, mandala designs, or abstract patterns. Hang tapestries on curtain rods or nails. Layer two contrasting tapestries for extra dimension.

Display Maps or Blueprints

For unique wall art, hang a vintage map, architectural drawing, or blueprint in an interesting frame. World maps or nautical charts work well for a global flair. Frame favorite sheet music or educational posters for personalized options.

Create a Chalkboard Wall

Make your blank wall interactive by turning it into a chalkboard wall. Use chalkboard paint or apply chalkboard contact paper. Draw artwork, write reminders, or let kids express their creativity on the chalkboard wall. Use chalk in different colors to enhance the look.

Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an eye-catching option for blank walls and provides endless pattern and color possibilities. Choose a bold print or geometric design. Accent walls with wallpaper can add striking visual impact without overpowering a space.

Mount a Headboard

Give your bedroom an instant focal point by mounting a headboard on a blank wall. Choose a tufted fabric headboard for a classic yet statement-making look. Salvaged shutters or doors also make creative headboards.

With a little planning and creativity, you can take those empty blank walls and give any room a gorgeous focal point. Keep scale and color in mind, highlight your interests, or just add striking visual impact by implementing one of these dozen ideas for decorating blank walls. The options are limitless for showcasing your personality!

Frequently Asked Questions about Decorating Blank Walls

How do you decorate a large empty wall?

Some great options for decorating a large blank wall include adding a gallery wall with a collection of art or photos, mounting floating shelves in creative configurations, displaying a large tapestry or textile wall hanging, or using wall decals or detachable wallpaper to add color and pattern.

What can I put on a blank wall cheap?

Inexpensive options for decorating a blank wall include creating a photo gallery using inexpensive frames or clipping photos directly to curtain wire, making a chalkboard wall with chalkboard paint or contact paper, displaying collectibles like plates or masks, or framing bold fabric or inexpensive art prints.

How do you make a big empty wall look good?

Add visual interest to a big blank wall by painting on bold geometric shapes, mounting floor-to-ceiling drapery or curtains, laying wallpaper in an eye-catching print, hanging a large mirror or piece of statement art, or arranging a collage of framed photos and art.

What should I put on my bedroom wall?

Great ideas for bedroom wall decor include mounting floating shelves to display photos and decor, creating a small gallery wall with framed art and photos, adding wall-mounted sconces for lighting, using removable wallpaper to create an accent wall, or mounting a headboard as a statement piece.

How do you decorate a wall with nothing on it?

Some creative ways to decorate a blank wall include hanging macrame wall hangings or tapestries, displaying bold wall decals in fun prints, creating a photo gallery wall, adding floating shelves in neat configurations, painting on accent stripes or geometric shapes, or installing reclaimed wood planks for rustic texture.


Decorating empty walls may seem challenging at first, but hopefully these dozen creative ideas spark inspiration for transform ding blank walls into gorgeous focal points. With a little creativity and strategic planning, those empty wall spaces can become beautiful art galleries, textural statements, or bright accent features that reflect your personal style. Don’t be afraid to get creative with bold colors, interesting arrangements, or interactive elements like chalkboard paint. Your personality and passions can come alive on those bare wall canvases.