A beautifully designed bathroom that feels like a relaxing oasis is a dream for many homeowners. However, finding enough space for that spa-like bathroom usually means sacrificing precious closet space or bedroom footage. Is gaining a stunning new bathroom worth losing storage? With careful planning and creative solutions, you can have the bathroom of your dreams without mourning the loss of closet space.

Assessing Your Needs

Before taking on a bathroom remodel, think carefully about how you use your current space and what you truly need.

  • Make a list of must-have features for your new bathroom. Which are non-negotiable? Rank features like a soaking tub or dual vanity in order of importance.
  • Evaluate how you currently use closet space in or near the bathroom. Do you regularly use all of it? What do you store there? Could any of it be relocated elsewhere?
  • Consider your most used bathrooms items and where they are stored. Are you OK with relocating frequently used towels or toiletries to under sink cabinets or baskets?

By thoughtfully evaluating needs, you can identify ways to configure your new bathroom that still meet storage requirements. The key is determining what’s essential and what’s negotiable.

Getting Creative with Storage

Losing a few feet of closet space in a remodel doesn’t mean you have to forgo storage altogether. There are creative ways to maximize every inch of your new bathroom.

Use Wall Space

  • Install shelving high on the walls, just below the ceiling, to stash extra toiletries and supplies.
  • Try wall-mounted cabinets with concealed storage behind mirrors or medicine cabinets.
  • Use vertical space with tall, narrow shelving units. Floor to ceiling is ideal.
  • Add hooks on the back of doors and the wall for hanging robes, towels, and accessories.

Optimize Under Sink Space

  • Install pull-out drawers under sinks for storing toiletries and personal items.
  • Try slide-out trays and baskets that allow you to fully utilize all under sink space.
  • Add a drawer organizer with compartments for easy access to smaller items.

Rethink Vanities

  • Choose a vanity with hidden compartments or one with pull-out shelves for storing hair dryers and toiletries.
  • Install a double vanity for his and hers storage.
  • Opt for a vanity with legs to allow baskets or storage underneath.
  • Select one with soft-closing drawers and compartments for optimal use of space.

With a dash of creativity, you can have a stunning bathroom without mourning lost closet space. Focus on truly optimizing every inch and rethinking storage conventions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaining Bathroom Space

What are some key tips for maximizing bathroom storage?

Some top tips include using wall space for shelving and hooks, optimizing under sink areas with pull-out drawers and slide out trays, and selecting vanities with built-in storage or legs to allow baskets underneath. Rethinking traditional storage methods is key.

Should I consider relocating nearby closet space into my new bathroom?

If there is closet space right outside your current bathroom that you could incorporate, it may be worth considering. For example, stealing a few feet from an adjacent linen closet to expand the new bath may help offset lost storage.

What creative storage options can I add besides shelves and cabinets?

Get creative with storage baskets, movable caddies, hanging wall units, elevated corner shelves, and compartments built into vanities or tubs. Also, utilize behind-door hanging space and under sink nooks.

Can I still have a spacious, spa-like bathroom without a huge footprint?

Yes, you can have an open, spa-like feel even in a modest footprint by limiting wall cabinetry, having airy glass doors, using reflective surfaces, opting for a clean, simple vanity, and having ample lighting. The design choices make a big impact.

Should I consider paying more for custom storage solutions?

Investing in customized storage may be worthwhile if it allows you to gain a dream bathroom without losing practical storage. Custom cabinets, vanities, shelving, and built-ins tailored to the space can maximize usable space.

The Joy of a Perfectly Designed Bathroom

While giving up precious square footage for a bathroom upgrade may be difficult, the joy of having your perfect oasis is often worth it. By identifying must-have features, creatively planning storage, and investing in custom solutions, you can have both a stunning new bathroom and smart storage.

While a fabulous new soaking tub or glass enclosed shower may steal the show, remember that thoughtful organization details make the difference between a usable bathroom and one that truly sparks joy. By tailoring storage to your personal needs, you can avoid mourning the loss of closet space and simply enjoy an inviting retreat.