Kitchens are often the heart of a home, but in small spaces every square foot counts. This 90-square-foot kitchen is a testament to the power of smart design in tight quarters. With clever layout and storage solutions, it packs in everything needed for charming coastal living.

Key Design Elements

Efficient Footprint

  • At just 90 square feet, this kitchen maximizes every inch. Careful planning allows it to house a full refrigerator, cooktop, sink and prep areas.
  • Strategic placement of windows and sightlines make the compact space feel open and airy.
  • Peninsula design delineates kitchen from living area without compromising flow.

Nautical Inspired Materials

  • Beach cottage vibes come from the use of materials like bamboo, rope, and driftwood.
  • Backsplash mimics weathered barn wood, tying into coastal aesthetic.
  • Pops of white, like the refrigerator and pendant lights, evoke a yacht-like feel.

Clever Storage Solutions

  • Fold-down butcher block maximizes prep space when needed.
  • Rope basket organizing system hangs from ceiling, freeing up counter space.
  • Cabinets extend to ceiling to fit small appliances and cooking tools.
  • Under-counter cabinets maximize every bit of available storage space.

Achieving Coastal Charm in 90 Square Feet

While tiny, this kitchen uses smart design to feel spacious and capture breezy coastal style.

Optimize Layout

  • Stick to essentials like fridge, stove, sink. Skip extras like island, eating nook.
  • Peninsula between kitchen and living room saves space but allows open flow.
  • Place appliances and fixtures thoughtfully to maximize work triangles.

Embrace Multi-functional Elements

  • Use fold-down or compact features like a butcher block or mini stove.
  • Try ceiling-height cabinets to fit more dishes, small appliances and tools.
  • Dual-purpose pieces like a farmhouse sink can also be a prep area.

Incorporate Creative Storage

  • Baskets, racks and rails help keep items off counters.
  • Opt for open shelving to stash frequently used items.
  • Try pull-out drawers and cabinets to better organize interior spaces.
  • Build in customized nooks and crannies for oddball items.

Use Lightweight, Beachy Finishes

  • White, bamboo and driftwood evoke breezy, coastal vibe.
  • Backsplash with reclaimed wood look brings texture without weight.
  • Butcher block offers warmth while still feeling light and casual.
  • Crisp, ocean-inspired colors keep the small space feeling bright and airy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key tips for designing a small, coastal kitchen?

Some top tips include sticking to the essentials, maximizing storage with built-ins and multi-functional pieces, optimizing layout and work triangles, and using light, beachy finishes. Creating the illusion of space with sights lines and lighting is also important.

What type of materials work best in a compact, coastal kitchen?

Lightweight, casual materials like bamboo, driftwood, rope, and white painted cabinets help create a breezy, beach cottage vibe. Backsplashes that mimic reclaimed wood also bring in coastal texture.

How can you maximize storage in a tiny kitchen?

Look for ways to build in customized storage nooks and crannies. Opt for cabinets that extend to the ceiling, pull-out drawers and cabinets, open shelving for easy access, and multi-functional pieces like a butcher block that folds down to become a prep area.

What layout works best for a 90 square foot kitchen?

A galley layout with a peninsula creating separation from the living space allows you to optimize the work triangle and take advantage of every inch. Place appliances compactly along one wall and prep/sink areas along the other.

Should you include an eating area in a 90 square foot kitchen?

It’s best to skip a full eating nook and instead opt for a breakfast bar or table that can pull double duty, like a peninsula with seating on one side to delineate the kitchen. This helps maximize every square foot.

How do you keep a small kitchen looking bright and spacious?

Strategically placed windows and skylights help bring in natural light. Light, coastal inspired colors like white, bamboo and light woods also help open up the space. Finally, minimizing upper cabinets to create sightlines makes it feel more expansive.


This clever 90-square-foot kitchen packs serious style and function into an impressively small footprint. With its timeless nautical elements and space-saving layout, it shows that coastal charm can be achieved in even the most modest of kitchens. The thoughtful design solutions maximize every inch to create a light-filled oasis ideal for breezy seaside living.