Drum pendants are a unique and eye-catching jewelry choice that can add an artsy, musical vibe to any outfit. If you’re considering a drum pendant necklace or want to appreciate your existing pendant even more, here are 9 ways to love drum pendants:

1. Appreciate the Artistry

Drum pendants are far from generic jewelry. Talented artisans meticulously handcraft each one, turning raw materials into a functional musical decoration. Watching a drum pendant come to life from metal, wood, and leather requires immense skill. When wearing a drum pendant, appreciate the many hours of intricate labor that went into crafting each groove, angle, and texture. This appreciation will help you value the pendant as the wearable art it is.

2. Find the Perfect Size

Drum pendants come in a wide range of sizes, from large statement pieces to tiny minimalist charms. Consider which size makes the best sense for your personal style. Larger 3-4 inch pendants have an eye-catching boldness, perfect for making the pendant the center of attention. Dainty 1 inch pendants have an understated elegance, ideal for complementing other pieces. If you’ll be layering with other necklaces, lean toward a smaller pendant so it doesn’t overpower. Finding the ideal size drum pendant for your body type and fashion aesthetic will let you fall in love with wearing it.

3. Choose Complementary Lengths

Pay attention to the length of chain or cord used for your drum pendant necklace. Shorter 16-18 inch lengths are great for highlighting the pendant itself without distraction. The pendant will sit high on the neck and chest in clear view. Longer 20-24 inch lengths are excellent for layering the drum pendant over tops and dresses. The extra length lets the pendant settle closer to your heart where it won’t compete with other jewelry near your face and neck. Consider your torso length and preferred necklace look to find the perfect chain or cord length.

4. Mix Up Materials

Drum pendants come in such a fun mix of materials like wood, bone, leather, metal, and more. Don’t limit yourself to just one material! Mixing up the materials of your drum pendants creates visual interest and contrast. A wooden pendant pops against metal chains while a leather cord feels earthy with a stone pendant. Collecting drum pendants across a spectrum of unique materials will make sure your necklaces feel fresh and inspiring to wear.

5. Incorporate Musical Elements

Stay true to the musical nature of drum pendants by choosing options with actual playable elements. Many feature mini drumsticks attached by a chain so you can tap out beats against the pendant itself. Some have rings along the edge for a jangly percussion sound. Etched or printed musical designs are another way to incorporate the musical theme. Whenever possible, look for these fun interactive details to really drive home the musicality of your drum pendant necklace.

6. Get Crafty with DIY

Want to fully personalize your drum pendant? Consider making your own DIY version at home. You can make a miniature leather bongo drum pendant or small wood carved djembe pendant with some simple tools. Craft stores sell pendant blank kits you can customize by painting designs, adding beads, and installing hardware. Don’t forget to seal and protect your DIY drum pendant with waterproof spray. DIY drum pendants make excellent gifts for music lovers too.

7. Store Properly to Prevent Damage

To keep your drum pendant looking its best, be sure to store it properly when not in use. Keep pendants in separate soft bags or boxes to prevent scratching and tangling. Wood pendants should be kept away from moisture and humidity which can cause warping. Let metal pendants come to room temperature before wearing to prevent skin irritation. Proper drum pendant storage will extend the life of your necklaces so you can enjoy them for many years.

8. Give as Gifts for Music Fans

Know someone with a major love for music, percussion, or drumming? A drum pendant is the perfect gift! The music-minded people in your life will appreciate the blend of art, sound, and creativity these pendants embody. Include a note sharing what inspired you to choose that particular pendant design for them. Drum pendant gifts are sure to be meaningful for any occasion from birthdays to graduation. Spread the drum pendant love by gifting handcrafted pieces to your favorite music enthusiasts.

9. Wear With Confidence Anywhere

Once you fall for the charms of drum pendant necklaces, don’t be shy about wearing yours anywhere and everywhere! The unique look of drum pendants complements both dressy and casual outfits beautifully. Match a dainty drum pendant with evening gowns for red carpet elegance. Layer a bold statement drum pendant over graphic t-shirts for downtown edge. Tap out beats during waiting in line or on your commute. Drum pendants are perfect for spicing up plain outfits and expressing your personal creativity anywhere you go.

Key Takeaways on How to Love Drum Pendants:

  • Appreciate the skilled artistry and craftsmanship of drum pendant jewelry. These are handmade wearable art pieces!
  • Choose the perfect drum pendant size and length for your personal style and body type.
  • Mix up your pendant materials for interesting visual contrast and textures.
  • Incorporate musical elements like etched designs, drumsticks, and jangly rings.
  • Get creative with fun DIY drum pendant projects to make your own.
  • Store drum pendants properly to prevent damage and extend their lifespan.
  • Give drum pendant gifts to music lovers you know for meaningful presents.
  • Wear your drum pendant with confidence to complement both dressy and casual looks!

Drum Pendants FAQs

What are drum pendants?

Drum pendants are necklaces featuring a miniature replica of a percussion instrument like a bongo or djembe as the pendant. Handcrafted details mimic real drum features like playable drumheads, grooves, and sticks. Drum pendants let you showcase your love for music in jewelry form.

How big are drum pendants?

Drum pendants range from dainty 1 inch sizes to bold statement pieces around 3-4 inches wide. The average drum pendant is around 2 inches wide. Choose based on your style, if you’ll layer with other necklaces, and placement you prefer on your neck/chest.

What materials are drum pendants made from?

Popular drum pendant materials include metal, carved wood, bone, leather, ceramic, stone and more. Many combine materials too like wood with leather cord or ceramic with metal accents. Mixing up materials creates visual interest.

Should I wear drum pendants casually or formally?

The great thing about drum pendants is they work for both casual everyday wear and formal occasions! For casual, layer over t-shirts and jeans. For formal, pair with gowns for a unique statement. Drum pendants express your personal style anywhere.

What’s the best way to care for drum pendants?

Store drum pendants properly in separate soft bags or boxes to avoid damage when not worn. Wood and leather pendants are sensitive to moisture. Let metal pendants come to room temperature before wearing to prevent skin irritation. With care, drum pendants can last for years.

Do drum pendants make good gifts?

Yes! Music lovers will appreciate drum pendants for the blend of art, sound, and creativity they embody. They have musical personality without being overly showy. Include a thoughtful note about why you chose that particular pendant design for the recipient.

Should I make my own DIY drum pendant?

Definitely give DIY drum pendants a try if you’re crafty! Craft stores have pendant blank kits to customize with paint, hardware, and found objects. Watch online tutorials. DIY drum pendants make heartfelt gifts too. Be sure to seal and protect your creation.

How do I choose the right length for my drum pendant?

Petite 16-18 inch lengths are great solo statement pieces, while longer 20-24 inch lengths excel for layering over tops and dresses. Consider your body type and how long you prefer your necklaces. Shorter shows off the pendant, longer lets it settle by your heart.

Can I tap and play sounds on a drum pendant?

Many drum pendants have interactive playable details to mimic real drums! Mini drumsticks attach by tiny chains for tapping against the pendant. Rings or beads around the edges add a jangly percussion sound. Etched or printed designs bring visual musicality.


Drum pendants provide such a unique way to express your passion for music and percussion. With styles ranging from bold statement pieces to delicate charms, you can find the perfect fit for your personal fashion. Appreciating the artistry, choosing lengths and sizes thoughtfully, and incorporating musical elements will help you get the most joy from drum pendants. Gift these special wearable instruments to your favorite music aficionados. Then wear your pendant proudly to bring art, sound, and creativity everywhere you go. With so many ways to love them, drum pendants make an upbeat addition to any jewelry box.