Having double sinks in the bathroom provides convenience and flexibility, allowing two people to use the space at the same time. But it also presents a decorating dilemma – how to stylishly fill the space between the sinks? There are many creative ways to utilize this often overlooked space that can add form and function to your bath. Here are 9 great ideas for making the most of the space between double sinks.

1. Install a Mirror Between the Sinks

Installing a mirror between the two sinks is a space-enhancing and visually striking choice. A mirror makes the area seem larger and brighter. Opt for a full length mirror to add the illusion of depth. Frameless mirrors work well in contemporary styled baths while ornate framed mirrors match traditional decors. For safety, choose a mirror with beveled edges or a protective frame. Make sure it is securely mounted to studs. Position sconces or pendant lights on each side of the mirror to provide perfect task lighting for grooming.

A mirror is highly functional for checking your look before heading out. And when two people are using the sinks at once, the mirror allows you both to get ready together. Hang the mirror slightly lower than usual – around 58-60 inches from the floor to the mirror’s bottom edge – to accommodate different heights. Make sure to clean and squeegee the mirror after showers to keep it looking its best. A mirror is a simple yet dramatic way to decorate and amplify the double sink space.

2. Install Open Shelving

Open shelving between the vanities provides storage and allows you to display decorative items. Glass shelving creates an airier feel while solid wood shelving lends warmth. Opt for 2-3 shelves of varying heights to hold folded washcloths, toiletries, candles, plants, baskets, and more. Coordinate the shelves with the vanities – similar finishes and colors will make the area seem cohesive. Add lighting above the shelves, such as sconces, to illuminate the items.

Make sure the items you display tie into the overall decor of the bathroom. Rotate objects seasonally for a fresh look. Stylish canisters, matching towels, framed art, and greenery are all items that can be attractively showcased. Keep things tidy and organized so the open shelves remain a functional part of the bathroom. Shelving is an ideal choice for a traditional, cottage, or farmhouse style bathroom.

3. Include a Long Console Table

A console table spanning the length of the double sink space provides a dramatic focal point. Choose a console table with a stone top and metal legs for an industrial style or opt for carved wood for traditional appeal. Style the tabletop minimally – a pair of matching lamps, a scattering of decorative objects, or a lush potted plant looks chic. You can even use the console to hold a tray of perfumes, jewelry, and other accessories when getting ready.

If you have the space, a console that is 36-40 inches high makes an excellent backsplash when positioned behind the sinks. For a smaller bathroom, a 30 inch height works better so the console doesn’t overwhelm. Make sure to measure carefully so the faucets and plumbing are accessible. The console brings continuity behind the two sinks and makes this space much more functional.

4. Add Matching Artwork

Make a decorative statement by hanging matching artwork above both sinks. This creates visual impact and draws the eye upwards, making the space seem taller and larger. Choose two prints or paintings in identical or complementary frames to mirror one another. Landscape artwork often fits well. Images of natural scenery, flowers, or abstract designs add a calming touch.

The ideal place to hang the artwork is above each sink, centered at eye level. Images that are 48-60 inches wide best suit standard double sinks spaced 36-42 inches apart. Make sure the art isn’t hung too high – 60-66 inches is ideal. Art that is hung too high looks out of proportion and diminishes the visual effect. Matching artwork pulls together the two sides of the bathroom for a polished, designer look.

5. Install Wall-Mounted Lights

Wall mounted lights on each side of the sinks provide perfect task lighting. Sconces are the most common choice – they come in styles ranging from ornate crystal to sleek and modern. The best placement is 60-66 inches from the floor to the bottom of the sconce, centered over each sink. Opt for sconces with adjustable swing arms so the light can be positioned as needed.

Other options include horizontal vanity lighting installed right beneath the wall cabinets or vertical strips of LED lights. These provide ambient lighting as well as task lighting. Dimming capabilities create the right mood lighting. Install the switch near the vanity so lights can be easily adjusted. Wall mounted lighting is ideal for double sink spaces and enables optimal visibility when using the sinks and mirrors.

6. Add Floating Shelves

Incorporate floating shelves in the space between the sinks for a contemporary twist. Floating shelves made of glass, metal, or hardwood in sleek, minimalist designs fit today’s styles. Shelves ranging from 6 to 12 inches deep allow you to display hand soaps, candles, small decor items, folded washcloths, and more.

Install the floating shelves at varying heights and asymmetrically for interest. You can also stagger larger and smaller shelves. Make sure the proportions suit the size of the bathroom so the shelves don’t overwhelm. Lighting above or below the shelves showcases your decor. Aim for an airy, uncluttered look on the floating shelves themselves. This keeps the style refined. Floating shelves lend modern flair to double sink bathrooms.

7. Include a Floor Plant

Placing a lush plant on the floor between the sinks is an easy way to decorate this space. The green foliage adds life and a fresh look. Opt for a low maintenance houseplant like a snake plant, philodendron, or pothos that can tolerate low light and humid bathroom environments. Use a planter that complements your style – blue and white ceramic for traditional spaces or concrete for modern.

Position the plant near the corner where the two vanities meet. This takes advantage of unused space. The plant softens the hard lines and brings nature into the room. Make sure it doesn’t obstruct the sinks or faucets. A plant on the floor requires little care, adds color, and makes your bathroom feel more inviting. Upgrade with a planter that has smart irrigation to automate watering.

8. Add Pull-Out Storage Baskets

Take advantage of the space between sinks by installing pull-out baskets under the vanities. These allow you to neatly tuck away extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, hair tools, and other items. The baskets provide hidden storage that keeps clutter off the countertops.

Look for baskets that perfectly fit the area under your bathroom vanity cabinets. Baskets mounted on slides disappear when closed so the space always looks clean. Label and organize the baskets so you can easily access needed items. Baskets in white, black, or wood tones coordinate in most bathrooms. Pull-out baskets are an excellent way to maximize storage in the double sink area.

9. Install Towel Bars

Towel bars mounted horizontally between the two sinks provide space to hang hand towels and washcloths. Opt for 18-24 inch towel bars in finishes that match your faucets and other hardware. Position them about 48 inches above the floor – just above the sinks is ideal.

Stagger two bars at different heights for plenty of towel hanging capacity. You can hang towels over cabinet doors for more space as well. Match your towels in color and fabric for a cohesive spa-like feel. Make sure to frequently launder bathroom towels to prevent bacteria and odors. The towel bars add function and allow you to neatly hang essentials in the double sink space.

Design Tips for Double Sink Bathroom Spaces

  • Measure carefully to find the right sizing for shelving, mirrors, artwork, consoles, and other built-ins. Leave adequate clearance around plumbing.
  • Select materials like glass, metal, and acrylic that resist moisture and condensation in humid bathroom environments.
  • Include layers of lighting – install sconces, pendant lights, LED strips, etc. This creates ambiance and enables tasks like grooming and applying makeup.
  • Tie the two sides of the bathroom together through symmetry, matching artwork, consistent color schemes, and coordinating materials and finishes.
  • Prevent clutter by utilizing functional storage like bins, baskets, trays, and cabinets to keep items out of sight.
  • Adjust items like art and mirrors 2-3 inches higher than their usual height to account for installation over sinks and vanities rather than flat walls.
  • Edit frequently – rotate towels, soaps, accessories and plants so the space stays fresh and inviting, especially for guests.
  • Choose a decorative mirror as a centerpiece – it makes the room feel larger and lighter while serving a useful purpose.
  • Add greenery – plants bring life and nature into bathrooms. Include them on shelves, the floor or in hanging planters.

With some creativity and smart storage solutions, the space between double sinks can become one of the most stylish and useful areas of your bathroom. Use these ideas as inspiration to design a beautiful, functional double sink vanity space you’ll enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Sink Bathroom Design

What size should a double sink vanity be?

For comfortable usage, a double sink vanity should be 60-72 inches wide. Standard spacing between sinks is 36-42 inches. Vanity depth ranges from 18-24 inches deep. Measure your bathroom carefully to find a vanity that fits.

How much space should be between double sinks?

Ideally leave 36-42 inches between the centers of the two sinks. This allows two people to comfortably use the sinks together without crowding. Make sure to account for clearances around plumbing too.

Should double sinks match?

The two sinks should visually coordinate to create a cohesive look. Most often homeowners choose identical sinks and faucets. However, styles, shapes and finishes can differ as long as they work with the overall bathroom aesthetic.

What should I put between double sinks in a small bathroom?

In a small space, floating shelves, a floor plant, artwork, or a narrow console table avoid clutter. Make sure furnishings are scaled down so they don’t overwhelm. Always allow clearance for using sinks and drawers.

What type of mirror should go between double sinks?

A full length mirror extending from counter to ceiling makes the space seem larger. For safety choose beveled or framed mirrors. Hang the mirror a bit lower than usual – 58-60 inches from floor to bottom. Position lights like sconces on each side.

How do I decorate the space between two bathroom sinks?

Some fun ideas include a long console table, matching artwork or prints, open or floating shelves, a floor plant, towel bars, wall mounted lights, and baskets for hidden storage. Make sure the decor connects the two sides of the bathroom.

Should I get one or two mirrors for double vanity?

One large mirror spanning the space between the sinks helps make the area feel more open. Position sconces and lights at the outer edges of the mirror. For very large bathrooms, you can have two mirrors side by side over each sink.

What height should bathroom double sinks be?

Standard bathroom vanities with sinks are 32-34 inches high. If sinks will be mainly used by adults, this standard height works well. For children or accessibility install sinks at 30 inches high or lower. Wall mounted sinks can also customize height.

How do I plumb double sinks with one drain?

Use a T-shaped PVC pipe fitting to merge the two drain pipes into one before reaching the main waste line. This allows two sinks to share the same drain. Follow codes for proper P-trap installation and angles. Consult a plumber if you are unfamiliar.

Final Thoughts on Designing the Space Between Double Sinks

When thoughtfully designed, the area between double vanities can become a decorative focal point instead of just dead space. Use the ideas suggested to create a bathroom that is both beautiful and highly functional. Proper planning of things like sizing, storage, lighting and decor will ensure the space meets your needs.

Maximizing and personalizing this often underutilized zone between twin sinks results in a bathroom you can fully enjoy and be proud to show off. With smart solutions, any double vanity layout can become a stylish spot tailored to your lifestyle. The space between sinks presents fun design opportunities to make your bathroom feel finished and pulled together.