Decorating with pink and purple can be a delightful way to create a feminine, romantic, or relaxing vibe in a room. However, without care, overusing these candy-colored tones can veer into the realm of sensory overload. The key is finding the right balance between indulging your love of pink and purple without going overboard into saccharine territory. With thoughtful color combinations, textures, and accessorizing, you can design a stylish and serene pink and purple room.

Choosing Your Pink and Purple Tones

When working with pink and purple, pay attention to the undertones. Cooler, more blue-based hues tend to have a more soothing and elegant effect than warm, orangey shades. Select a lighter muted pink with a hint of peach or lavender rather than a bold hot pink. Pair this with a deeper purple with gray undertones. Greige purples and mauves blend beautifully with blush pink. Avoid incorporating too many competing shades of pink and purple. Stick with one purple and one pink as your dominant colors.

Here are some sophisticated pink and purple color combinations to consider for your rooms:

  • Pale blush pink with slate purple
  • Lavender and rose quartz
  • Dusty mauve and peach pink
  • Wisteria purple and creamy pink
  • Lilac purple and pale petal pink

The Right Textures for a Pink and Purple Room

Too much shiny satin, velvet, and glossy lacquered furniture could create a dollhouse effect. Counterbalance the femininity of pink and purple with organic textures and natural materials. Consider:

  • Light oak wood tones – This can warm up the look and prevent it from becoming too precious. Use an oak wood floor, table, nightstands or shelving.
  • Stone and marble – Travertine, sandstone, marble and terrazzo in soft whites and grays bring an earthy feel. Try marble-look porcelain or ceramic tile flooring. Use decorative marble bowls and travertine side tables.
  • Linen and cotton – Lightweight linen slipcovers, cotton throws, and accent pillow covers provide casual texture.
  • Lambswool and sheepskin – Plush cream sheepskins and shaggy lambswool poufs keep the vibe cozy and comfy.
  • Rattan and bamboo – Incorporating rattan chairs, wall screens, and window shades adds natural contrast.
  • Nubby and textured rugs – Layer shag rugs or wool rugs with interesting knobby weaves over hard flooring.

8 Ways to Accessorize a Pink and Purple Room

Carefully chosen accents can bring your pink and purple color scheme to life. When decorating, aim for quality over quantity. A few impactful designer accent pieces make more of a statement than cluttering a space with unnecessary tchotchkes.

1. Metallic Details

For a glam touch, bring in rose gold, brass, and chrome accents. This could include metallic console tables, ceramic vases, mirrors, frames or lamp bases in shimmering pink gold or brushed brass tones. Mirrored furniture also bounces light around.

2. Glass and Crystal Objects

Clear glass lamp bases, vases, bowls, and candle holders catch and reflect light beautifully. For romantic sparkle, place crystal prisms in a window or hang a central ceiling pendant with crystals.

3. Nature-Inspired Decor Items

Natural elements help soften the color palette. dried flowers, sea shells, stone bookends, rattan baskets, driftwood art, and potted orchids or air plants prevent the room from feeling plastic-y.

4. Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

Seeking unexpected silhouettes? Sculptural pendant lights, sconces, floor lamps or chandeliers in fluid shapes add modern flair. Geometric patterns add graphic contrast.

5. Abstract Artwork

Hang abstract paintings, prints, photographs or wall hangings featuring soft watercolor textures or fuzzy brushstrokes. Avoid cutesy wall decor with words spelled out in curlicue letters.

6. Fresh Greenery and Flowers

Pink peonies, purple orchids or pale pink roses displayed in glass vases instantly brighten and add organic color. Leafy potted plants like pothos and peperomia filter the air.

7. Ceramics and Pottery

Handcrafted mugs, vases, bowls and catch-all trays in muted pink, mauve and lilac glazes bring handmade charm. Introduce gray tones with patterned ceramic garden stools or side tables.

8. Faux Fur and Velvet Pillows

Including plush velvet and faux fur on chairs and sofas in cream and gray prevents the space from skewing too feminine. Extra throw pillows can easily switch up the look.

Creating a Relaxing Pink and Purple Bedroom

The bedroom should feel like a serene oasis. Follow this advice for designing a restful, spa-like pink and purple color palette for the bedroom.

  • Stick with lighter hues of lilac, pale violet and blush pinks. Deeper plums can feel too dramatic.
  • Incorporate plenty of crisp white. White bedding naturally lightens and brightens. Add white nightstands, trim, walls, drapes or rugs.
  • Use pink and purple in moderation as accents. Try lilac curtains, a pale pink headboard, a mauve armchair, or violet pillows.
  • Pick calm, meditative purple hues like wisteria or lilac over vivid Royal purples.
  • Candlelight from taper candles or a pink Himalayan salt lamp sets a soothing mood.
  • Add clean lines and airy lightness with a white canopy bed frame or billowy sheer curtains.
  • Play with different textures like nubby linen duvet covers and fluffy sheepskin rugs.
  • Incorporate metallic silver and white flowers for a touch of romance.

The bedroom should promote rest and relaxation. Keep angles rounded, lines fluid and lighting low for an ultra-serene environment.

Avoiding a Tacky Pink and Purple Living Room

The living room and other public spaces require a bit more restraint when decorating in blush and lavender tones. Here are some tips for a sophisticated, stylish look:

  • Introduce more masculine elements like dark leather furniture or navy blue accents for balance.
  • Opt for varied, irregular patterns and shapes rather than perfectly matching furniture.
  • Add warm metallic touches like bronze sculptural lamps or geometric gold wall mirrors.
  • Intersperse pink and purple accessories sparingly instead of going overboard.
  • Counterbalance feminine colors with natural wood furnishing, stone objects and greenery.
  • Choose a deeper plum wall color paired with pale pink and cream furniture for a enveloping, elegant look.
  • Incorporate gray tones with cool undertones to mute the brightness.
  • Use restraint with ruffles, bows and floral flourishes – a few strategic feminine accents mixed with other styles keeps things chic.

With careful editing, you can design a stunning pink and purple living room that avoids skewing juvenile or saccharine.

Designing a Relaxing Purple and Pink Spa Bathroom

A purple and pink color scheme is wonderful for creating a soothing, spa-like bathroom retreat. Consider these tips:

  • Select a pale lavender, lilac or mauve paint color for the walls. Trim in crisp white.
  • Choose a white or cream stone vessel sink and natural travertine tile floors.
  • Add pampering touches like fresh white towels, a comfy spa mat, scented candles, and a vase of pink peonies.
  • Incorporate a few metallic rose gold faucets and accessories for subtle sparkle.
  • Hang sheer voile curtains in white, pale pink or purple.
  • Place a mirror edged in an ornate silver or gold frame atop a white stone bathroom vanity.
  • Arrange white pillar candles and purple-hued glass bowls filled with bath salts and body scrubs.
  • Use a purple and white striped rug to add softness underfoot.
  • Add low lighting with pink Himalayan salt rock lamps or soft pendant lights.

By keeping the look light, airy, and minimal, your pink and purple bathroom will provide a peaceful daily escape.

Designing an Inviting Pink and Purple Kitchen

The kitchen may seem like a challenging space to deck out in pink and purple. However, by sticking to a couple accent shades and warm neutrals, you can easily achieve a welcoming, on-trend vibe.

  • Paint upper cabinets a pale blush or lilac purple. Lower cabinetry should be crisp white for a fresh, clean look.
  • Add pops of rose gold and brass with metallic pendant lights, barstools, and kitchen hardware like cabinet knobs and pulls.
  • Blend purple and pink into kitchen textiles. Try a white and purple patterned runner rug, pink potholders, and a mauve and cream striped curtain valance.
  • Display a collection of ceramic purple and pink-glazed kitchen canisters, planters, and salt and pepper shakers.
  • Incorporate fresh flowers and herbs like pink roses, purple orchids, and pale purple thyme.
  • Mix in wood elements like oak cutting boards, wooden bar stools, or a butcher block kitchen island.

When used in moderation, pink and purple add a lively, yet soothing vibe to the kitchen’s atmosphere. Intersperse with plenty of white and natural wood tones to keep things feeling light and airy.

Designing a Vibrant Pink and Purple Home Office

Need help staying focused and upbeat in your home office? Infusing shades of purple and pink can help energize your workspace.

  • Paint the office a light lavender color with white trim for a peaceful, yet energizing backdrop.
  • Choose a pale pink or mauve office chair and coordinating desk accessories like trays, cups and desk organizers.
  • Hang uplifting abstract purple and pink art prints in coordinating white frames.
  • Place a faux pink orchid in a white ceramic planter and scented lilac candle on the desk.
  • Use a fluffy white shag rug underfoot to soften a hard floor surface.
  • Display books on lavender bookshelves and stash supplies in matching purple boxes or baskets.
  • Choose a fluid, sculptural rose gold desk lamp for glowing task lighting.
  • Add pops of brightness with motivational pink and purple typographic prints.
  • Incorporate natural wood accents like an oak desktop, rattan wastebasket, or framed dried flowers.

A pink and purple home office provides visual pleasure along with an upbeat, stimulating environment to spark creativity.

Accessorizing a Little Girl’s Room in Pink and Purple

When designing a bedroom for a little girl, pink and purple make a natural color pairing. Here are some tips for pulling off a playful, yet stylish pink and purple room:

  • Use restrained, muted pink and lavender hues like blush, mauve and lilac. Avoid bold neon or electric shades.
  • Choose whimsical patterns like floral medallions, butterflies, polka dots, or chevron stripes over large prints for longevity.
  • Paint the walls a very pale pink or lilac. Add contrasting crisp white wood trim and moldings.
  • Pick a white canopy or iron bed dressed in soft pink and lavender linens. Accent with matching printed throw pillows.
  • Hang sheer lilac curtains and select lighting with a soft rose hue.
  • Incorporate touches of wood furniture and accessories to warm up the palette.
  • Arrange stuffed animals, a dollhouse, and books on open white bookshelves for easy access.
  • Add personalized wall art and pictures in pink and purple hues.

The right balance of pink, purple and white keeps a little girl’s room playful yet sophisticated. Limit bold patterns and accessorize with toys and books in the same color family.

Top Color Combinations for Pink and Purple Weddings

Pink and purple present lots of possibilities for glam, romantic weddings. Brides can choose two complementary hues from the pink and purple palette for a coordinated color scheme. Here are some beautiful combinations:

Blush Pink and Lilac

Soft blush pink and light lilac purple evoke a dreamy, classic mood. Accent with white and metallic gold. Try blush roses with lilac calla lilies for bouquets.

Dusty Mauve and Wisteria Purple

Muted mauve and gray-toned wisteria create an elegant romantic look. Ivory table linens and mercury glass vases keep it sophisticated.

Peach Pink and Lavender

The warmth of peach paired with the coolness of lavender is a vibrant, lively mix. Add touches of sage green for an on-trend look.

Baby Pink and Vivid Violet

For a youthful, whimsical wedding, combine baby pink with bright violet. White details and greenery balance out the colors.

Marsala and Orchid Purple

Deep marsala wine red and orchid purple is lush and moody. Accent with shimmering gold, white florals, and candlelight.

Any combination of pink and purple can help set the scene for an indulgent, feminine wedding style. Coordinate stationery, invitations, flowers, and attire using two complementary shades.

Avoiding Clashes When Mixing Pink and Purple

While pink and purple are designed to complement one another on the color wheel, the wrong undertones can sometimes clash and compete. Follow these guidelines to successfully combine shades of pink and purple:

  • Stick with cool-toned pink and purple hues with blue or gray undertones. Warm peachy pinks tend to clash with jewel purple tones.
  • Pair a lighter pink with a darker purple. A pale blush works better with eggplant than matching a medium pink with a medium purple.
  • Watch out for pairing an overly bright, saturated pink with an equally vivid Royal purple. Softer hues blend more seamlessly.
  • Use one color as a dominant shade, and use the other color for accents. Choose either pink or purple as the main color in a room.
  • Separate competing shades in different rooms instead of mixing them in the same space.
  • Add white, black or metallics like bronze and rose gold to transition between clashing shades.

Trust your instincts. Notice if two shades seem to vibrate against each other. Adjust the balance of colors and add transitional tones until you find a personalized palette that delights the senses.

FAQs About Decorating With Pink and Purple

Is pink and purple out of style?

Pink and purple remain a timeless color combination that ebbs and flows in popularity. Currently shades like lilac, wisteria and blush are back in an updated way when paired with modern colors like gray, white and metallics.

What colors go with pink and purple?

Light neutrals like white, cream and soft gray beautifully complement pink and purple. Metallics like rose gold and brass accent the colors well. Greens like sage pair nicely with lavender. Navy blue is a great way to ground very feminine pink and purple decor.

How do I decorate a bedroom with pink and purple?

Use lighter muted versions of pink and purple in a bedroom. Lavender or pale pink walls with white trim keep the look soft and restful. Neutral bedding with pink and purple accent pillows and throws provides flexibility. Add contrasting wood nightstands and metallic decor accents.

What are the pink and purple color schemes called?

Some popular pink and purple color palette names include:

  • Lilac and Lavender
  • Wisteria and Blush
  • Orchid and Ballet Slipper
  • Thulian Pink and Helios Purple
  • Quartz and Amethyst

Should you mix pink and purple in a bathroom?

Definitely! A pale purple or blush pink paint color with white fixtures and stone tile creates a beautiful, soothing bathroom. Use purple and pink in the bath mats, towels, shower curtain and accessories. Add leafy green plants and candles. Just stick with paler shades and use metallics and wood tones to balance the femininity.


Pink and purple are an iconic color pairing that can infuse rooms with energy, romance and luxury when thoughtfully combined. Avoid going overboard into sugary sweet territory by selecting muted, cooler-toned pink and purple shades and anchoring them with plenty of white and natural materials. Focus on one dominant color, then use the other hue for accents. In more public rooms, keep the look sophisticated by incorporating masculine elements like leather and metallics with the feminine pinks and purples. With an elegant, edited approach, pink and purple create a joyful yet peaceful living environment.