Having a narrow bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or functionality. With some creative planning, narrow bathrooms can be transformed into beautiful and practical spaces that take advantage of every inch. One great way to maximize a small bathroom is to incorporate a tub into the shower area. This creates an elegant spa-like feel while still allowing enough room for essential bathroom functions. We’ve rounded up 8 stunning narrow bathrooms featuring chic tubs in the shower. Read on for inspiration on making the most of a petite powder room!

Choosing the Right Tub for a Narrow Bathroom

When planning a tub for a narrow bathroom, the most important factors to consider are the dimensions and layout. Here are some tub styles that work well in tight spaces:

  • Corner Tubs: These tubs fit snugly into a corner, opening up floor space. Rectangular, triangular, and curved corner tubs are available. Make sure to measure carefully to find one that fits your exact corner.
  • Alcove Tubs: Alcove tubs are designed to fit into a recessed space in the bathroom. This helps contain the tub area and keeps the floor open.
  • Small Freestanding Tubs: Slender oval, round, or square tubs can fit into tight bathrooms. Look for compact freestanding tubs around 48-60 inches long.
  • Walk-in Tubs: These tubs have doors that allow you to step directly in without climbing over the side. Great for accessibility and small spaces.

Keep the overall bathroom layout in mind when selecting a tub. Allow at least 12 inches of clearance around the tub and ensure there’s enough space to open the door. Getting the measurements right is key for a narrow bathroom.

Design Tips for Incorporating a Tub in the Shower

Integrating a tub into a shower in a petite bathroom requires some clever design solutions. Here are some tips for a seamless look:

  • Use a glass enclosure: A frameless glass shower enclosure takes up minimal space. Glass doors can slide or swing open.
  • Extend the showerhead: Get an adjustable showerhead on a slide bar that reaches over the tub. Some rainfall showerheads also angle downward.
  • Add grab bars: Strategically placed grab bars allow for safe entry in and out of the tub. Go for minimal styles that blend with your decor.
  • Include a hand shower: A handheld shower head makes it easy to bathe while sitting in the tub. Attach it to the main shower bar.
  • Elevate the tub on a platform: Raising the tub onto a tiled platform gives a built-in step for getting in and out.
  • Use multipurpose furniture: A slim storage bench at the end of the tub doubles as a place to sit while bathing.

With smart design, you can enjoy an indulgent soak in a narrow space. Now let’s look at some inspiring examples.

1. Corner Tub in a Tiny White Bathroom

This diminutive white bathroom is brightened up by natural light. The corner tub maximizes the layout and fits perfectly flush to the walls. A glass door maintains an open feel in the shower. The matching white tub, walls, and marble tile create a seamless spa aesthetic.

2. Standalone Tub in an Eclectic Bathroom

This fun black and white bathroom features a vintage standalone tub. Placing it diagonally in the corner saves space for a large walk-in shower. Pops of green, unique lighting fixtures, and tropical wallpaper give this bath an eclectic vibe.

3. Built-In Alcove Tub with Brick Accent Wall

This charming bathroom includes an alcove tub in a custom brick alcove. The brick frames the tub and adds texture to the shower area. White subway tile and vintage touches keep the space feeling light and bright.

4. Curbless Walk-In Tub Enclosure

This bathroom features an accessible walk-in tub with a completely curbless entry. The walk-through glass door makes it easy and safe to step into the deep tub. The lack of shower curb allows for a seamless transition.

5. Large Corner Tub in a White and Gray Bathroom

Don’t be afraid to go big with a corner tub in a little bathroom! This dreamy bath features a large soaking tub that takes advantage of the angled corner layout. Gray mosaic tile contrasts nicely with crisp white details.

6. Freestanding Oval Tub in Mint Green Bathroom

An oval freestanding tub makes a statement in this vibrant mint green bathroom. Glossy white penny tile on the walls and floor reflect light, while wood accents warm up the room. The showerhead extends from the wall to reach the tub.

7. Compact Corner Hot Tub Shower

This contemporary bathroom features a corner hot tub with massaging jets. The deep tub is sunken into a tiled platform for easy access. Glass shower doors and stone tile keep the look minimal but luxe.

8. Petite Slipper Tub Enclosure with Rain Shower

Even the tiniest bathrooms can accommodate a tub! This wee bath includes a cute slipper tub combined with a spacious walk-in shower. The rain showerhead makes a soothing focal point.

Design Inspiration for Narrow Bathrooms with Built-In Tubs

Hopefully these chic bathrooms have provided some inspiration for upgrading a cramped space with an integrated tub. Even if you’re working with the tiniest of bathrooms, you can carve out an area for a relaxing soak. Keep these key design ideas in mind as you plan your perfect narrow bath:

  • Take measurements first and find a tub that fits your space. Corner tubs, alcoves, and compact freestanding tubs are great options.
  • Extend the showerhead over the tub for an adjustable shower. Add grab bars for safety and convenience.
  • Glass shower doors maintain an open, airy aesthetic. Use sliding panels or hinged doors.
  • Elevate the tub on a tiled platform for easy entry access. Include a small entry step.
  • Multipurpose furniture like storage benches optimize the layout.
  • Don’t skimp on style! Use materials like tile, stone, and wood to create your dream spa.

While a petite bathroom presents challenges, they also provide the chance to get creative. Integrating a bath into a narrow shower is possible with careful planning. The results are a bathroom that’s both functional for bathing and relaxing in its beautiful design. Upgrade your tiny bath to be a space you look forward to unwinding in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tubs in Narrow Bathrooms

What size tub fits in a 5×5 bathroom?

For a 5×5 bathroom, look for a compact alcove tub around 48 inches long or a small corner tub around 32-36 inches square. This will allow clearance on the sides and enough space to walk in and out comfortably.

How do you arrange bathroom fixtures in a small space?

In a narrow bathroom, arrange the fixtures in a straight line or L-shape instead of across from each other. Place the sink and toilet next to each other on one wall and the tub on another. This opens up more usable floor space.

What are some space-saving tricks for small bathrooms?

  • Install a pedestal or wall-mounted sink to save space instead of a vanity.
  • Use a sliding barn door instead of a swing door if possible.
  • Choose narrow shelving, medicine cabinets and slim storage cabinets.
  • Mount the showerhead on a height-adjustable bar for flexibility.
  • Use a fold-down seat in the shower instead of a built-in niche.

Should you put the tub or shower in first in a small bathroom?

Most designers recommend starting with the shower when planning a small bathroom layout. Showers require carefully placed plumbing and drainage so they can dictate other fixture placements. After positioning the shower, determine the best spot for the tub to optimize the floorplan.

How do you make a tub shower combo look nice?

Use a frameless glass shower screen, elevated tub platform, matching tub and shower tiles, and neutral shower curtain when not in use. Extend the showerhead over the tub. Add touches like recessed niches, shelving, hand shower, and grab bars for function and style.