Upgrading your bathroom can greatly improve your home’s function and aesthetic. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which upgrades will give you the best return on investment. Here are 8 high-value bathroom upgrades to consider for your next remodel.

Install a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Replacing a dated shower curtain and rod with a frameless glass shower enclosure can completely transform the look of your bathroom. Frameless enclosures feature minimal metal framing for a sleek, modern aesthetic. Unlike shower curtains, a glass enclosure contains water spray inside the stall, keeping the rest of the bathroom dry.

Frameless shower enclosures may cost more upfront, but they add value and appeal to your home. When choosing frameless glass, opt for thick, tempered glass over thinner or acrylic options for superior durability. Hire professional installers to ensure proper fit and waterproofing. Keep the lines clean with minimal hardware. A frameless glass shower enclosure is an eye-catching upgrade that buyers will appreciate.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

The right lighting can make a bathroom feel bright, airy, and spacious. To upgrade your bathroom’s lighting, consider:

  • Recessed can lights: Recessed can lights (also called downlights) create focused task lighting. Space can lights evenly to brightly illuminate the vanity/mirror area. Use a warm light color like 2700K.
  • Pendant lights: Hang a pendant light over the bathtub or shower to create a focal point. Opt for an eye-catching pendant in materials like glass, metal, or cloth. Make sure it’s UL-listed for bathroom use.
  • Sconces: Mounted on the wall on either side of the mirror, sconces provide perfect lighting for grooming. Look for moisture-resistant fixtures with an arm that angles light toward the face.
  • Natural light: If possible, add windows and skylights to allow natural light into the bathroom. Sunlight makes the space feel open and airy. For privacy, use textured glass or positioned out of sightlines.

Proper bathroom lighting can make the room more functional and visually appealing. Focus on lighting the key areas, like the vanity and shower, for a high-end look.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity makes a major impact on the room’s style. Upgrading to a new vanity can instantly modernize the space. When selecting a new vanity, consider these tips:

  • Choose a style and finish that coordinate with your bathroom’s overall decor, like modern, traditional, or farmhouse.
  • Optimize storage with drawers, cabinets, and pull-out organizers to neatly stow bathroom essentials.
  • Look for solid wood construction and soft-closing hardware for quality and durability.
  • Select an on-trend countertop material like quartz, marble, or concrete. Undermount sinks have a sleek, seamless look.
  • For a built-in look, choose a vanity with matching medicine cabinets and mirrors.
  • Proper lighting is key. Look for vanities with lights or allow space for sconces.

Installing a new, stylish vanity can completely change the look and function of your bathroom. Shop for a vanity that reflects your personal taste and storage needs. A quality vanity will increase your home’s resale value.

Upgrade Your Faucets and Fixtures

Dated faucets and fixtures can really age a bathroom’s look. Upgrading to new, stylish fixtures adds visual appeal and improved functionality. Here are some faucet and fixture upgrades to consider:


  • Widespread faucets with lever handles are in style now. Look for brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black finishes.
  • Select a faucet with a spout height and reach that allows ample clearance under.
  • For convenience, choose a faucet with a pause button to temporarily stop water flow.
  • If you take baths, look for tubs with tub filler faucets positioned near the overflow drain.
  • Upgrade to a thermostatic shower faucet for consistent water temperature.
  • For a sleek look, choose vessel and waterfall faucets.

Other Fixtures:

  • Fresh sink drains, supply lines, and stoppers have a clean, new appearance.
  • Look for bidets and high-tech toilets with heated seats, automatic lids, and foot flushing.
  • Upgrade your tub spout to match your tub filler faucet.
  • For a spa feel, install body sprays and a rainfall showerhead.

From faucets to showerheads, upgrading bathroom fixtures improves functionality and creates a luxurious new look.

Install a Smart Thermostat

One useful tech upgrade for your bathroom is installing a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat like a Nest or Ecobee, you can precisely control the bathroom’s temperature from your smartphone or device. This allows you to warm up a chilly bathroom before use or adjust the heat during showering for ultimate comfort.

Beyond temperature control, smart thermostats provide features like:

  • Adjustable humidity settings to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Remote access so you can control the temperature anywhere.
  • Voice control compatibility, allowing you to change temps hands-free.
  • Energy efficiency by automatically adjusting based on usage patterns.

The ability to fine tune your bathroom’s temperature provides convenience and customization. For a high-tech bathroom upgrade, install a smart thermostat to control your heat and humidity.

Heated Floors

For luxurious comfort, consider installing heated floors in your bathroom remodel. Heated floors involve installing electric heating cables or hydronic piping below floor surfaces like tile, wood, or laminate. The floors then gently radiate cozy warmth underfoot.

Heated bathroom floors offer benefits like:

  • Toasty floors that feel great on bare feet, especially in winter.
  • No cold shock when stepping out of the shower or tub.
  • Ability to lower thermostat setting but still keep floors comfortably warm.
  • Hydronic systems can also passively heat the bathroom via hot water pipes.

Heated floor installation does add cost to a remodel. But it’s an ultra-luxurious upgrade that can increase home value. For maximum comfort and appeal, opt for electric or hydronic heated floors.

Upgrade Storage and Organization

Between towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, bathrooms tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. Clever storage solutions can help keep your bathroom organized. Look for ways to maximize every inch, like:

  • Install extra shelves in existing vanity cabinets.
  • Use adjustable shelves and slide-out storage where possible.
  • Add freestanding shelving units or bathroom cabinets.
  • Use the underside of vanities and wall-hung sinks for rolled towel storage.
  • Opt for sinks and vanities with built-in storage compartments.
  • Store supplies in apothecary jars, bins, and matching canisters.
  • Hang wall racks, shelves, and cabinets to use vertical space.
  • Conceal plumbing and laundry bins with cupboard fronts for hidden storage.

With better storage solutions, you can reduce bathroom clutter and enjoy a clean, organized space. Promote organization in your remodel to increase the room’s appeal.

Install High-Tech Features

Today’s bathrooms can integrate technology for added convenience and luxury. Some top high-tech features to upgrade your bathroom include:

  • Touchscreen mirrors: These smart mirrors feature touch controls for lighting, music, TV, and displaying calendar events.
  • Digital shower systems: Customize your shower experience with digital controls for lighting, sound, steam, and water flow.
  • High tech toilets: Look for toilets with features like heated seats, bidets, automatic lids, touchless flushing, and air purification.
  • Voice assistants: Use voice-controlled devices to automate bathroom features, play music, get news updates, and control smart home devices.
  • Wireless speakers: Listen to music or news during bathroom routines for a spa-like ambiance.Waterproof Bluetooth speakers work great.
  • Motion-activated lights: For safety and convenience, install motion-sensor nightlights and vanity lighting that turns on automatically when needed.

Integrating tech upgrades can make your bathroom feel like a luxurious oasis. But carefully research and select devices that have enduring usefulness and quality construction. The latest bathroom tech features can impress future buyers and enhance daily routines.

Increase Accessibility

As we age, having an accessible, easy-to-use bathroom becomes increasingly important. When remodeling, factor in upgrades that will maximize accessibility, such as:

  • Install grab bars near toilets and inside showers and tubs for stability. Look for sturdy grab bars with safety flanges that block rotation.
  • Use non-slip tile floors and shower/tub surfaces to prevent falls.
  • Ensure adequate lighting in all areas to reduce risks.
  • Select easy-access showers with low thresholds and built-in seats.
  • Raise toilet height and add toilet safety frames for easier usage.
  • Choose comfort height vanities that reduce need to bend down.
  • Use lever-style faucets and doors that open with minimal grip and torque.
  • Keep pathways clutter-free for safe navigation.

With some thoughtful upgrades focused on accessibility, you can create a bathroom that is safe and functional for users of all ages and mobility levels.


What are some quick DIY bathroom upgrades?

Some easy DIY bathroom upgrades include:

  • Installing new fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and light fixtures
  • Replacing cabinet hardware with updated knobs or pulls
  • Painting or re-staining vanities to refresh their look
  • Updating window treatments like curtains or blinds
  • Replacing old caulking and grout with fresh new sealant
  • Installing new towel bars, hooks, and toilet paper holders
  • Painting or applying new wallpaper
  • Replacing the bathroom mirror for a new frameless look

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

The cost of a bathroom remodel can range greatly, from $2,000 to $12,000 or more, depending on factors like the existing layout, chosen finishes and features, the scale of the project, and if you do any DIY work. The national average for a bathroom remodel cost is around $10,000.

What upgrades give you the best return on investment?

Some of the best bathroom upgrades for ROI include updating major fixtures like toilets, faucets, showers and tubs. Replacing vanities and flooring also rank high. Adding improved lighting and other functional features like built-in storage can also increase ROI. Curb appeal matters too, so exterior updates like new siding, windows or doors are worthwhile.

Should I remodel my bathroom before selling my house?

Bathroom remodels can be worthwhile before selling. Updated bathrooms can increase home value and give buyers a positive impression. Focus on cost-effective refreshes like new paint, fixtures, lighting and vanity hardware. Only take on major changes like layout if your current bathroom is very outdated and might deter buyers. Avoid overly personal or trendy styles. Consult a realtor to determine if a remodel makes financial sense.

What maintenance tips will keep my bathroom in good shape?

Regular maintenance can keep your bathroom in top shape. Some tips include:

  • Seal surfaces like grout and caulk annually to prevent moisture damage
  • Properly ventilate rooms to control humidity and prevent mold
  • Clean shower doors and tile using squeegees, vinegar, etc. to prevent buildup
  • Check under sinks for leaks to avoid water damage
  • Deep clean surfaces like tile grout to keep areas sanitary
  • Clear clogs quickly to ensure proper drainage
  • Inspect toilet seals, supply lines, drains for leaks/damage
  • Lubricate faucet parts as needed to prevent drips


Upgrading your bathroom can make a dramatic difference in your home’s style, function, and comfort. But not all upgrades are worth the investment. Focus on upgrades that improve safety, accessibility, storage, and finishes. Quality lighting, spacious showers, heated floors, and high-tech additions also boost enjoyment and resale potential. By thoughtfully selecting the bathroom improvements that best suit your needs and vision, you can create a soothing, beautiful oasis. With smart planning and design, your bathroom remodel can result in an space you’ll be excited to enjoy for years to come.