Painting your home is a great way to add personality and transform any space. While neutral color palettes are always popular, don’t be afraid to get bold with daring hues if you want to make a vibrant statement. Here are 8 paint color palette ideas for fearless color lovers.

Vibrant Primary Colors

Primary colors are a classic trio that pack a punch. Red, blue and yellow are the foundation of the color wheel and pairing them together creates fun, youthful spaces.

  • Red: Passionate, energetic and intense, true red makes a powerful accent wall. It’s perfect for playrooms, home offices or dining spaces.
  • Blue: From calming sky blue to dramatic navy, blue evokes tranquility and stability. Use it in bedrooms or bathrooms. Turquoise blue with yellow is a retro combo.
  • Yellow: Cheerful and optimistic, yellow brightens up any room. Use softer tints for whole rooms and bright hues as accents. Yellow complements blue beautifully.

Painting an accent wall or front door in each primary shade creates an eye-catching display. Or coat walls, ceiling and trim each in a primary color for a vibrant effect.

Vintage 1970s earth tones

Revisit the funky 1970s with earthy terra cotta orange, olive green and camel brown. These nature-inspired hues came back in style and create a warm, relaxed vibe.

  • Terra cotta: A burnt orange with red undertones, terra cotta instantly fires up living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Pair with slate blues or deep greens.
  • Olive green: One of the most versatile earth tones, olive green works in just about any room. Its neutral undertone matches other earth tones.
  • Camel: A light sandy brown, camel is a great alternative to basic beige. Use it on walls or accent pieces like doors. Coordinate with terra cotta and olive.

Painting wood paneling and furniture in these earthy shades gives a bohemian feel. Or liven up your kitchen by painting cabinets in this trio.

Vibrant Tropical Brights

For a quick tropical escape at home, you can’t go wrong with splashy hues like fuchsia, turquoise and lime green. Their joyful vibe will transport you to a beach vacation.

  • Fuchsia: Playful and feminine, bright pink fuchsia is a fun splash of color. Use it in a little girl’s room or beach-themed spaces.
  • Turquoise: Cool and aqua-inspired, turquoise reminds us of tropical waters. Use it on accent walls or front doors.
  • Lime green: The color of summer, lime green is fresh and vibrant. Add it to kitchens, bathrooms or kids’ spaces.

Go bold by painting each wall a different color. Or use on smaller accent pieces like shelves and end tables.

Retro 1950s Pastels

For a midcentury modern vibe, soft pastels like mint green, pale yellow and lavender are bang on trend. Their faded hues lend a dreamy, nostalgic feel.

  • Mint green: One of the most popular pastels, mint is crisp and clean. Use it in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms.
  • Pale yellow: Sweet and delicate, pale yellow is sunshine in a can. It creates cheerful rooms with vintage charm.
  • Lavender: Subtly feminine, powdery lavender is pretty and romantic. It’s perfect for bedrooms and living spaces.

Paint walls or built-ins in alternating pastel colors for fun contrast. These hues look great on front doors too.

Moody Dark Accent Colors

Deeper shades make dramatic accent colors that pop against light walls and ceilings. Navy blue, eggplant purple and charcoal grey lend modern edge.

  • Navy blue: Sophisticated and nautical, navy instantly elevates. Use it on front doors, accent walls or kitchen cabinetry.
  • Eggplant purple: Rich and luxurious, eggplant purple has vintage appeal. It’s stunning in bedrooms, living rooms or offices.
  • Charcoal grey: Serene and stylish, charcoal grey is a go-to modern neutral. It contrasts beautifully with white walls and trim.

Highlight architectural details like trims and moldings in these moody colors. Painting ceilings in a dark color also adds striking visual interest.

Boho Jewel Tones

Vibrant jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and amethyst purple add drama and eclectic charm. Their lush colors create a relaxed bohemian vibe.

  • Emerald green: Lush and elegant, jewel-toned emerald evokes nature. Use it to make a bold statement in any room.
  • Sapphire blue: Intense and regal, this rich indigo shade has an exotic Moroccan vibe. It pops against warm metallics.
  • Amethyst purple: Mystical and exotic, jewel-toned purple creates an alluring atmosphere. It dazzles against gold accents.

Paint these colors in a geometric wall mural or opt for accent walls. Vintage tiled floors also pop against these lush jewel-inspired backdrops.

Sophisticated Midnight Colors

Deep, dark midnight colors like navy, charcoal and eggplant purple create an elegant, moody ambiance. These shades feel rich and indulgent.

  • Midnight navy: Classic and timeless, navy is a go-to sophisticated neutral. Use it on accent walls, built-ins or cabinetry.
  • Charcoal: Serene and stylish, charcoal grey has an elegant air. It provides a lush backdrop in bedrooms and offices.
  • Eggplant: Luxurious and dramatic, deep purple eggplant is straight up glamour. It’s ideal for dining rooms and living spaces.

High gloss or matte finishes in these dark colors lend a posh, polished look. Pair with brass accents and bold patterns for contrast.

Vintage Whimsical Pastels

Transport yourself back in time with soft chalky pastels. Shades like mint, lavender and pale peach have a dreamy, romantic charm.

  • Mint green: One of the most popular vintage pastels, mint is sweet and playful. Use it in kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ spaces.
  • Lavender: Delicate and feminine, powdery lavender is utterly timeless. It’s perfect for bedrooms and living spaces.
  • Pale peach: Subtly blush-toned, peach is pretty and delicate. It lends bedrooms and sitting rooms a rosy glow.

Paint built-ins like hutches and bookcases in alternating pastels. These soft hues also work beautifully on front doors and accent walls.


Painting your home with bold, vibrant color is an easy way to add character and style to your space. From bright primary shades to moody, saturated hues, don’t be afraid to get creative and mix daring colors together. Consult a color wheel for ideal color combinations and use lighter tints of darker colors to balance them out. With the right prep work and paint finish for each area, your colorful paint makeover will lend personality and flair to your home.