Adding a pop of color to your bathroom sink can instantly liven up the space. While white and neutral sinks are popular, exploring bolder hues and patterns is an easy way to showcase your style. Here are 7 unexpected ways to incorporate color with your bathroom sinks.

Vibrant Solid Colored Sinks

Tired of plain white porcelain sinks? Switch things up with a bold solid color like red, blue, green or yellow. This makes a huge impact in powder rooms and kids’ bathrooms. Consider pairing a vibrant sink with neutral walls and accessories to keep the look fun yet refined.

Some top color choices include:

  • Fiery orange or red sinks made of glass, acrylic or fireclay. These warm hues energize.
  • Cool aqua or mint green sinks in materials like glass or composite resin. These tranquil shades soothe.
  • Deep blue or teal sinks in acrylic or porcelain. These dramatic tones instill serenity.

Avoid stark white or beige sinks when selecting a solid color. Complementary wall and fixture colors are key – try white, gray, black or wood tones.

Two-Tone Ombre Sinks

Ombre sinks fade between two colors for a striking look. Combinations like white and black, brown and beige or navy and aqua work well. The fading color effect draws the eye in, creating depth and interest.

Glass vessel sinks often feature ombre styles. Some chic combos include:

  • White ombre to silvery gray or pewter – has an elegant, ethereal vibe
  • Cream ombre to chocolate or espresso brown – feels rich and earthy
  • Navy or cobalt blue ombre to aqua – coastal and serene

When selecting a two-tone ombre sink, opt for pairings where both hues complement your space. Avoid extremes like bright yellow ombre to hot pink.

Handpainted Sinks

Why settle for plain porcelain when you can have a sink handpainted with vibrant motifs and designs? Handpainted sinks feature artisanal accents like flowers, vines, butterflies or abstract patterns. The markings are applied beneath a glossy finish.

Some top choices for handpainted sinks include:

  • Floral patterns in shades of blue, green and yellow – pretty and feminine
  • Tropical motifs with palms, pineapple and hibiscus – punchy and playful
  • Moroccan tile or mosaic inspired markings – globally eclectic

Handpainted sinks are truly one-of-a-kind. If a more subdued look is preferred, seek out painted sinks with thinner lines or less dense designs.

Metallic Sinks

For serious glam, consider a sink in shining silver, copper or gold. Metallic sinks make lavish statements and feel strikingly modern. Opt for metal tones that contrast your faucet and hardware finishes for extra allure.

Stylish metallic sink ideas include:

  • Gleaming copper vessel sinks – feels rich and elegant
  • Radiant brushed gold undermount sinks – chic and opulent
  • Cool hammered nickel drop-in sinks – refined and contemporary

Avoid pairing metallic sinks with matching faucets or accessories. Too much shine can feel gaudy. Seek out complementary matte black or marble finishes instead.

Colorful Mosaic Tile Sinks

Mosaic tile sinks offer tons of lively pattern and color options. Small glass, stone or ceramic tiles are pieced together to form brilliant designs. Opt for organic shapes and varied bright hues for an eye-catching statement.

Some standout mosaic tile patterns include:

  • Geometric designs in bold primaries – mod and graphic
  • Fish scale shapes in blues and greens – vibrant and aquatic
  • Flower and vine motifs with pastel colors – soft and feminine

Install colorful grout between the tiles to let the pattern pop. Avoid matching your sink to existing tile floors or walls – this competes rather than coordinates.

Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass vessel sinks serve up gorgeous color and visual appeal. As a sleek contemporary choice, colored glass sinks work in modern and minimalist bathrooms. Opt for solid or two-tone glass vessels to spice up plain surroundings.

Some exquisite glass vessel colors include:

  • Midnight blue or cobalt glass – stylish and moody
  • Emerald green or olive glass – earthy and natural
  • Bronze, amber or smoke glass – soothing and zen

Remember, vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity, so select a complementary counter finish. Warm wood or marble pairs elegantly with cool toned glass vessels.

Patterned Porcelain Sinks

Vintage style patterned sinks are hot in today’s bathrooms. Intricate designs like fish scales, seashells, bamboo and more give porcelain sinks loads of personality. Seek out charming patterns in fun colors to enliven traditional or cottage bathrooms.

Some charming finds include:

  • Porcelain sinks with retro floral designs – feminine and cute
  • Freeform bamboo shapes in soothing greens – organic and serene
  • Bold Moroccan tile patterns in navy and terracotta – globally chic

Avoid small intricate patterns that compete with existing bathroom tile. Larger motif porcelain sinks make better statements.

The choices are endless when selecting a colorful bathroom sink. From vivid solid hues to handpainted works of art, your sink can become a focal feature that expresses your unique taste and style. Be bold – choose a shade or pattern that excites you. Then build your bathroom decor around your scenic sink selection. With the right vanity, tiles, lighting and accessories your unexpected pop of color can be a huge success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorful Bathroom Sinks

Here are some common questions about adding vibrant color to your bathroom sink:

Are colored sinks hard to keep clean?

Colored sinks don’t necessarily require more cleaning than traditional white sinks. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Avoid abrasive cleaners on handpainted or glass surfaces. Most colored sinks just need mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth for cleaning.

Do colored sinks cost more than basic white sinks?

On average, colored sinks cost $50 to $100 more than basic white porcelain sinks. However, some vintage or boutique patterned sinks can run $500 or more. Visit home improvement stores or browse online to find deals.

Should I match my faucet finish to my colored sink?

Not necessarily. Often a contrasting faucet finish looks best. Try a brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze faucet with vivid colored sinks. Or pair a gleaming gold faucet with a bold black sink. Mixing metals and hues creates interest.

Are there colored sinks that work in both modern and traditional bathrooms?

Yes, glass vessel sinks in solid blues, greens and grays complement both modern and traditional spaces. Also, rectangular porcelain sinks with geometric patterns or fun motifs work in either bath style.

How do I decorate my bathroom around a colorful sink?

Use calm neutrals like white, gray and beige on walls, cabinets, floors and linens to let your vibrant sink stand out. Then accessorize with towels, rugs and accents featuring pops of your sink’s color for a pulled together look.

Can colored sinks be undermounted like typical white porcelain sinks?

Many colored sinks are designed solely as vessel styles. However, some handpainted or patterned porcelain sinks can be undermounted. Check specifications before purchasing. Glass vessel and metallic sinks must sit on top of the vanity.


There are so many options beyond basic white when selecting a new bathroom sink. From vivid solids and ombres to chic metallics, glass vessels and handpainted porcelain, your sink can make a stylish statement. Be bold and choose a colored or patterned sink that showcases your personality in this well-trafficked space. Then build your accents around your artistic sink selection. With the right supportive finishes and decor, your bathroom will feel cohesive, current and all your own. Let your sink be an unexpected pop of color that you adore seeing each day.